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hey names Reba...for now!

and the love of me life (too bad he ain't real) is Spot Conlon in the movie Newsies

Status :

It was never my intention to never finish my story, and I won't say that I never will, but fanfiction is not my entire life and I'm at a point that I will be making decisions that will affect my entire life. My life is crazy and I just don't feel the spark I did at the time I started my story. For so long now I've been trying to push myself to write it in order to not disappoint any readers that may still be reading it, not sure if there's any there still ;) but I've come to realize the I can't write a story when I don't have anything pushing me and I'm wondering where I'm going to be next year and what the heck i'm going to be doing. I guess I'm saying don't expect to see any more from me, at least not for a long time.

My apologies for dragging out what I new was coming for a long time and insisting I would finish when I knew I really wouldn't.

My stories

Forgotten Love

All human. Inspired by the song I'll Be - Edwin McCain

Bella and Edward met at a party. Bella a senior in high school, Edward a sophomore in collage. While dancing they learn a little about each other and end up spending the whole night together, after exchanging numbers they go there separate ways only keeping in touch every once in a while. Eventually they fall in love but it seems the saying 'all happy things come to an end' has some truth in it when Edward leaves after breaking Bella's heart in the process, and leaving her with a surprise. The story of a forgotten love, and the lovers attempts at regaining it, or will they let there chance of happiness pass them by once again?

Pictures for Forgotten Love

Chapter 1: Bella's leotard keep in mind it's steel blue

Chapter 2: Bella's Car (remember humor me)

Chapter 14: Bella's dress

Chapter 14: Bella's shoes

Chapter 14: Kayla's outfit and yes I don't like it-at all

Songs for Forgotten Love

I'll be - Edwin McCain (awesome song)

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