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Name: Mitsu Sakura

Age: 19

Location: Kent, England

Interests: The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, The Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, The Matrix, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Panic,The Butterfly Effect, Blackadder, Futurama, Family Guy, Muse, Incubus, Head Automatica, Air, Nightrunner, Alien/Aliens, Gravitation, Gladiator, Goldeneye (both the film and the N64 game), Greek tragedy, mythology, InMe, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pirates of the Caribbean, From Hell, Soul Calibur 2, Aeneid, Iliad, Odyssey, The Last Unicorn and many more things besides!

Couples I support, in no particular order:

Jack/Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Sousuke/Kaname (Full Metal Panic!)
Kurz/Melissa (Full Metal Panic!)
Neo/Trinity (The Matrix)
Zechs/Noin (Gundam Wing)
Shuichi/Yuki (Gravitation)
Jack/Will (PotC)
Jack/Norrington (PotC)
Arwen/Aragorn (TLotR)
Eowyn/Faramir (TLotR)
Alec/Seregil (Nightrunner)
Ripley/Hicks (Aliens)
Kilik/Xianghua (Soul Calibur 2)
Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter)
Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter)
Roy/Riza (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Billy/Rebecca (Resident Evil 0)
Leon/Ashley (Resident Evil 4)

However, I've got a fairly open mind and will read or write pretty much any pairing for any given interest, including slash/yaoi and fem-slash/yuri. As you can see above, many of the couples I support are slash/yaoi - any stories I write containing such a pairing will have the appropriate warnings, and I don't take kindly to people leaving 'reviews' saying things like, 'ewww dats mankkk!gay ppl r rong! 1 1' You see the warning, you don't like, you don't read. As simple as.

Although I'm mainly into Zelda, with the recent release of Resi 4 on GC I'm kinda on a Leon kick right now, and am considering perhaps writing a Leon/Ashley ficlet, although I'm due to start my first year at the University of Warwick, studying English Literature in the next few days, so I'm afraid I can't promise anything. . .sorry. Right now I'm just browsing Fanfiction, trying to glut my appetite for Leon Kennedy, but, more importantly, Billy Coen from Resident Evil 0, who is rather sexy =)

Considering how long ago I wrote 'Children of a Revolution', I'm thinking about rewriting it totally as some parts really are godawful. As result, I wouldn't hold out for any update to 'Invictus' either, at least for a while. However, once the exams are out of the way I'll have about a month and a half until uni, so writing time aplenty! During that time the following fics may appear:

~The beginning of a re-hash of 'Children of a Revolution'
~A (long overdue) update of 'Invictus'
~A random Billy/Rebecca or Leon/Ashley fic

And on Fictionpress:

~An original fantasy story I'm writing with a friend
~A fic based on a very, very strange dream I had - I may use the characters from that dream in a fic

Oh, and if you share any of my interests, please check out my Favourite Authors and Favourite Stories - there's a reason why I added them to the lists: they're all very good!

Cheers if you managed to make it this far,


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