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Light, here. I am now taking over this account as Rose and I are on hiatus from one word games. But of course I will leave all that is below for memory's sake.. with a few edits as things have changed.

Rose Deliverance is a team of two SANE fangirls. We wanted to use ShadowRose18 and Light Deliverance in our penname so you can see the results of that. We first started with wanting to make the penname Light and Shadow. And that was taken. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! We tried many variations of that... ALL TAKEN! GAH! So Rose Deliverance it was. There's the story of our penname. Yay! In our stories and anything else written by us, we will go by the names 'Light' - Deliverance and 'Shadow' - Rose. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi, this is Light typing here. Just for advertising sake, I have an account on FictionPress called Light Deliverance AP. There are currently a couple of really short stories I wrote for school ages ago so they probably seem kiddy. I've completed one book and started another but I don't seem to have anymore time to continue it but I will try!
Getting to stuff actually about me... My name's Emma but you'll probably see Light or Pocky used. Any other personal details is not for you to know. You can probably just try guessing. Pretty easy really.
Music is my life. Deprive me of music and you'll end up with a depressed person. Have way too many favourite artists/bands to list.
Sports - Athletics & Badminton. Shadow is my badminton buddy! But we don't go to the same school anymore :(
Loves: Supernatural, One Tree Hill, The Hunger Games, Merlin, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter... and more.
Shall I mention Shadow is busy at the moment so she will write her part of this later.
Here's my Tumblr: , I use it way too much. Follow me if you like :), all new followers are welcome.

I LIVE!! (rises up like a zombie) XD

okay okay, I'll be normal xD This is Shadow! Hiya! :D

My account is actually ShadowRose18 on FanFiction (I write Charlie Bone stuff :D), but I have one on FictionPress too(Hidden In The Moonlight). I've got ideas...just...haven't gotten around to writing them yet xD

I'll be called Shadow, but most of my friends call me NY (because they're lazy to say my whole name -.-;). Uh... (looks up at Light's part) HEY! I'm not a fangirl! (Light pokes Shadow) GAH! ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! (mumble mumble) Light: (glare) Shadow: urk... okay... I was a fangirl of Pit from Super Smash Brothers Brawl for a while... -.- happy now? Light: (nods)

WOO!! BADMINTON!! XD Ya, badminton buddy! (high-fives Light) :D

Uh... I like music too! :D but I'm not as obsessed as Light. I used to be really into anime and manga, but I'm slowly drifting away from it, because of homework (Inner Shadow: DAMN HOMEWORK!!).

Favourite colour: hmm... don't really have one in particular, but I like purple, green and blue. :D

Uh... I'm too lazy to type much more (I'm procratinating from homework as it is, and Light is bugging me to do it -.-;) so, if you want to know more about me, look at my Fanfiction account: ShadowRose18

So, um... is that all?

Light: I think so...

Shadow: well okay then :D

Light and Shadow: Enjoy!

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