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Name: Mina (aka. Mina-chan) :o)


Hakuouki (my absolute fave), Bleach, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Resident Evil, etc etc.

x Mina-chan x

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Current Stories in Progress:

KURAYAMI (Darkness) - Hitsu x OC; First chapter is out; This will be my first fanfic so Im a little nervous, and having trouble getting it to flow the way Ive been imagining it. Please no flames or hatred, really scared to get like yelled at in a review, but nice constructive sugar-coated criticism greatly appreciated xD Summary: Soul Society sends a team to the Real World after getting readings of an abnormally strong reiatsu coming from Karakura Town. Hitsugaya leads the team, determined to seek out the source of this unusual reiatsu, but ends up with more than he bargained for when shameful secrets are revealed and a mysterious connection is found between him and his 'prey'. // O.o Yeah I know, perhaps a little lame right now, but Im working as hard as I can to write an enjoyable story for you guys! :) -ON HIATUS INDEFINITELY-

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