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Hello! I am known as Rose.

Its been a while since I have logged in.

As of 2012 I have stopped writing since I have been preparing for my admission to Law School, meaning I have completly disappeared from the writing scene. I wont upload any stories until my acceptence or rejection letter arrives.

Thanks for reading and having an interest in my stories.

- Rosario

I live in Puerto Rico in the middle of the violence at the university call UPR. I am 20 years old and my first language is Spanish, my english is self-taugh, so bear with me. I have a big family, because my father got remarried but, they are all awesome people straight from the heart. :)

I have a group of friends that never fail to amaze me, they said that your college friends are the one that are most probably to stick with you.

My closest friend and roommate Vielka, whom supports and bears my crazy side.

On another not:

My sis, Mir is also a writer in FFN, check her out her name is Broken.Bells, she is one awesome writer, her sis; my other sis, Nik, who is also a very awesome, funny writer to read her profile is *checking* unwritten92. Check them out.

I am currently studying Arts of Social Science, bachellor's degree in Sociology concentration in Criminologist. To become a LAWYER!!! I started my third, I have been thinking for awhile now, if it was best to leave so lately; I've been wishing to assist a South Korean University or a British University. It is my dream to expand my life experience so I can know from face to face the realities this world faces.

I have been writing since the seventh grade. It has been quite awhile since I started, so I have experience in writing, so my skills have been improving. Twilight came into my life in 2007, thanks to my friend Nik. (and I bet she regrets presenting me the book everyday of her life... :P)

I must add the sad part of this year, because the Twilight saga that has been with me for over 6 years and when I saw that last scene, it felt like it was time to let go of everything that has happen since then.

I love to read and very soon, I am going to start writing a House of Night fanfic and Divine by Mistake, Choice and Blood. I am also thinking in the Wake Saga (it is quite interesting, a chick version of Inception)

Nowadays I don't write outside the idea of Twilight, but 19 of my stories are not Twilight-related (they are original ideas and solemnly found on my computer)

I am writing a novel...that so far is called "(Parenthesis)"


I started writing as he started reading. What I wished it could be, what he knew what would be. But as my words touched his heart, the clues he left behind founded me in ways that slowly my hand wrote between parenthesis solemnly for him. Was it fate, a mere coincidence or was only our imaginations running wild? Oh how much longer until he crossed my way? Has he already cross it and have I become blind to such tiny glimpse of what if's?

A few months ago I published Educational Love, which wasn't a twilight fanfic but, with some time I turned into one.

I haven't published anything over the last two years, but vacations are coming up maybe something amazing as an apology.

I found my betas, which are my miracle workers. Honestly seeing how much my story changes after editing...its like incredible.

Pastiche.Lethe is my main beta, who is helping me in After Death, Sinful Dancer and Reviews.

And faint-of-heart, who is helping in Dreamless.

I can't thanks them enough for taking up the challenge of grammar disaster. XD

Even though I have two betas, I am looking for someone new, to fix the story On Our Way

PS: I will be saying things in Italian, French and maybe, just maybe Japanese in the stories, but at the end of the chapters I would be translating.

I dedicate my stories, to two people who seem to be ALWAYS there for me, God and my dear annoying awesome brother, Isaias. Whom without I couldn't express myself on any level and in his own way has supported me. He is also the one who says my english sucks! LOL (you've to love him for his honesty)

Do not let anyone convince you what you know you aren't. Be strong in front of people who seem to hurt you indirectly. Fight against the forces that go against your good will. If you let the other side win, you'll be lost and eventually bring your destruction. Thank God I was found through kindness and friendship. If you need someone to talk to, I am ALWAYS here to listen.

"Life without love, isn't a life at all" Leornardo DaVinci character from Ever After

"Life is not measure by how many breaths we take, but how many moments take our breath away" - Annonymous

"Nobody gets me like you do...Thank God, 'cause if they did...they would know how fcked up I am" - Some pic I have in FB

Find me on facebook, the link is in my profile. I am be more than glad to be your friend! XD Just write a note you are from "FFN".

I just came back (meaning 5 months ago) from my awesome trip of Arizona, Utah and Nevada. I went to so many amazing places like the Grand Canyon, places I never dreamed of going, met some really nice people along the way... And without any explanation of its awesomeness was LAS VEGAS!!!

I just came back (meaning three years ago) from my Wonderful Trip of Europe! I went to London, Salisbury, Brussels, Switzerland, Austria, Venize, Roma, Florence, French Riviera, Nice, Monte Claro, Paris and many more whose name are too weird or hard to remember. I want to thank my BEAUTIFUL MOM for making my dream come true.

God Bless You, thank you for visiting my profile.

(I don't discriminate against other religions)

So there is my mini "mini, my butt" bio

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them.

Love, Rosario!

Story Covers

Hey, I was playing with picture and thought that my stories should have covers. Hope you'll like them _

1. Sinful Dancer

2. Dreamless

3. After Death

4. On Our Way

On our way.

Song that inspired me.

Song: Blush (Only you) by Plumb

Chapter 2

Bella's Dress

Edward's get-up (this is not describe in the chapter, but I doesn't hurt to imagine EC) - (shirt) (pants)

Chapter 3

Bridesmaid dress

Bella's shoes

Rosalie's shoes

Chapter 4 (Last Chapter)

Alice's Wedding Dress

Alice's Wedding Necklace

Alice's Wedding Shoes (not in chapter)

Bella's Wedding Ring

Thanks so much for reading this short story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it!

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