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I Blame Coffee

Boy oh Boy

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Fallen : Darkness

Princess Bandit

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My Worst and Best Valentine's Day

Raven's Wing

Hide and Seek

Freedom Knights

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Princess Bandit: REMAKE

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That August 29th

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UPDATE (08/08/2012)

As of today...I am going to stop posting fanfiction. It's not like I hate writing now or anything, I just don't have the time or motivation to do it right now. Is this me quitting? Nah. Maybe some day in the future I'll get back to my stories. Maybe I won't. But for now, I announce a hiatus from fanfiction. Perhaps I'll get into writing my own book. I'll let you know if anything big happens. Thanks for everyone who supported me and read my stories, I really appreciated it. Apologies to anyone who is pissed at the moment. But trust me, there are bigger and better stories to read out there. So I guess this is farewell, huh? I leave you with these words: If you're not awesome, stop being not awesome and be awesome.

SavedForever, out!

UPDATE (12/15/2012)

As of today...I have deleted everything. Sorry for those who wanted to keep reading my stories. Found out I couldn't erase my account so I was wtf and erased all the stories. If you still want them...feel free to email me? I have all of them on my hard drive. This was a good run. I'm glad I found But now it's time to move on. I'm collabing with a friend and we're writing a novel together. Maybe one day we'll be one of the great hits? We'll see.

[For forever] SavedForever, out!

Journal That No One Will Probably Read


I miss this place sometimes. This place was kinda like my childhood. When I was younger, I was mad weird and nerdy and didn't have that many friends. So I spent my time gaming and writing. I made a lot of friends on this site. I remember my reaction when my stories started receiving attention. But then life got busier. I gained confidence through feedback and eventually broke out of my shell. I became outgoing and lively and basically everything I never was. Sports became a big factor in my life. Track, volleyball, lacrosse and tennis determined my schedule. I made more friends and grew my hair out and wore makeup and got more into music and art and stopped...writing.

So will I start writing again? Probably not. However I did write a sample chapter of a random story idea I had in biology the other day. Although I don't think I quite "have it" anymore. That "thing" that made my writing and voice special, simply because I've changed into a new person. I would never give up sports and music for writing, as harsh as that sounds. But I will always remember how everyone here shaped me into the person I am today, and I will never regret that.

Thank you, everyone.


I had the greatest story idea the other day and was thinking of reviving this account. But then I literally found a book the next day with pretty much the same story line. I'm extremely unoriginal. When I think about it, Princess Bandit took some factors from another book I read a few months before I started writing it. Sovey was a really bad big book that I read even though I didn't like it too much. I kept thinking of all the things I would do to make it a better/more interesting story line and I guess PB came out of that. The idea of a princess turning into a thief and concealing herself as a man was the main character's role in Sovey. But she ended up marrying this guy that was introduced in the last two chapters of the book (there's a lot of chapters) so you couldn't even make a decision if you liked the guy or not before it ended. There was another guy though, who saved her countless times and was extremely handsome. She didn't marry him which I do not understand why.


Wow, life is kinda junky right now. Unexpected passing of my close uncle, brother coming home drunk at 2am in the morning, people revealing themselves as unloving... Worst week of my life right now. Minimal to no sleep each night, I watch the boy I may or may not be in love with play with one of my friends, and everyone else that I used to lean on are falling apart. My majority of my friends are going to college all across the country in a month. Can I survive without them? Who will I lean on? Whose shoulder will I cry on?


Life goes on.


I can't...I can't even fathom the things have happened since the last time I wrote here. I got really caught up in life. So if you've ever watched like an Asian drama or even like any type of soap opera... That is my life. Literally. Like, all aspects. School, friends, romance, family-- everything. It's crazy. The thing is that it doesn't stop. I never asked for this life. I tell my friends the stuff that happens to me and they're all, "Wow, that is so exciting. Why can't my life be that exciting?" No, take it from me. This is not what I dreamed of when I turned 16. Take all the drama, take all the problems. Right now, I want nothing more than to be left alone with my lover. I love him. But people come between us, people don't want us to be together. We have to fight to be together in the future. Gosh, I want him so badly.


I want to write, I really do. But I think I've lost the talent for it.


I look back and I see how stupid I was. I always laughed at the girls who were hopelessly in love and dreamed of an impossible future, and then I became that girl. It's all just a bad memory now. A very bad memory.


Happy holidays and a happy new year! I've grown a lot. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically probably. I've started to write again, and am currently drafting a new original story with original characters. So far it's have good feedback, let's see where this goes! The future has never looked so bright.

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