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Yo! Welcome to MiaKikuMaru23's or Miaki's (for short) Profile! Please enjoy your stay and if you want, be friends with her! Don't worry, she doesn't bite unless you bite her first ;) Starting on October 29, 2009, this author has been to this site for WHOLE YEAR and Prince of Tennis has been her fandom for 3 years straight.

Now time for some incredibly long and useless descriptions about this author. Sit back, relax and read the rest.

(We interrupt your readings for a special news! Accordingly, I haven't been writing fanfics in a period of time. Reasons are: 1. My computer got crashed dumped and we had to reformat the entire thing. I haven't got a copy of any of the currently under construction fanfics I was writing. 2. Time had been not on my hands and instead, I've been updating my deviantART account instead. 3. My addiction for this fandom has faltered. As in it dropped. So, sooner or later I may put this account as inactive or simply, this would be my Prince of Tennis account. I think I would make another account for the other fanfics currently circling in my head. In the mean time, thank you for reading this and you may now proceed with her actual profile.)

Technically people I know call me "PoTFreako" because of my everlasting addiction to Prince of Tennis (This was still back in 2008). Still, noone can stay on one Fandom only right? So, I wanna try making some other FanFics (Ghost Hunt, Get Backers, Tokyo Underground -I just noticed that it's there!-, Death Note, Cluster Edge, Elementar Gerad -CoudxRen forever!-, etc.) And now, my newest and current addiction, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Tears to Tiara and FullMetal Alchemist! I'm still writing my other fics in PoT though. Oh yeah, for people who wanna read my story Thankies!! XD same goes for those who give me advice :)

Currently, I really need to learn Japanese (As you can see in my Fics there are some Japanese words there) because I really, REALLY want to buy "Gakuensai no Oujisama" (even though I don't have a PS2 LoL) yup definetly PoTFreako! Although I used to be called that, my heart is temporarily taken away by this so-called "Hetalia" and now, I am currently indulging myself with said fandom. So, now, I bid you a welcome to my profile -bows humbly- with your host, Me! Let me give you a tour on the wonderful world of PoT (because, I will rant mostly on PoT anyway. NOTE: This account will probably for my PoT fics) Just make yourself at home!

Profile Last Edited on 05-18-10

Fanfic currently working on:

"My Doubles Partner is a Bodyguard?" -- Dream Pair (Genre: Humor, Romance)

"Room 666" -- Pairings are too many to say; Main: Perfect pair, Teddy Bear Pair (Genre: Horror, Humor)

"Cooking up Love" -- Tango Remixed Threesome, Tango pair, Spoiled Pair, Crystal pair (Genre: Humor, Romance)

"Expect the Unexpected" -- None (Genre: Angst, Drama, Friendship)

"How We Proved Them Wrong" -- A Red-head threesome (in friendship)

NOTE: All of my fanfics are currently on hiatus. See above explanation for more details.

--!!TAKEN BY YAMASHITA RIE!!-- "The Magical World of Red-heads" -- Red-head threesome(or friendship) (Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural, Humor/Friendship)

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Now time to explain below:

My Published Stories
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1.) My Published Stories = Currently, I have 15 stories. 2 of them are multi-chaptered while the rest are one-shots. I'll give you the list of BOTH PUBLISHED AND ABOUT TO PUBLISH / ON HOLD explain to you on such stuffs.

"Teddy Bear Pair: Cute Love Story" - This is originally my first fanfic renamed from "Honto ni Daisuki, Iie, Aishiteru". If you've been here since last year, then maybe you guys saw the original. The content was still the same (just fixed some of the lines) so, if you will see, the title inside is still the same. The original has to be removed because of too many flames inside (comments) so I had to remove it. I know I was bad before, but that didn't stop me to continue. Moving on.

"Seigaku's Merry Christmas" - It was actually my Christmas gift to all Seigaku regulars. But, I didn't publish it at Christmas Eve. I can't connect to the site sometimes. Also, I forgot Eiji's B-day on Nov. 28. This story, was originally to be publish on 2007 x-mas. But, I was not able to check and update my account. So, it explains the late publishing.

"Innocence" - To be honest, this idea came to me randomly. I figure, since I was late in publishing, I gave you guys some extra gifts both for x-mas and new year. I was still thinking, 'why do everytime I go to the bathroom, random ideas come to me?'. That's also the reason why the paragraphs are longer. That's originally my type of writing style. But, don't worry, I change my writing style.

"Cute But Small Lies Can Kill You" - This idea was inspired by the TeniPuri chibi episodes; one where Fuji is the grandmother. It was also 'suppose' to be a story with chapters. But, I still went with the oneshot. I kept on laughing everytime I remember Eiji's reaction. Ahh, good times.

"Secrets Are Meant To Be Hidden" - Ahh, my first story that actually has a bit of shounen ai in it. I think it was the 'Rare Pair'. Tezuka was a bit OOC there. I hav no choice but to made him afraid of the dark. Eiji has to be comforting there 'AWWW!!'. I just finished (I think,I can't remember) reading stories which were 'TezuEiji'. So, I just had to make one.

"Two Moms Are Better Than One" - Inspired by reading 'Spoiled Pair' fanfics. I don't know, but I'm still thinking of putting a sequel. It was actually fun to write this one (especially the kissy part). I laughed and cried whenever I reread my stories. Also, anonymous_zero helped me making this one (I encountered my very first writer's block here).

"Simple Words Can Be Deadly" - I had a contest in this story. I also had fun while making this. I finally got a cute shounen ai!! MomoRyo dedicated to anonymous_zero for helping me with the last fic. The first story that had 5 reviews in it!! Mostly I got 2-3 reviews per fic. That's why I'm happy.

"How To Spend Your Summer; The PoT Way" - My first fanfic that has a collection of oneshots. Inspired by almost every fanfic I read. It focuses around Seigaku, Hyoutei & Rikkaidai. Well, the series starts off from Seigaku's guide then Hyoutei's guide finally (the longest one) Rikkaidai's guide. If you've been reading my fanfics from the very beginning, then surely you will notice the improvements and new writing technique I've developed.

"My Doubles Partner is a Body Guard?" - Ahh, one of the 3 fanfics which I have (Finally) developed writer's block on. But don't worry, I'll work on it (eventually). This fic focuses on (yes you guessed right) Seigaku, Hyoutei and Rikkaidai. I still am having doubts if I'll even publish this. I can't get a good plot (gasp) sorry. It really is hard when you have writer's block (plus the fact that I'm multi-tasking on writing 6 fanfics at a time) so I hope this explains my side.

"Room 666" - My very first horror fic (which I have also developed writer's block) that is not that scary. The request fic of the winner from the contest I held. Perfect pair fic and some other crack pairings (Of course, my beloved Teddy Bear Pair is there). Setting is -obviously- a room from a mysterious hotel. Sorry if it seems so unoriginal.

"Cooking Up Love" - Very first OT3 (Or so Tango Pair / Crystal pair / Spoiled Pair arguments). I still don't know which pair should I focus!! Can you help me? This is another summer-themed fic but, unfortunately, summer is over for me. So, I'll just write it when I have time. Gah!!So many deadlines (Sorry, this is the other story which I've encountered writer's block). 3 Stories that have been stopped due to writer's block. But, I'll get over it -eventually-.

"Mind Games" - Another random Idea after I tumbled again to the same website that scared me to death. Winterrowd, yes, but it didn't get me through the scary maze, rather, the opticall illusions. So, I decided maybe the Seigaku regulars would like to see it too? First fanfic to have 7 reviews YAY!!! Thank you !! I'm so happy!!

"A King's Cat & A Cat's Adventures" - This ended up as a dream. After looking some pictures (Special pair) I seriously got addicted to it -again- as well as Teddy Bear Pair pics. It's just plain adorable. Anyway, besides the pics, I also got addicted through or by 'October' Junichi Suwabe's (Atobe's Seiyuu) song. It gives me the impression of a palace. So awesome!!

"It All Started With Lawyers" - Real life experience that me and my friends had. The conversations are all made up by me but, all of those events did happen. Thank you to my awesome beta, KA-san (KiriharaAkaya) who is now SC-san. I just had to make it Rikkaidai-centric because, well, I'm bored and tired with Seigaku all the time and Hyoutei doesn't fit the act. So, Rikkai is the best choice.

"Expect the Unexpected" - My very first attempt on angst. I'm sorry if it seems a bit too unrealistic but, please read the future chapters. I'll try my best to explain the events in a 'realistic' way. Also, to those who give me CC's, thank you!! It's my first time and all the advice would be great help. Oh, and please do bear with the sappiness (if its sappy) because, as I have said, it is my first attempt so all advice would be appreciated.

"The Birthday Boy is Missing!" - Birthday fic for Hyoutei Gakuen's Jirou Akutagawa!! I forgot Marui's Birthday so, I'm making him a second character here. This can also be found at my LJ but, not edited. Anyway, One-shot and dedicated to all Jirou & Sweet Pair fans!!

"Hyoutei Vs. Rikkaidai" - I just got an awesome idea (yes, after I went in the bathroom) after listening to some TeniMyu songs. I seriously wanted the canon characters to do a musical as well. And hence, this fanfic is born!! Although, my first attempt on crack parody XD Also, I finally got addicted to the song 'PETENshi daa? Nan Todemo Ie', 'FuuRinKaZan', 'Koori no Emperor', 'Katsu no wa Hyoutei', 'Do Your Best! Rapped Version', 'Bloodshot!' and WTH! 'Ore-sama no Boogie Woogie' XDD -sighs- .

"The Magical World of Red-Heads" -
I had a dream of this. I actually liked it and decided to write but somehow, I can't since, I have too many fanfics on hold. Of course, blame my love for Eiji to cause this madness (that and I love making Marui, Gakuto and Eiji suffer -insert evil laugh here-. So, I just had to ask someone to write it (KE-chan). It's a multi-chaptered fic as well.

"The Story of a Writer" - Yes, this is a MukahixOC one-shot. Plan on making DNs now for my website. Plus, this is still at it's experimental stage and it really needs to go under at least 5 beta-readers to avoid sue-dom. I'm not even sure if she really is NOT a mary-sue. But, that's what it says on the 'Mary-sue Litmus Tests' which I took about 6 times (differently).

"Trick or Treat: The Halloween Special" - A Halloween one-shot special! Presenting, the Trick or Treat Pair! I got this idea after stumbling upon Marui and Niou fanfics and then had the sudden urge to write it. Plus, it's Halloween! Then, there pairing name is 'Trick or Treat Pair' right? Do I need to elaborate on that one? Good.

"How We Proved Them Wrong" - Technically, I was anticipating the new chapter of 'The Magical World of Red-Heads' when I had the urdge to make this. Yes, I really, REALLY wanted the new chapters please (HEAR THAT KE-CHAN!? XD) so, I decided to make something else (plus, this was inspired by 'Prince Cafe' as well XD) So, that explains that.

2.) My Favorite Stories = Just click on the button below to see my fav. stories.

To get you stories to 'MY' fav. stories list, it must have at least one of the following:

1. Good Grammar - Yes I know, even my stories sometimes lack this part. But, you don't see me putting there 'chat speak' or 'text speak'. All I ask is easy to understand, very wide vocabulary (don't say 'beautiful' twice in a paragraph), correct punctuations (but not always) and lastly the the words you MUST capitalize and must NOT capitalize (except for the words that needed to be emphasized). Your grammar is part of the content which is the one I will look mostly for my decisions. It's hard to perfect your grammar but, you could at least make 10 grammatical errors to 5? Is it that hard? If not, then do it! I know you can!!

2. Catchy Title - I look for a story that has a good title. The title is your lead (gives your readers a hint of the story) even without a summarization. If the title is bad, then so must be the content. To get more readers, get a good title.

3. Good Summarization - Your summary MUST contain some elements of what might happen in your story. But, in this case, usually, I skip. But, stories turn me off when I see 'Not good with summaries', 'Plz don't flame!!' or 'tis is meh first fanfic so be nice!!'. Note: It wont stop the flames!! Your just making yourself a flame magnet!! Besides, people who write that down are portraited as narrow-minded people who are so immature that, they don't want to improve. So, there are 'SOME' (note: emphasize on the 'Some') fanfics who can't be judge by it looks, so to avoid that, GET. A. GOOD. SUMMARY.

4. Story / Plotline - My, no.1 most important requirement for a story. If I like the plotline, then it's good. Even if your grammar isn't all that, as long as you have an original/unique, interesting & entertaining plot, I say, it's good enough. I would love a type of story with a charaterstic that 'even though you had read it 20 times, it never fails to make you laugh, cry, shiver, etc.'.

For those who saw this horrendous thing before the big edit, I am sorry. To those still reading, I'M SORRY. So yeah this thing is stupid and I should definitely feel stupid haha //creys

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The Cursed Glasses by Winged-Violoncelle reviews
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