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Author has written 17 stories for Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Tomb Raider, Godzilla, Transformers/Beast Wars, Ultraman, and Carrie.

I am Samantha Voorhees.

Favorite Man:Mr Voorhees himself.

Favorite Movie:I can't decide

Favorite Color:Red

Favorite Drink: Cola:Pepsi (Preferably Pepsi Throwback). Tea:Lemon Milkshake:Chocolate

Favorite Rations:Mac & Cheese, Cheese Pizza (I LOVE Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Pizzas) Just about any type of Pasta, Hot dogs, and I'm an complete sucker for anything Chocolate related.

Favorite music:Rock, Country, Pop, Just about anything except Rap. (Or anything that comes out of the mouths of Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus or Rebecca Black)

Likes:Horror, Kaiju, Transformers, Ultraman, Tomb raider, Etc. Nice reviews, Good Friends, Life.

Hates:Wise asses, Bitches, Heterophobics, Mongooses, Impossible Yaoi & Yuri (I'm okay with Homosexuals though or canon Yaoi & Yuri), Lawyers, The IRS, Anything dumb enough to piss me off.

Aroused by:Jason, Nemesis, Issac Clark (Or at least his bum), Dallas Winston (Or any other guy in The Outsiders), Optimus (Katrina would kill me though), Pyramid Head, Etc.

I am Jason's Wife. I am a large fan of many things.

One is slasher movies. I love almost anyone of them, Friday the 13th part 3 is my favorite.

Here is my movie opinions

Friday the 13th series: My absolute favorites! Jason is without a doubt the most powerful killer of them all! Pamela is also an awesome killer!! Jason goes to hell and Jason X weren't very good but I still like to watch the deaths! New beginning and Jason takes Manhattan are underrated. Part 7 and Jason lives are great, Parts 1 2 3 4 and Freddy vs Jason are without a doubt the best ones!

Nightmare on elm street series:My 2nd favorite series. Jason like I said is the best but Freddy or Fred whichever you prefer is defiantly next best! First one was the best without a doubt. Second was strange but still entertaining. 3rd was great! 4th was even better! 5 was as great as the 4th! 6th was good too! 7th was ok.

Halloween:Third favorite. Michael Myres is quite the slasher! I love how he is completely emotionless. First was the best! 2nd was almost as great! 3rd I will discuss in my character creation section. 4th was great! Resurrection was underrated. 5th was the last good one. 6th was terrible. And the Remake can't possibly beat the original!

Texas chainsaw massacre: Leatherface is powerful but not all evil. The second one was my favorite! Then comes the first. Then the third! Followed by the remake! Then the last good one was the new beginning. I am not going to even say how horrible the fourth one was!

Childs play: Chucky is great! Tiffany is okay but I don't think she works with chucky very well. First was best hands down! Second was awesome! Third was good. Fourth was ok. last one was terrible!

Dolly dearest: I love Dolly! If you ask me she would make a better bride for chucky than Tiffany! As for the movie I am surprised so many people hate it. I love the movie!!

Leprechaun:Who doesn't love him? No killer can rhyme like he can! I love the first, second and third! The fourth was cheap but still entertaining. the fifth and sixth were good!

IT:Pennywise is defiantly dangerous! Anyone who has a fear of clowns will defiantly want to steer clear of this movie! I love the movie even more than I love the book!

Wishmaster:I love this guy! Whatever you do don't make a wish! I have seen only the first two and I love them both! The special effects were a little bad but I love the acting!

Hellraiser:I have only seen the first but I love it! Pinhead is one cool while still funny slasher!!

Clownhouse:Not good for people who have a fear of clowns! I love the movie!

Hannibal series: Hannibal may not be immortal but he is still an awesome killer! I have only seen silence of the lambs though so I can't rate the others.

Candyman:Candyman is one powerful guy! Never say his name 5 times in the mirror. I love the first 2 I haven't seen the third.

Then there is Tomb raider. I love Lara! She is awesome! I love every Tomb raider movie and game!

I Think the best pair is Lara and Larson at least in his anniversary appearence.

Natla is the Ultimate foe of Lara. Willard, Seth, and Sophia leigh follow close behind

Following that is Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and Transformers.

I find there is a male and a female Godzilla. Godzilla 90's male and Godzilla 2000 Female.

Mothra is almost as strong as the Godzillas if not as strong. (Don't worry folks unless you count the temorary death of Leo in Godzilla returning war Mothra will never die in my stories!!) Her Tokyo S.O.S and Final wars are what her appearence is.

Ghidorah is undoubtably Godzilla's deadliest foe. Despite being occasionally called King Ghidorah I always found this dragon to be a Female. Even so the Showa Ghidorah may be even stronger than the Godzillas as one monster is never enough to bring her down. She is always shown as being a unbeatable foe.

Spacegodzilla fall close behind. He's deadly too as it takes at least 2 strong monsters to beat him.

Megaguirus becomes Godzilla's Alley in my stories.

Gamera and Garasharp become mates. Legion is Gamera's deadliest foe.

Ultraman Max becomes a Mate with my Oc Ultrawoman (Whitney)

Red King is more serious and Gomora is the Ultramans' deadliest foe.

Optimus Prime is the strongest of the Transformers and he becomes mates with another Oc of mine named Katrina and soon he as well as some of the other autobots will be able to change their size to dimetions equivalent to the Kaiju.

They are in their G1 appearence by the way.

My characters.


That's me! I'm Jason's mate for life. I use to be innocent but now I haunts Crystal Lake with Jason and Pamela.

Agnes Hollowood:

She is a witch. No really a Witch. As in she wears black, rides a broomstick, has a pet cat, makes potions, puts spells on people, etc. Basically she is the one that made Michael a killer.

Ultrawoman (Whitney)

The strongest of all the female Ultras. Once she and Ultraman Max bonded they became even stronger. As a team the two are hard to beat.


A female autobot who Optimus falls in love with. She will do anything to prevent him from dieing or sacraficing his life.


Katrina's sister who has a deep crush on Skyfire.

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