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Hey Everyone...thankz for taking time to visiting my profile but I hate to inform you that there won't be a lot here right now...I don't really have a lot to put down at this moment. But I'll give you the basics for now. My name is Tiffany...yeah I know how original..Tiffany and I'm 20 years old...I will be turning 21 on the 15 of November and I can't wait! I then can legally I'm pretty excited about that. I'm a sophomore in college going for my degree in History. I love the High School Musical movies...yes I am one of them. Every since the first one came out until the one that just came out the third one. If you haven't seen it please do. It is one of the most sweetest movies every and I basically cried through the whole thing. It kinda made me think about my own senior year but it wasn't as elaborate as Oh and to all the ppl out there that said that the movie sucked...HELLO! It's a Disney movie and it didn't suck. I've read in so many places where it didn't have any plot or that they were terrible singers or that it just sucked. Okay so there might been parts where Vanessa sounded a bit off key but hey I like her voice ya know. And the song absolutely rocked! Yeah okay off of HMS3 but on to Zac Efron when I first started watching th movies I didn't think he was all that cute I mean I recognized him from Summerland but that was all...but man recently I think I have falling in love with him. I freakin look at my computer screen for minutes because he's my wall paper how messed up is that lol...okay enought talking about Zac he's making my blood boil...


Discovering the Other Side:

Troy Bolton is sexy, cute, and very I also mention that he was a celebrity...well when he meet up with a quite peculiar girl, Gabriella , Troy would do anything to get with her while trying to finish his big movie High School Musical 3. While Gabriella is trying with all her might to keep a secret close to her heart. She doesn't want to end up destroying her or the one that she love's life. TxG

Okay this story is kinda weird to explain..basiclly Troy Bolton is really Zac Efron and he is staring in the third intallment of HMS3. I couldn't use the real ppl like Zac and Vanessa because I don't think we can use like the real people I think we can only use the characters but oh well...I'm trying to make it work. So in the HSM3 there Troy Bolton plays a character named Trey...and Chad plays a character name Cole and so on...get it...if you don't contact me and we'll figure it out together...

So that's all I gotta say right now...hmmm...maybe you should read my story...

okay so here is kinda what I see Kathleen as...soo...yeah...

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