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Hi everyone! My Username (in many variations) is always Lunar, feel free to use that, but my real name is Kara, nickname Kaz (also feel free to use them). My a/s/l is 28/F/Dundee, Scotland. I have some mental health/emotional problems and these have started showing through some of my writing (none of them published as yet) so a lot of characters sometimes get this weird insight into emotion.

I love:

Music: listening to; playing; writing; anything!

Reading most things

Writing from time to time, mostly one-shots or original fiction

Making music videos; banners and icons and such

Visiting my forums

Anything online, really!!

What I am working on just now:

A couple of one-shot Teen Titans ideas that have been nagging at my mind for ages. I like to think I' a good writer but I'm also a terrible procrastinator and I have no idea how long before I have anything publish-worthy.

Keep dropping me lines on stuff. I may take a while to reply but I will, I promise!

My fav shows/movies:

Jimmy Neutron Always have loved the show, always will.

Danny Phantom Love it.

Teen Titans Love this show. Was similar enough to the comics to get my attention, then won me over in it's own right!

Yugioh Yeah, it can be a bit sappy sometimes but when they kick ass, they do it with style.

Final Fantasy VII Not only is it Anime, but it rocks! And isn't it worth watching just to see the Turks alone? XD

Outlaw Star Man, that show was red-hawt! I miss it :'(

Higurashi Fluffy, yet bloody!

Gundam Wing I totally love the characters and just HAD to run out and find all their backstories and reasons for being who they are.

High School Musical 1,2 & 3 I know, but I can't help but love it! I love all sorts of musicals and I can actually sing along with this kinda stuff LOL I'm sssooo sad.

Sonic X Not so big a fan anymore, but I still have my moments! Plus, I was always a fan of anything Sonic related when I was a kid. I just had to move with the times.

Scrubs It's too funny to be anything but epic.

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Love the zaniness and the dark elements. They work so well.

Doctor Who My favourite show of all time. I'm OBSESSED.

My fav ships:

I am a crazy shipper, although for the most part it's just boring old cannon. But if you're still interested:

Jimmy Neutron J/C (you have no idea how much), S/L, B/N.

Danny Phantom D/S, T/V.

Teen Titans Rob/Star, BB/Rae (it is actually cannon if you read the comics too and my total fav pairing ever), KidFlash/Jinx and on occasion Rae/Red X.

Yugioh Yugi/Tea, Joey/Mia, Tristan/Serenity (I sssooo don't like her and Duke as a couple), Rebecca/Mokuba.

Outlaw Star Multi-ship time! G/M, G/A, M/A (my only Yuri pairing ever to my knowledge!)

Higurashi Keiichi/Rena, Satoshi/Shion.

Gundam Wing H/R, Q/T.

High School Musical Troyella, Zekepay, Ryaelsea.

Sonic X Shadow/Rouge, Sonic/Amy, Tails/Cosmo.

Scrubs JD/Elliott. What is wrong with them? Why do they keep breaking up!? They're made for each other!

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Sebastian/Ciel, sometimes Grell/Sebastian

Doctor Who Sssooo many! 11/River is my fav at the moment but I also love 10/Rose and Amy/Rory

Can't really think of anything else to add just now but watch this space! I'll update as I think of stuff!

Drop me a line coz I love to hear from people!

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Sleepless reviews
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