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My name is Kaitlyn and many of you may (or may not) recognize me as SilverIceWolf. Although that account is NOT dead, I decided to create this seperate one to dedicate to my newest obsession... DEATH NOTE~! 8DDD Yes, Death Note. I found the series roughly a year ago when the kid sitting next to me in Biology was reading the second manga. Naturally, I asked to read teh first... and was hooked. But due to lack of funds (lol, I'm BROKE!) I didn't actually get to read the whole series until this past summer (that'd be of '08, folks!). So, while I'll still be updating the SilverIceWolf account, except to see a LOT more traffic on this one. If all goes 'JUST AS PLANNED' then I'll have over 100 stories on here to share with ya'll! 8DDD

Quick Bio:

Name: Kaitlyn

Alias': KayMay, Junsui/Junsui-chan, WhiteWolf, SilverIceWolf, WhiteWolf310, LynxXV, Lynxy, Lynxy-chan, Lynx-chan86, ChocolateGamer8, etc.

Likes: YOU~! 8DDD; Winter, Fall, rain, bells, flutes, Kage-chan, Celtic things, Kawaii-chan, quiet, writing, friendly people, guys in leather (Mello, Kadaj, Sephiroth, etc. XD), good dreams, ghost stories, people with a sense of humor, Disneyland, squirrels, South Park, Scrubs, and, obviously, DEATH NOTE~!!

Dislikes: Humorless people, smokers, morons, bigots, poor drivers, inconsiderate jerkfaces (lol), traffic, lines, poor writing (knock on wood), extreme temperatures (mainly heat), people who try and sell religion (happily modified Christian, thanks!), Kikyo, Lucrecia, Vexen, Roger, Takada

My Favourites:

Anime: Death Note, InuYasha, Excel Saga, Wolf's Rain, Azumanga Daioh, Final Fantasy VII: The Last Order OVA, and, on occasion, Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Manga: Death Note, InuYasha, .hack, Ranma 1/2, Pita Ten, D.N. Angel, Kamichama Karin, Galaxy Angel, Fruits Basket, Dramacon, Full Metal Alcehmist, Wolf's Rain, The Kingdom Hearts Series, Afterschool Nightmare, Chobits

Anime Girls: Sango, Blue, Sakaki-san, Tifa, Rinoa, Kairi (when she's a badass!), Ouka, Zakuro, Chii, Mion... or is it Shion?... or is it...?

Anime Guys: Light, L, Mello, Sesshoumaru, InuYasha, Sephiroth, Kadaj, Reno, Axel, Vincent Valentine, Kiba (Wolf's Rain), Zexion, Saix, Shigure

Seiyuu: KAPPEI YAMAGUCHI!! He plays both L and InuYasha. Anyone who can do both so flawlessly is a GOD!! -hearts-stars-sparkles- -passes out- LOL. Asides from that, I must also worship Kenichi Matsuyama who is the BRILLIANT man who brought L into a sexeh 3-D form. -love to the amazering actor-!!

Anime Songs and Themes: Higurashi no naku koro ni, Naraku no Hana, Tell Me What the Rain Knows - Maaya Sakamoto (Aeris' voice actress), and anything by Utada Hikaru because she's freaking amazing like that! 8D

Colors: Hmn... I'm pretty bipolar when it comes to this. Silver and purple, definately. Also black and aquamarine blue or electric blue. Though I also love scarlet. shrug Like I said, not too choosy.

Video Games: OKAAAAMMMMMIIIIIII (and Kingdom Hearts! lol)

Pairings: LxLight; BxL; LxMello; BxMello; MelloxNear; MelloxMatt; BxLight; LightxNear(only if Near's uke and the characterization is similar to LxLight)

Quotes: Misa: Let's all be friends together! 8DDD

L(monotone): Yay...

News and STUFF (I-XXV-IX):

I decided to work on the 100 themes challenge a while back, but made my own twist: ALL of the stories must be Death Note related! 8DDD kills self So... This is the account on which I intend to post them all. While I have story ideas planned out for all of them now (although I do go back and tweak a few now and again), it's still a major pain in the ass at times.

Processing(6): 1. Introduction (MelloxNear); 3. Light (any questions? :P); 8. Away (MelloxNear); 18. Under (BxL); 36. Precious (MelloxMatt); 65. Horrific (MelloxNear)

So... still working on the aforementioned themes. It's been a little hectic now that I'm back to juggling school(with an AP class), running a club, and dealing with health problems. XP I promise to update as soon as possible! Love ya guys, and thanks for all the support!

Thanks very much to the following for reviews, fav's, and watches:

Dear Lunacy
Iridescent Twilight
C Elise
raharu himura
Lily Is Confused

Ya'll rock and I love ya! Also, there's already been voters on my poll. Right now the results are:

MelloxNear: 5

BxMello: 3

BxL: 2

LxLight: 1

Be sure to keep voting, and I'll keep on writing! Thanks again everybody!


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The events leading up to the 'money-scene' with the SPK; the occurances of Mello being forced to work with Near. lemon Number 87 of 100 Themes.
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Running for their lives, Matt and Mello take refuge in an old motel... and with each other. lemon Number 54 of 100 Themes.
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Near's view on the tragic events surrounding Takada's capture. Number 10 of 100 Themes.
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