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Konnichi Wa! Yoroshiiku!

My name is Courtney. 16; Aussie; Learning Japanese...Slowly; Otaku-Hime!; Pretty much only writes smut, with the one or two very rare cases; Shonen-Ai
I am very happy to R+R fanfics. If I leave constructive critism, please don't take it offensively. All I want is to help people gain satisfaction with their fanfics.
I WON'T be too kind if you flame me. I accept any sort of constructive critism, just not flames. Flamers will be deleted and blocked. You have been warned :)
Also, on the topic of reviews, please don't write "it was great - I love you" or "it was shit - please die" Surely, there must be some justification behind your comments. No one's writing is all-round perfect. Please tell me if there's anything I could improve on, because it really does help.
I like to consider myself a laidback chick. Leave me messages and I will reply ASAP :) I like talking to people who share similar interests, and it could be YOU!
WordPad is a FAIL program. It does not have SPELL CHECK - and I can't use my Microsoft Word - so I'm sorry for spelling errors. Fast typing = lots of errors :3

My Fanfic History~
Thirteen; Seven done, six in-the-making
01. Bleach "Opposites Attract"
02. Death Note "The Detective and the Boy"
03. Avatar: The Legend of Aang "Zuko's Flame"
04. Avatar: The Legend of Aang "Zuko's Flame II: The Samurai of the Shaana" (Not yet available on fanfiction.net)
05. Avatar: The Legend of Aang "There's Something About Sokka..." (Not yet available on fanfiction.net)
06. The Adventures of Merlin "My Fair Prince"
07. Avatar: The Legend of Aang "Stars"
08. Harry Potter "The Lion, The Snake and the Gay Chicken"
09. Harry Potter "A Parallel Universe" (Not yet available on Fanfition.net)
10. The Adventures of Merlin "Monologue of Melancholy"
11. Avatar: The Legend of Aang "Seventeen Years and Too Much Fun" (Not yet available on Fanfiction.net)
12. Pokemon "From Theives to Trainers" (Not yet available on Fanfiction.net)
13. Avatar: The Legend of Aang "My Water Princess" (Not yet available on Fanfiction.net)

On 16/8/09, I plan to upload my first fanfic, Opposites Attract. Please R+R, seeing as I'm brave enough to show you my bad writing :)
Zuko's Flame will soon be released. Stay tuned for exact date of its arrival!

I know I was late with my fanfictions, but THEY ARE DONE! I need to learn how to seperate them into chapters now -_-"

I fail at chapter-making, so sorry for making HUGE fanfics :(

People have surprised me... Two people have added my first/worst fanfiction as their favourite, but no one has touched my favourite one LOL. But thankyou to those who R+R/faved it!

By 7/12/09, I plan to upload my latest fanfic, The Detective and The Boy. I am incredibly busy with my exams for the next 2 weeks, but I finish school in like 3 days, so I WILL get this done, even if it kills me (which, most likely, it will!)

Thanks to all the fave's and comments on both my fanfics!

1/12/09 It's the middle of the night and I'm bored. No more school, so I should get cracking to finish the 'fic and get it up here for all to see... And laugh at :\
Due to the all-nighters and all-dayers playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I'm in a Zelda-ish mood. I believe I will can the Pokemon fanfic (because that's pretty crap) and
develop a sypnosis for a Zelda story... I think its about time I started writing a yuri... Gotta be a first for everything (cringe) but not until I get my 2nd dose of yaoi on the

19/12/09 I've been very naughty indeed. I only remembered yesterday I was meant to upload my Death Note fanfiction... I'm sorry D: I've been suffering writing block on it, the story is very confusing... So, I have been writing a story called "21st Centuary Legend" for Legend of Zelda. Its the story of a boy (who is a major Zelda fan) who meets a mysterious Zelda cosplayer at a video game convention. Afterwards, he begins an epic quest to save his loved ones, where he comes to realise he is the descendent of the Hero of Time he has adored since childhood. At the moment, I am taking a break from that fanfiction and getting back onto "The Detective and the Boy". No promises, but it should be done just after Christmas...

22/12/09 I DID IT! I actually FINISHED Detective and the Boy! YATTA! I also wrote a Merlin oneshot because I've been up until 3am watching it lol. Take a look at them, and tell me what you think :)

15/01/10 I know it's incredibly late, but HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've been AWOL because I've got so much stuff to organise with school. To make up, I've added a few more fanfictions since then, one I even finished today, fresh off the press! I decided to can the Legend of Zelda one, because it was starting to sound really crappy :\ but I think I'll write another one soon. In the meanwhile, I had a Harry Potter marathon, and have been writing a few fanfictions about Harry Potter which will come out soon. Please check out Stars, my latest Avatar: TLOA oneshot. Now, I think I'll keep writing some more of my Harry Potter fanfictions, even though I REALLY should crack on to the other Avatar ones I started to write :\

21/01/10 Ugh, suffering major writer's block. This isn't great! I'm taking a bit of time off at the moment. The boyfriend's going up north with his mates (and yeah, I am very worried D: he's a stupid boy, he'll get himself hurt lol) and I just wanna relax for Wai Con 2010. Anyone from Perth, Australia going for Saturday 23/Sunday 24? I'll be there both days, and most likely having a look at the fanfiction workshop, because I suck at them lol. Hope I see you there!

29/01/10 Hello guys, I need help. None of my fanfictions are going nowhere, so now its up to YOU to help me! I'm now accepting requests for oneshots with any pairing/story. Please note, that if I don't know a series - or know ABOUT it enough - I can't write it, so sorry in advance (same with pairings). You'll get a "Dedicated to..." as well :D. So think of something and message me - I'm bored and need to procrastinate my studies!

16/02/10 Hey guys, I know I haven't been very active on fanfiction.net, but I'm still getting support from the lovely ones who are reading/favouriting my stories and thank you so much to those people. I have been trying to add to my current works, but I just can't do it while I'm studying Australian History yawn and protein synthesis, etc etc lol. I think I wrote like three pages on DNA and protein synthesis for my own leisure. I got dubbed "the prodigy of Human Biology" when I was awarded top year 11 Human Biology student of 2009. Since then, I have actually enjoyed studying and I have such an urge to succeed this year (hence why my works aren't progressing haha)

24/02/10 This just in, I just finished "The Lion, The Snake and the Gay Chicken", but I'm not sure whether it's really that great, because I went off on a bit of a tangent from comedy to angst. For the first time, I didn't contain (much) smut! Yup, no graphic sex scenes WHAT. SO. EVER! On Friday, I'm going to upload it, but I'd like reviews on whether I should continue the story or not (you'll know what I mean when I upload it). If you want me to update it, drop me a line. If not, just say so. Majority wins.

Also, I was re-reading my one-shots, and I noticed the abhorrent spelling errors! D: I was shocked! But I did mention my computer doesn't like Microsoft Office, hence Microsoft Word doesn't exist on my computer. I find it far too complex anyway. I'd never use it for narratives. The other two options were WordPad, and NotePad. NotePad is basically for code, and is far too simplistic for my liking. WordPad therefore is the last choice. Simple, easy to use. But no spell check. So yeah, sorry again!

Happy Communist Day, Western Australia! Just want to say how much you SUCK for making it so hot and making GameTraders closed! I'm pissed, I didn't get my dose of dork. Ahem. Hello everyone. Started on a new Merlin fanfiction today, called Monologue of Melancholy. Basically just about Arthur's musings after Merlin is executed for wizardry (Could barely bring myself to writing his execution scene). Should be done soon, I'm 3/4's of the way through (and yeah, still need to upload L/S/GC). Keep your eyes peeled, and watch this space. Thanks

31/03/10 I understand its almost been a month since I updated. I apologise. I finished writing "L/S/GC" (redid some of it because I actually had sleep and found so many errors) and "Monologue of Melancholy" last night due to a 5 day chest infection I've got. Yummy, phlegm balls of blood and fire. I missed my smutty writing, so I started another Avatar one, called "My Water Princess" - Jet rescues Katara and admits his love for her, but that's not the only reason he's back. I hope to have it finished soon (I know, I never meet deadlines. I'm sorry)

01/04/10 WOW! I looked in my inbox today. 20 emails. All from FF. All saying brilliant things! And I was scared I was going to get flamed! I just want to say thank you to everyone who read, reviewed and favourited me and/or the stories L/S/GC and Monologue. I was so astounded that so many people took a liking to it. I especially want to thank the reviewer of Monologue who said they were crying due to being so touched by it! I hope I recieve more of your resounding love :)

Part II of "L/S/GC" is still a mystery, but I'll make sure you get the smuttiness you've all waited for ;) Thanks again for all your reviews, faves and reads!

03/04/10 Started writing Part II of L/S/GC. Wasn't sure whether to write it in Harry's POV or Draco's. I decided to go with Draco. First chapter delivers (some of) the smut you've been wating for, but I guarrantee it's going to get so much hotter. I'll add it to part I so you all know where to find it!

19/04/10 Hey FF's, just wanted to apologise for not getting L/S/GC2 up. Been having bad medical problems and I've had SO much homework to do for tomorrow! Just to let you know, L/S/GC2 is still underway, I've gotten stuck, and I think I'm starting not to like the direction its taking, but bear with me! I've also started another Merlin fanfiction out of bordom (I can't fixate myself on one fic lol), and I hope to finish that one too. I'm trying to write it as if it were an actual episode, so I hope that turns out ok. Thanks for your support!

26/04/10 Fellow FF'ers, it is my melancholy duty to report that my laptop has commited suicide, and therefore, so too have my fanfiction works. (Sorry, quoting Prime Ministers of Australia isn't what I normally do!) In all seriousness, my laptop has caved in and doesn't work anymore. I'm saving up to get a new one, but its going to take me a very long time (minimum wage worker, people!) so I'm very sorry, but all the works I've started are now gone. All gone. Please be patient with me during this difficult time. Thanks

24/06/10 OHMYGOD! I finally have a new laptop! SUCCESS! Now I can get back to writing the fanfictions I adore so much! Wow, 2 months of unsmutty writing. Where have the months gone? Thanks to those still supporting my fanfiction, you guys are grand :). Currently, I have no fanfiction as of right now, but when studying Russian revolutionists and then being tempted to write a story about the Tsarina and Rasputin... Is kinda gross... :| anyway, I'll update again once I have an idea. Thanks, FF's :D

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