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Poll: What's my next Gallagher Girls story? I'll pick as soon as I get enough votes. If you have any other ideas, I'm open to writing anything, even non-canon, just review one of my others, and I'll write and dedicate it for you. Thanks. Remember, I heart you. Vote Now!
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I realize after much dismay, I really needed to update my profile. I've got lots of new things that interest me and I'm not a Harry Potter bound person anymore! Yeah me!

Favourite Books: Harry Potter (still,) Wuthering Heights, the Gallagher Girl books (an absolute love,) all Jane Austen books, Vanity Fair, Oliver Twist, hmm... there are so many more and I'm just too lazy to write them all down.

Favourite TV Shows: Gossip Girl (Chair |endgame|, Dair, Blouis, Serenate, Sarter), Glee (Klaine), Mad Men, Revenge, and I'm a nerd for iCarly and WWP.

Favourite Color: Emerald green, enough said.

Favourite Food: Lollipops. I don't care if they're a candy, I couldn't live without them. Yum!

Favourite Place: There's this tree next to one of my room's windows. And it's always been my tree. So yeah, that tree. Or my roof. Either or.

Favourite Football Team: Peyton Manning + Colts = One truly dedicated fan (fangirl sigh!) / What's up with '11 season? Totally proving my Peyton is a god theory, their defeat is embarrassing.

Favourite Futball Team: Manchester United. / But for FIFA, it's Ireland, England, Australia, Japan, Korea, Argentina (order of preference).

Favourite Sports: Figure skating, it's the only sport/activity that I play, so no mocking it or me!

Favourite Quote (as in, most used quote): I HEART YOU .

The Best Quote Ever: "I always finish what I start" - the sexiest line from Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy and of course said by Zachary Goode. fangirl sigh, again!

I don't really know what in the world to put on here... sigh. That's enough for now. If you've got any ideas on what in the world to put on here, any lovely plots you'd like me to write (Gallagher Girls ONLY, I like to stick to one 'verse), any stories you think I should read, any beta-ing. P.M. me and guess what? I'll respond!

. .:.:.:. .
Gallagher Girls

I've decided to write up a list of the Gallagher Girl stores that I've written and that you've seemed to have enjoyed.

1. First Sight: Bex/Grant- One-shot: A cheesy little story from Grant's point of view from when he first saw Bex in D.C. on the CoveOps assignment. Not too long and it gives us a little insight on Zach's real feelings for the marvelous Cameron Morgan.

2. I Found You: Liz/Jonas- One-shot: Okay for those of you who have been confused on my description here it is spelled out in black-and-white... This is a one-shot from Jonas's point of view. It's about how he plans to ask out Liz to town... But, it is not set in Gallagher obviously. This is an inside-story on an event that will take place subtlety in my version of Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (does anyone have an effin' abbreviation?! I hate writing this stupid title out. Argh! If someone makes one up, p.m. me immediately. I'll dedicate a whole story in your honor. I seriously can't stand writing this thing out any longer).

3. Never Leave My Side: Cammie/Zach- NOT A ONE-SHOT (don't know how long but it won't be just one chapter. you know the ending before it happens and all this is is Zach's point of view): It's a totally new angle and part of story no one has even dwelled on yet! I'm so excited for thinking this up! Yeah me!

4. The Perfect Score: Another one-shot. Macey's point of view in CMH from when they're in Roseville before the CoveOps exam in the third-to-last chapter. Pretty much to the point and short. I never really know how to feel about this piece. I like it, and I think it's stupid.

5. Happily Ever After: Cammie/Josh- One-shot: This is another one-shot. It's from Josh's point of view. It's not actually a Cammie/Josh fic, but it's implied that they once were. Probably a little after he sees her in CMH in town with Zach, and just reflects on how he used to feel about her. It's really sort of a character view on his old relationship. I don't like saying it's a Jammie, but it doesn't involve anyone else.

6. Keeping Together: Liz/Jonas fic. Not so much a futurefic, but still on the typical Liz/Jonas life-style. Simply put, Jonas looses Liz in a department store. Ahh, the good times.

7. Focused: Bex/Grant. Pretty much this: LATSROIA (laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all). I love Grant, I really really do. But he's a bit of a meatloaf in my point of view. Like Emmett from Twilight. But prettier, and really obsessed with Bex.

8. Here Comes Goodbye: Cammie/Zach one-shot. This didn't turn out how it was supposed to be. I got inspiration from a really well written Nacy (from Jonas) one-shot ... or was it Joella/Stoe (what's their couple name?). Anyways, he comes home to find out she's packed her bags for the last time, and let me tell you, I actually sobbed while reading it. Mine isn't sob worthy, it's just, ridiculous. And I don't like it. But it got top three in my poll, so I had to do it eventually. P.S. Not mentioned in my A/N at the time but listen to Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts for the inspiration behind the song.

9. So E Doesn't Equal MC Squared, Now What?: Liz/Jonas. Adorableness. Like schmehh adorableness. Drabblings in the CIA labs, and utter cuteness. I don't even know what else to say. It's pure cotton-candy fluff with a side of nerd.

To Be Written ...

1. Again a one-shot- This will be the second sneak-peak on a different inside story of my version of [insert abbreviation here]. It will also be the final sneak peak.

2. So there's this moment in CMH, and Cammie follows Zach to the P&E Barn, and she's like pissed at him for not acknowledging that they were together when the alarms went off during the ball. And he's like "well I thought you kept your relationships secret." And she goes "you're not my boyfriend." And he goes "I know." And I just want to scan Zach's mind during this scene, because like holy hell, is that a packed line or what? So if people have read this profile, they'll hopefully respond and want this to be written, because I won't post it in the poll. And I won't write Zammie unless someone asks me to. So this is like a free prompt for people to tell me they want. So can someone just read my profile, and tell me they want this?

3. What am I doing with my life? Here Comes Goodbye will have seven companion pieces. In order it's: Bex, Jonas, Macey, Grant, Liz, Preston, and finally Cammie. 2-7 in this timeline will each spawn off of an event mentioned in the previous (ex. Bex's will start with her writing the letter mentioned in Here Comes Goodbye and finish at a later point than Zach's and then Jonas's will start from something in Bex's, etcetera. etcetera.) Each story will be focused on a different ship. As in, they won't all be Zammie. They will be based on the main characters own ship that's now dealing with Cammie and Zach's bloody relationship. Now the difference is that Cammie will span from her finding out about Zach's infidelity all the way to the end of either Zach's plan failing or working. These next seven will be published after a one-shot or two, and after they are all written completely.

~dates and order are subject to change~

I'll be posting more stuff soon, so keep your eye out and check in every once and a while.
I heart all of my reviewers and everyone who takes time just to read my stories. So keep faith my friends and keep writing.

UPDATE: [February Fourteenth, Two Thousand and Nine] - If anyone comes up with an abbreviation or a nickname for Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover, I will write a piece on whatever you want. What ever pairing pleases you. I will let you sneak-peak it (so you can tell me if it's acceptable) and then dedicate the final to you. In big bold letter all over the author's note. And my humor of that whole piece will knock you out of the park. So please, please, come up with something !

UPDATE: [June Thirtieth, Two Thousand and Ten] - I have a poll going of fics you'd like me to write. I'm open to all suggestions and if you review one of my stories with the idea, I will write the piece and dedicate it to you, no matter what. But if you don't want to take the time to review or whatever, all you have to do is vote and what not, and as soon as I get enough votes, I'll pick two or three and write those in edition to the ones people reviewed for. Sounds fun? Sounds like bribery? Yeah, you're right on both accounts. But I heart you, and you can't not heart me.

UPDATE: [August Twenty-Fifth, Two Thousand and Ten] - Kinda. Just want to ask everyone to go to my FictionPress account and maybe read some of my stories. They're mostly non-fiction snippets of my life, poems or little vignettes. Could count as little ficticious one-shots. The address is as follows : www . / u / 732574 / thisisgonnagetugly
Just subtract the spaces and you'll be good]

UPDATE: [October Nineteenth, Two Thousand and Eleven] - I'm baaaack! And not as good as ever. My poll is still open, I still want reviews or PMs with story ideas. And I'm still in need of a really great beta or two. My offer from February 2009 (see above) and June 2010 (see above, again) still stands. I want to know what you want. But I do have an announcement, aside from people personally asking me for stories, I will not right Zammie any longer (Here Comes Goodbye was the last Zammie piece for a really long time). If people want Zammie from me, they have to review and request or give me an abbreviation/nickname for Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (known as [insert abbreviation here] in my A/N's). And yes, this post will be copied into my next two or three stories in the following days. Don't not heart me because of the constant repetitiveness.

UPDATE: [October Twenty-Fifth, Two Thousand and Eleven] - This is the official announcement for my need of two betas (I'll let people know when one has been filled and I am only looking for one). Please can someone let me know if they're interested in being subjected to my weirdness? Warnings: I will constantly nag and P.M. you about weird things. Like just downright strange things. You will have to review and comment on my lengthy A/N's. You will have to become my ... dare I say it? ... friend. -le gasp- I'm going to want someone who I can talk to about GG and their opinions on a lot of things, I want someone who I can work with and rant about how goode Zach was in GG4 (because it still doesn't have an abbreviation people! ... and yeah, pun intended). For the beta part, I'd like someone who yells at me for the length, to make it longer, and helps weave things into the content, rubs a little elbow grease, and even does the tiny spelling mistakes. I'll eventually want the two betas to interact with each other and work together (still with me) to accomplish some things. So yeah, that's it. Can people please, please, please let me know if they're willing to take the time to do this? It'd mean the world to me.

You know you love me,


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