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Author has written 16 stories for Chuck, Twilight, and Kingkiller Chronicle.

I am not really a professional writer wanna-be. I'm awfully happy with my full-time job (which involves lots of math and would probably bore most people to tears). But I do occasionally get bitten by the writer's bug and need a forum to publish my works. Thank you,!

The one thing needed, as always, is more feedback! :) It doesn't matter how old or complete the fiction, I love feedback. Review or PMs or whatever! FWIW, my favorite story of my own (at least today) is "The New Year's Kiss". I think it's one of my more creative and well-written pieces.

I love to read all kinds of things, as long as they're well-written. I have a very low tolerance for low/no polish, no patience for m/m slash, and extremely variable time to read/write.

Passions: Church, board games, video games, card games, Titanic, Lord of the Rings (but not for fanfic -- I'm all for canonical stuff), Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Friends, etc.

My Chuck rant…

In 2007, a new TV show titled “Chuck” hit the air. I missed the opportunity to watch then and only caught the fever in spring of 2008. I caught a few episodes on hulu and was hooked. I bought the first season on DVD and watched intently. Then I bought more copies and sent them to friends and family. Other friends bought it on my recommendation.

That first season had it all -- fun and interesting characters, action, romance, comedy, 80s references, geek references, interesting mythology. I was excited when I found out a second season was coming. IMO, it’s extremely rare for a TV show to have the potential to be great. “Chuck” had potential in spades.

I started writing fanfic early in season 2. The early episodes were working on some of the potential, but something was a bit lacking and off. New arcs came in with pointless love interests that not only killed the romance but overshadowed the comedy, destroyed characterizations, and sucked the life out of the show. Fanfic provided an outlet and a place to read about better plots. Eventually, I got angry -- to the point where thoughts about the show were keeping me up at night. I decided to take a hiatus.

My hiatus ended after about a month when I got quite sick and was desperately bored. I once again watched a few episodes and saw some glimmers of some of the earlier potential. I decided to give the show another shot. Sure, the fanfic had better characters, better plots, and better dialog, but the show was … marginally watchable again.

Season 3 was in doubt. I contributed to the fan effort to get it renewed. We were successful. Chuck got a season 3. And Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak decided to reward fans like me, who had saved their jobs, by creating an abomination. They couldn’t have done a more effective job of driving me away if that had been their sole ambition.

I write this not because I am looking for attention or to ask others to join me in my boycott of not only Chuck but all things Schwartz or Fedak. I write this to explain why I’m no longer writing (or reading) Chuck fan fiction. I completed my stories (except Chuck vs. the LONG BREAK which is intentionally left open -- the show I loved is never coming back) to the point where I feel I have satisfied my personal sense of obligation to my fans. I can no longer enjoy most Chuck fan fiction, however, because of the disastrous influence of the show’s creators. Reading or writing makes me angry about all the wonderful ways the story could have gone that were ignore - and angry is no way to live.

I know Fedak and Schwartz don’t care, so you don’t need to tell me. They have made it eminently clear through actions and interviews that the opinions of fans like me, who supported the show financially and via free advertising like fanfic, are no longer desired. I am a stubborn guy, but I know when to quit. They win. I will leave.

I may continue to write fanfic. I might try my hand at some original fiction. I know I have really enjoyed the community here. Thanks to everyone. Feel free to send me a note anytime! I am thinking about making a blog for random writings. If/when I do, I will post a link here.

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