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Hi, minna-san, HY here. Hajimemashite!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to every reader (both anonymous and non anonymous) who took the time to read my… err…ramblings, ahem, stories :P) and especially those who reviewed, alerted and favourited the stories as well as favourited me in their authors’ list (I’m quite embarrassed, lol…I still have so much to improve!)

Frankly I find it rather difficult to write stories with loads of descriptions – they always give me headaches, so I do use the thesaurus from time to time. I really salute our fanfiction authors who can really write pages and pages of just one chapter while I struggle -.-“ Haha. And I also find it hard to write stories about my favourite characters as I feel I might not give them much justice in terms of staying in character (I don’t think readers like reading their favourite characters being too weird either!)

I’m sorry I’m not that productive as other authors who can spin wonderful tales almost every month or so (like authors who have a list of fanfics while mine has just entered a double digit-ed list -.-“). My muse constantly takes holidays (I wish I was in its place…) and when it gets back from its hols, pissed that I sent it away for so long, it plagues my brain with too many plot bunnies that I can’t stop typing…:P

My ramblings on work I’ve completed :

1. Present (Nov 2008) : I’m really sorry, TamaHaru fans, I think I just…errr…tainted your favourite blond king, haven’t I? Of course in manga/anime verse, Tamaki would hang himself if he ever did anything as bad as that to Haruhi. Present was my first published fanfic here and it was an experimental dark piece as one day, my muse chirped into my ear, “Hey, have you ever thought of Tamaki having a hidden personality…?” That got me thinking. Kyouya is already the Shadow King, Honey senpai turns demonic when his sleep is disrupted, the Hiitachin twins have been declared Devil Twins by Tono himself and Mori being quiet and all and has an unfathomable mind is terrifying when he gets angry too. So that left Tamaki who has always been the comic relief, who has never really gotten pissed off…Yeah, you all know the result : Present.

2. Looking at the Plum Blossoms (Nov 2008) : Li Kouyuu’s my favourite character in Sai Mono. And it’s basically a rambling about a child striving to meet his parents expectations as he is grateful for their care and nurture for him all these years. When he does achieve them he hopes for a word of praise, or acknowledgement from his parents but unfortunately none is given and thus disappointment is felt instead. Maybe we’ve been in a similar situation like that before, eh? I digress.

3. Twisted Fates (Nov 2008) : The first time I wrote a multi chaptered story. Hands up to those who feel Zero, the poor tormented soul needs some loving – since Yuuki chose to be with Kaname! It’s not that I don’t like Zero x Yuuki (sorry all ZeKi fans), but then I think Zero needs someone who can just fully love him – just him alone, you get what I mean? Right now, even when Yuuki picked Kaname she still had some sort of feelings for Zero, and Kaname knows…So I hope Zero x Seiran, especially Seiran would be a suitable OC for Zero. I’m simply overwhelmed with the favourable response - wow. Some of you wanted a sequel, lol, and I’m scratching my head regarding that. I reckon Seiran and Zero had a lot of stress in Twisted Fates already, so give them a break first, and if my muse is kind, it will grace me with an idea of a sequel, alright?

4. Amidst the Storm (Jan 2009) : Well, I’ve always thought Kou Kijin as an interesting character to write about and Shuurei not being affected by his beauty (while the rest of us might suffer nosebleeds or go loony like his ‘victims’ in manga/novel/anime verse). This was also an experimental fic to see if I could write a story with descriptions. Hopefully I succeeded :D (Out of topic : I hope to see Kijin paired up with a wonderful lady someday, and more clones of Shuurei to appear so that all the men don’t subtly fight over her ;P)

5. Night at the Club (Dec 2009) : Whoa, this was rather hard to write – it gave me a pounding headache after staring at the computer screen for seven hours just editing, cutting off and adding stuff. It’s AU with Kaname being a host (I’d gotten the idea after I joked about a host club in Twisted Fates) and it’s in ‘you’ format so that any Kaname fangirls might want to indulge in some wicked fantasies…hint, hint I’m not…err…responsible for any nosebleeds you get though! (But if my fic can cause such a reaction, I would be greatly pleased as the story has reached its intended goal…hehehe)

6. Scarred Fates (Feb 2010) : Sequel to Twisted Fates. It’s my first sequel in anything I’ve written before, so please be kind with me…I hope this story will turn out well (as in more acceptance from readers because sometimes sequels end up being more disappointing, ya know…anticlimactic). I promise more angst in this one, more chapter development – Seiran’s not that perfect (or emotionless) like she is portrayed, longer chapters (??) This work is in progress, so this rambling is also in progress. :P

7. I Miss Us (June 2010) : Actually this was one of my old works which I hadn’t posted up on ff.net because I’d wanted it to be in conjunction with Father’s Day but I had been busy with studies, etc. It’s one of my old writing styles as I explore new ones, as well as an experimental songfic which turned out too long :P In this story Len and Kahoko are both married with two kids. Len as per usual, is the workaholic violinist and he sorta neglects his family, leaving Kaho to tend to them. But one day Kaho can’t take it any longer (even patience as a limit, y’know)…so…

8. His Brother (July 2010) : This is a piece I started writing mainly for some laughs and also because my muse prodded me to no end with it (a ‘closet’ Sebastian Michaelis fan). The main character is Sial, Sebastian’s brother, who was kicked out of Hell because he was a failure in his mother’s eyes (for being too ‘good’ a demon). On Earth, he is the latest addition to the Phantomhive household, mainly as the ‘rescuer’ of the three maddening servants otherwise Brother dearest would have his hide. But there is more than meets the eye as to why Sial was actually sent over, and he has to do his best to avoid being driven insane by the three stooges and avoid being sexually harassed…This work is in progress, so this rambling is also in progress.

9. Tristesse (Oct 2010) : This story’s main theme is tragedy and I apologise if I ‘killed off’ everyone’s favourite green haired pianist in an AU situation (*ducks flying tomatoes and rotten eggs*). To me, writing tragedy is hard, because hey, everyone in general likes a happy ending, and writing something emotionally poignant and yet saddening is really difficult – I admire authors who can pull such works off without becoming too ‘soap opera-ish’. Why I chose Tsuchiura as the subject this time was based on the title of the story, Tristesse, also known as the Song of Farewell composed by Chopin, a composer Tsuchiura likes (it’s a wonderful song and I love how the piece can stir up various emotions). Also I hope I’ve managed to convey the other feelings in this story such as guilt and betrayal.

10. Silken Christmas (Jan 2011) : Woot, my stories have finally reached the two digit-ed list! Silken Christmas is a story with a few firsts for me – first collab work as well as first yaoi (wink, wink). This is a collab work between Emika-san (Polynox) and myself - the first part of her story is in her profile below. To all the experienced writers of yaoi who come across this fic, I'd be glad for pointers on how to make the hot scenes hotter...Hope readers are satisfied at my attempt at yaoi between our two favourite hottest vampires, and I hope Zero isn’t too OOC because I’m trying to express how Zero feels about what Kaname has done for his Christmas. It’s kinda happy-ish AU where Kaname and Zero’s relationship (as in pureblood vampire with vampire hunter – the two extremes) is tolerated...albeit slightly.


Once again, thanks a million for all your wonderful support and I hope to be friends with every one of you!

27 Nov 2010 : I was notified that I’d been nominated and selected as Author of the Week in La Corda D’Oro Fic. I’m humbled by such an honour because there are so many other great LCDO fic authors. My utmost thanks to the staff of La Corda D’Oro Fic as well as the person who nominated me (if you are reading this, I wish you weren’t anonymous so that I could email and thank you...:(. Thank you for your kind and wonderful reason for nomination.) I will work harder to produce better stories!

21 Jun 2012 : I received a PM from Night’s-Whisper18-san (a.k.a The-manga-worm on Deviant Art) who drew a very lovely piece of fanart of my OC, Sial from His Brother (Kuroshitsuji). I’d never thought my work would inspire fanart and it truly is a wonderful surprise. (*I could barely stop myself from spazzing out in front of my laptop during lunch break which would have made other research students think I’ve lost it.*) Thank you so much, my dear – I really appreciate it, and thank you for allowing me to put it up as the cover image of the story – it’s an honour!!!!! To see the pic in a larger resolution:

the-manga-worm.deviantart. com/art/ That-Butler-His-Brother- 309635047
(please remove the spaces)

Pros about writing fanfiction

1. The characters are already there, all you have to do is write a story about them

2. You can do whatever you want with the character of your choice, including 'owning' them for awhile

3. ...It's...fun... (sorry, writer's block, can't think of any more reasons right now...ironically)

Cons about writing fanficion

1. You have to follow closely (at least) to the characters, too OOC isn't fun

2. For me, research...coz I don't like to be too out of the story if I don't write AU

3. Stressing when I get writer's block and when my muse is evil...

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