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Poll: Here are some ideas for Twilight fan fiction I've been playing around with. I haven't yet started any of them, but out of curiosity, which ones sound interesting to you? Vote Now!
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I've never written fan fiction before, and honestly, I've hardly written a scrap of anything in my life.

My main motivation to join was to keep track of some good fan fiction I've read, and also to publish my very first fan fiction.

It's a Twilight fan fiction called Crimson Moon, and it's still a work in progress. It's a Bella-got-bit-while-Edward-was-gone-in-NM story. I'd like to think that despite the fairly common idea, mine has a unique plot.

I found that 95 percent of other stories like that, either: A) Alice has a vision and saves Bella in chapter 2, or, B) Bella runs into the Cullens decades or even centuries later (Often as a singer in a band? lol whut?). My story focuses on Bella struggling to survive as a vampire out in the woods, while having to fight off Victoria, make werewolf treaties, and deal with all the overwhelming problems that her change has caused.

I have some other interesting ideas for fan fiction that I may publish in the future. Three of my more mentally fleshed out ideas are listed in the poll above. You can vote for more than one, or even all three if you think they sound interesting.

You guys are totally free to use my ideas for your own stories. That's the spirit of fan fiction, making things how you want them.

I enjoy Twilight fan fiction that sticks as close as possible to canon in style. It's totally fine if circumstances and scenarios are different, but the character should still act generally like themselves. So for goodness sake, stop making Bella leave Edward for Jacob! SRSLY.

Stuff I dislike in Twilight fan fiction:

- Non-canon pairings (especially when OCs are shipped with one of the normally-coupled-Cullens-made-single)

- Out of character (Bella is not some promiscuous rockstar/preppy cheerleader who dates the college player/football captain Edward!)

- All-human (this is a general dislike, but I admit, some people can pull this off)

- Prefaces/prologues (It's hard enough to find a good fanfiction without having to skim over vague, confusing prefaces)

- The character being given terminal illnesses or physical handicaps (like being blind or deaf)

- Song fics (or fanfiction where the characters sing in bands or at karaokes for most of the time)

- 'My Version of Twilight' where Bella's replaced by some OC (which are probably 9/10 times named after the author)

- Tragedies (what's so wrong with a happy ending?)

- Unnecessary original characters (I don't really have the patience to memorize your new coven of twelve)

- Roll call exposition ("Hi! I'm Alice! I'm physic! This is Edward! He's a mind reader!" gets a little old)

- Teacher/lawyer/insertstupidjobhere Bella (kinda traces back to my dislike for all-human)

- The Cullens being Bella's biological siblings (why does Emmett always have to be Bella's brother?)

- Bella/Jacob (No. Just no.)

- 5/10/60 years went by before Edward came back to aged human Bella (especially 60 years, since I dislike tragedies)

- Decades and centuries being thrown around without much thought ("Bella was bit by Laurent! And 247 years went by!" that's... a freaking long time)

- Bella being given completely random vampire powers (what kind of personality would be granted telekinesis?)

- Overkill Cullen cliches like Alice always shopping or Emmett being an idiot (he's been to highschool/college a dozen times, guys!)

- Non-canon vampire physiology (vampires with blue/brown/grey eyes, eat human food, sleep, aren't attracted to blood, etc.)

- Emo-fiction (drugs, cutting, etc.)

Why I found Breaking Dawn unsatisfactory:

Overall, I thought the fourth book wasn't too bad. But there were definitely aspects of it that bothered me.

Remember the first time you read New Moon? How you probably itched to peek ahead just to see when Edward makes a return? That's because it's no secret that sparkly-adonis-Edward is the single largest aspect of the books that makes them so popular.

Part one of Breaking Dawn had satisfactory levels of Edward-goodness, part two... not so much. Part three, despite returning to Bella's POV, Edward practically falls off the face of the earth in favour of Renesmee.

Reason 1) Too little Edward.

We read these books to hear about everybody's favourite insecure-obsessive-vampire-stalker-Edward. We didn't read three books worth of his pessimism and antagonistic overreactions just for him to be pushed to the side for a baby. It's totally fine with me that Bella has a baby, but Stephenie Meyer didn't need to suddenly switch Edward to a practically minor character in terms of focus during the story. In part three of Breaking Dawn, the character focus kinda sums up to: Baby, baby, Edward looks good in vampire-vision, baby, Edward-I still want you, baby, baby, marathon vampire love-making with Edward, baby, baby, baby, Edward gets zapped by Kate, baby, Edward knows I'm hiding something, baby, baby, baby, Edward mind reading fluff. The end.

Reason 2) Too much Renesmee.

I'm only somewhat personally bothered by Renesmee's character. I'm more bothered by how much the writing and plot utterly revolved around her, as stated in reason one. Nonetheless, her actual character is still enough to want to pull out your own hair.

Bella, fading quickly after giving birth, can't even find strength in thinking about Edward. Yet, she finds her will to live after thinking about Renesmee. Yes. Her lovely hybrid baby, who she hasn't even seen for ten seconds. Renesmee gives her willpower where her very love, life, and soulmate, Edward, can't.

One of Renesmee's gifts literally has you falling in love with her and becoming willing to sacrifice your life for her just by being around her. Just another blow against the whole free-will love concept. Gawd, does no one get to choose who they love anymore? I actually think this is worse than imprinting. At least with imprinting, the love happens between theoretical soulmates. So I imagine that imprinting almost always turns into incredible two-way love. But Renesmee magically charms entire crowds of people. Maybe it's not too bad when she's a baby, but I can imagine her having to break a lot of hearts when she has to reject all the guys who only like her because they've been unknowingly charmed.

Major deux ex machina with the imprinting. Not to mention Stephenie Meyer practically defines a half-vampire to make Renesmee and Jacob more compatible. Hotter than a human, isn't venomous, can eat food, sleeps, can go out into the sun without worry. Was anyone else irked by the fact that Renesmee dreamt more about Jacob than her own loving father?

Reason 3) Ended way too suddenly

Twilight: Climatic ballet studio fight! Followed by 40 pages of falling action: talk in the hospital, going to prom, impasse.

New Moon: Climatic Volturi confrontation! Followed by 60 pages of falling action: flight home, the truth, mortality vote, marriage deals, pissed off Jacob.

Eclispe: Climatic Victoria fight, then Volturi second encounter! Followed by 40 pages of falling action: big chat with Jacob, all-night breakdown, wedding plans, meadow make out, depressed Jacob.

Breaking Dawn: Climatic Volturi showdown! Followed by 15 pages of falling action: explanations, mind reading. The End.

The sudden ending deeply bothers me. The ending felt really, really rushed. Hell, out of nowhere, Bella gets a burst of intuition that tells us readers that Charlie's going to be with Sue from now on. Whatever happened to Renee for goodness' sake? The craptacular ending definitely leaves a heavy unsatisfactory feeling.

Y'know, personally, I think that Stephenie Meyer could have easily split that rushed 800 page mess into two, more enjoyably paced, books.

You better have read Cleolinda's Twilight recaps. I swear, it is mandatory reading for anyone who likes Twilight and has a sense of humour.

You haven't? D:

THEN GO READ THEM! Right now. NOW! Don't even think of going anywhere until you have!

'Oh, Edward. Shine on, you prissy diamond.'

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