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Name: Ronnie

D.O.B. : July 11

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Brown

Nationality : Me

Profession : Student

Location : The United States of America (But will be England in a good six months)

Introduction to Moi

This seems to be the part where I have to tell you about myself, but I won't be forfeiting so much information for security sakes. However I will be ambiguous about some of the things I do let out on here. So let's begin. Well, as for my name...that's really not it up there, but if you do fancy it then I suggest you don't steal it from me...I'm joking! Next, my age. Well, that will remain in the shadows of my closet, thank you very much. Just know that I am a student at University. My favorite color is purple. I hat cats. I love pet fishes, but I can never seem to keep them a live for long. Terrible feat they meet. I have this lovely phone- an Android- that is rocking my socks. You see, it was a gift to myself for doing so well last semester at Uni. Good stuff. I am an Anglophile, hence the reason for my going next fall to England for a study abroad program. I will not be telling you where exactly (the capitol, shhh), but it's going to be good fun! I hope... I do not have a boyfriend. I don't see need to be settling myself with such trifle matters when I have dreams to strive for and ambitions greater than the most raging sea. Hm...that was quite poetic.

Well, let's skip to my writing history, shall we? I have been addicted to creative writing since the age of seven or eight. I used to always take paper from the printer of my mum's computer and would draw out "my book's" cover while writing in the insides the story's plot. I remember one story being about this magical flower that granted wishes for the children who came and visited it every summer and then it had started losing it's petals and so the kids had to find a way to retain it back to it's original state. I don't remember what happened to that book, but damn sure that story started my writing career. After that I had go on this writing spree from seventh grade to tenth. I had written about ten to twelve different stories/books, even though some are still incomplete. I had a mind filled with ideas. It was craziness. I haven't really done any writing for fanfiction, I've always created my own stories, but I see that using characters from other stories will be good practice. Yeah? So I am starting off with a Dramione story, of course. They are my one true pairing.

However, with these stories I need your support as readers to push me along the way. I need reviews. I beg for your reviews. I beg to know what you think of my stories. I want to know what you think it lacks. I'm a hard cookie, I can take constructive criticism. I plead for that kind of shit anyways. So don't be shy. Or lazy -.- Trust me. I know what it's like to read a story and not review because it requires extra work. Trust me. I've been there.

I hope you liked my little "getting to know me" part of the profile.

I do have a twitter account. The name on my twitter is RanSalvant or if you want the link it's this: http://twitter.com/RanSalvant

On this I usually update on my story ideas and what not, so if you wanna stay posted with me then go 'head and follow! I DO FOLLOW BACK!!

Also I do have a tumblr if some of you lovelies have one too. It's under my homepage link on my profile, but if you don't see it then this is the link as well: www.ranii711.tumblr.com

Love you all who take the time to read my shit. I appreciate it. Message and review, loves.

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