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Greetings, fellow Questors!

I've decided to update this profile information, since it seems really... immature now. Five years have passed, exactly, since I on my profile. Wow!

So, a little about me, I suppose...

I believe according to the rules of this site, I cannot give out my name or location. Oh well. I'll just give you the usernames you might know me by:

Manegirl (used on various sites in the past)

GrahamRocks! (used on Twitch and Phoenix Online Studios Forums)

Soulforge89 (used on QuestForMoreGlory Forums) I am no longer a part of this forum. The owner has become hostile to both me and Orion, and we have both left permanently.

Soulforge89 (used on Hero-U forums)

Soulforge_of_Daventry (Archive of Our Own username)

Dragongirl (used on forums)

Fandoms I'm in:

Sierra On-Line



Harry Potter (gradually, just finished book 1)

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Mysterious Benedict Society

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Pairings I support:

King GrahamxQueen Valanice (King's Quest)

AlexanderxCassima (King's Quest)

RosellaxEdgar (King's Quest)

WoodyxBo Peep (Toy Story)

BuzzxJessie (Toy Story)

FlikxAtta (A Bug's Life)

GypsyxManny (A Bug's Life)

CarlxEllie (Up)


LightningxSally (Cars)

MaterxHolly (Cars)

RogerxBeatrice (Space Quest)

SonnyxMarie (Police Quest)

HarryxGinny (Harry Potter)

RonxHermione (Harry Potter)

RemusxTonks (Harry Potter)

RhenxDameon (Aveyond)

EdwardxMel (Aveyond)

EdwardxStella (Aveyond)

EanxIya (Aveyond)

RyexEmma (Aveyond)

Te'jalxGalahad (Aveyond)

GavinxAva (Aveyond)

DevinxAlicia (Aveyond)

DevinxTalia (Aveyond)

AangxKatara (Avatar)

ZukoxMai (Avatar)

SokkaxSuki (Avatar)

GabrielxMalia (Gabriel Knight)

GabrielxGrace (Gabriel Knight)

HeroxErana (Quest For Glory)

HeroxKatrina (Quest For Glory)

HeroxElsa (Quest For Glory)

HeroxNawar (Quest For Glory)

RobinxMarian (Conquests of the Longbow)

ArthurxGwenhyver (Conquests of Camelot)

MarioxPeach (Mario)

LuigixDaisy (Mario)

LinkxZelda (Zelda)

LinkxMalon (Zelda)

LinkxMarin (Zelda)

LinkxIlia (Zelda)

ChromxSumia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

ChromxMy Unit (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

FrederickxNowi (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

LissaxVaike (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

LissaxLon'qu (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

MarthxCaeda (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon)

LarryxPatti (Leisure Suit Larry)

Disney PrincessesxDisney Princes (Disney, ALL of them!)

If it's canon, most likely I support it. I don't usually like Slash, unless it makes some sense and you can back it up with evidence from the fandom in question, and if the story is well written. Now, I have some OC pairings in my stories, but I hope they're written well enough. :)

















Stories I'm writing:

King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

Status: Hiatus. Possibly discontinued.

Rating: K

Characters: Graham, Cedric

Summary: A "novelization" AU of King's Quest 5. This alternate universe has both the timeline from the AGDI fan remakes AND the timeline established from canon and the fan sequel by Phoenix Online Studios, The Silver Lining, combined into one timeline. It also has Cedric the Owl (the owl in my profile picture) as a human Wizard helping Graham on his quest and becoming braver along the way.

Quest For Glory 1: So You Want To be A Hero?

Status: Discontinued for purposes of rewriting. See below.

Rating K (for now)

Characters: Hero OCs

Summary: Part of an ongoing series. This is another "novelization" AU, this time of the Quest For Glory series. It goes through all five games in the series (So You Want To Be A Hero, Trial By Fire, Wages of War, Shadows of Darkness, Dragon Fire) and follows not one, not two, but THREE Heroes! Named Marcus Donnelly (the Fighter), Finn Dillon (the Magic User), and Rico Larron (the Thief). This first story details their adventures together as friends in Spielburg.

After this series is done, I plan on writing sequels to it too! So keep an eye out for that!

Quest For Glory: The Three Heroes.

Status: Ongoing.

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs, all canon characters.

Summary: Remade version of the above story, with each game being it's own story arc instead of separate stories. Aspiring adventures head out on a Quest for Glory. Follow this reimagined retelling of the Quest for Glory series, in which three friends, each with a penchant for swords, sorcery or stealth, travel the world of Gloriana.

Meet Your Maker!

Status: Ongoing. Possible hiatus.

Rating; T

Characters: Graham, Roger, Sonny, Larry, Alexander, Rosella, Valanice, Gabriel, The Hero... pretty much every Sierra protagonist.

Summary: This is a story about the Sierra canon protagonists (from King's Quest 1 to Gabriel Knight 3) meeting their creators and eachother over the course of nearly two decades and how finding out that not only are they adventure game characters but also their worlds are as real as ours is, effects them. Sir Graham has already been introduced, and I already have a definete plan on how to introduce The Hero, Roger, and Sonny. If anyone can tell me how I can introduce Adam Greene (from EcoQuest) and Gabriel (from Gabriel Knight) since the former has no Deaths and the latter can't die until late-game in each game, that would be fantastic.

Stories I hope to write someday:

Past Unlocked

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs, Hero OCs ancestors

Summary: Oneshot. Taking place directly after the end of Dragon Fire, Magic is now welcomed back into Willowsby again. To celebrate their victory, Finn and his father, Keenan decide to renovate the Willowsby Library into the Arcanium aslo known as the Magic Guild. During their renovation, Finn discovers a door he's never noticed before, and manages to unlock it, revealing a laboratory. Inside it, he discovers a journal that belongs to his ancestor. This begins our Heroes' quest to find the other Journals and finally solve the mystery of Willowsby's past that has haunted Finn's family and other Wizards for centuries: Why was Magic banned in Willowsby?

Sweet Dreams-Three Heroes Style!

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs, Hero OCs children, Orion Rezil's Hero OCs

Summary: Now I know what you're thinking: "Hey! Isn't Orion Rezil already doing this?" Well, yes, he is. But! Sweet Dreams is canon in my 'verse as well as it is in his. I've decided to write my own version using my own characters and Orion's characters (with his permission, of course). I won't bother giving a summary of SD here, he can explain it far better than I can.

The Three Heroes: The Next Generation

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs, Hero OCs children

Summary. Oneshot series. This series details one chapter each to the children of the Heroes of Spielburg, Shapeir, Tarna, Mordavia and Silmaria, letting us get to know them a bit. Their names are: Gale, Paul, Sarah, Laura, Adam, Selena, Ehren (II), Jason and Svenja. These are glimpses into their lives.


Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs children

Summary: First half of the Albion Arc. After Rico's death, the Princes and Princess of Silmaria- Gale, Paul, John and Sarah -decide to get away from their kingdom for awhile. They, alongside the Prince and Princesses of Shapier- Laura, Adam and Selena -and their Paladin cousins- Ehren II, Jason and Svenja -decide to head to the Isle of Gramarye for a vacation. Instead, they end up getting wrapped up in an adventure and get the chance to continue the legacy of their family. Meanwhile, Gale recieves an ancient item he didn't expect to recieve and starts questioning who he really is.

Shadows and Light

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs children

Summary: After Gale gains the True Shamgar- the Donnelly ancestral sword -he commits manslaughter while coming back from a raid. The Sheriff of Nottingham declares Gale an outlaw and he goes into hiding in Sherwood Forest. Gathering up a band of Merry Men, he raises money for the ransom to help free King Richard from Germania with the help of the Nine. Meanwhile, Svenja might have found love in a fellow Bard named Alan-A-Dale. But can she truly trust him? And where is Nawar during all this?

Reality Crash

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs, Hero OCs children, Orion Rezil's Hero OCs

Summary: Second half of the Albion Arc. After becoming the Heroes of Albion, the Nine and their families think they can FINALLY get that vacation they wanted. This is quickly dashed, when strange things begin happening after Morgan's death. Magic goes haywire, and then fizzles completely. Anthromorphic animals and the creatures of Myth begin turning human or into regular animals. Paladins cannot Will their weapons to flame or use their powers. The Gods disappear, as does the Afterlife, save Heaven and Hell. Legendary figures like King Arthur, Robin Hood and Beowulf are just that, legends. Stories. People from other worlds such as a certain Knight, a Janitor and a Shadow Hunter get teleported to Avalon, where Morgan was fought. Together with our Heroes, they must work together without magic or any special abilities to help save, not just their reality, but all of them! Regardless of what happens, this event will change Gloriana forever.

Second Chances

Rating: T

Characters: Hero OCs, Hero OCs children, Hero OCs grandchildren

Summary: After three centuries, the Original Trio of Alistair, Lucas, and Fritz are reborn back into their families. Sixteen years pass by, and Jason discovers that a rift from the Crash still remains. Curious as to why, he begins running tests and experiments and determines that it can be stabilized so that the people who are from the True Reality and theirs can finally go home and come back to visit if they wish. His first "successful' experiment however, ends up teleporting the Reborn Trio into the True Reality with no clear way back. Thusly, the Reborn Trio are stuck there for awhile until their "Unka Jay" can stabilize the rift. They are teleported to the real Middle Ages, and soon find that the True Reality is very different from their own. And not in a good way.

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"I'm done. I am done. This is not for me."
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Hi there everybody! This my first fanfiction in this site! I m basically re-telling the story with them as humans, with a few things I added in myself! I hope ya'll like it! No flames please! But, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is appreciated! Thank you!
WALL-E - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 423 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 7 - Published: 11/1/2008