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October 6, 2011:
Hey, everyone! So, I'm not dead. I've just been super busy. I will be updating soon, I swear to God and you would all know more about what's happening if fucking YouTube would properly upload my videos... Anyway, I've decided to create a vlog series, wit Updates, Reviews, and Journals. It'll be interesting. I just need to actually get the videos posted... I tried to post today but it didn't exactly work out. And I had a lot of trouble with my old e-mail: someone hacked it and had sent a worm out so I had to delete it and recover all my documents stored in its database. Plus, I had to go to each and every website I was subscribed to and change my log-in since it was linked to that particular e-mail. I still have, that one's fine. But, um... I'll try to get that video up tomorrow, my channel name is (surprise) AmyKatherine14... Yeah, I'm not creative haha. But go on and see if my video is posted tomorrow. Keep in mind, I do have school and I have afterschool activities. But I'll let you all go now and I'll explain everything soon, I promise! Whether in an UPDATE notice like this, an Author's Note, or a video on YouTube. Oh, and don't forget to vote on my poll! Tres importantes!!!! Adios!!!!!

August 1st, 2011:
Okay, so this update to remind and inform. For those of you that actually read my Author Notes, you'll understand what this is about pretty much right away. For those of you that don't: please pay attention. Recently, I've started Rockstar Blues. I only have four chapters and the response is great, not fantastic or what I hoped, but still: great. Anyway, I had said in one of the RB ANs that I would be taking a break. I won't be updating for quite a while because I've got stuff to do. I have my friend's sixteenth birthday weekend getaway (which is an extended weekend of four days) and I'm pretty sure I won't update then, for obvious reasons. Also, that weekend is my mom's birthday so I have to make it up to her for not being there for her hrhrmphhrm*COUGH*th birthday. (Always remember a woman's birthday, never her age.) And, once more, I have my permit and my parents want me to get my hours in before my birthday in September so I can get my license and be ready to drive by myself (even though I don't really like leaving the house...). After that whole endeavor, I have my summer reading to finish and I want to keep working on my summer course so I can get more done before school. I can do the whole thing for another year but I want to be able to get past semester one and onto semester two. And again, after that, I have school basically.
I want to get good grades this year so what I'm going to do is type up as many chapters as I can for Rockstar Blues and Roommates and even get Bound and Secrets configured (they're going to be new InuYasha fanfics) along with Running Serenity (my original story- I kind of forgot some of the things I had down before the crash :/). So, once I have them stocked up to the point of basically being finished (since I'm known for dropping out early), I'll start posting those chapters at a regular pace.
Also, fans, I appreciate you reading my stories, really, and if a link doesn't work, thank you for telling me- if you had. But if it's detailed enough or it's a common outfit (like the princess/prince garb), you can easily imagine it or Google it. The only uncommon clothing that I would detail and link would go onto my account on Polyvore so those should work. But, again, if something's iffy, let me know. I go through my chapters after a while and I notice a lot of unbearably noticable screw-ups that no one ever points out. If you could, that'd save me a lot of embarrassment.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to message me! :3


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Chapter 7: Max's Dress
Chapter 7: Max's Shoes

Chapter 23: Max & Fang's House
Chapter 26: Max's Wedding Dress
Chapter 26: Ella, Nudge, and Angel's Bridesmaid Dress(es)

Chapter 10: Sonny's Homemade Dress
Chapter 27: Sonny's Sailing Dress

Tattoos: Fiona's Tattoo Jessie's Tattoo Nikki's Tattoo Thomas's Tattoo Ivan's Tattoo Devin's Tattoo Dan's Tattoo Greg's Tattoo Milo's Tattoo Milo's first Tattoo Mandy's Ankle Tattoo Trevor's Tattoo Lizzie's Tattoo Johnny's Tattoo Lily's Tattoo Max's Tattoo Oliver's Tattoo Nikki's wrist Tattoo Lucas' Tattoo Tyler's Tattoo Mandy's first Tattoo Mandy's second Tattoo
Chapter 18: Lily's Outfit and Shoes
Chapter 18:
Mandy's Shirt Skirt Shoes Dress

Chapter 1: Ella's Outfit
Chapter 2:
Max's Shirt Jacket Necklace
Chapter 2:
Ella's Outfit
Chapter 2:
Angel's Outfit
Chapter 3:
Max's Outfit
Chapter 4: Max's Outfit
Chapter 4: Angel's Outfit
Chapter 8:
Max's Shirt Skirt
Chapter 9:
Max's Dress I
Chapter 9:
Max's Dress II
Chapter 9:
Ella, Nudge, and Angel's Dresses
Chapter 9: Lissa's Dress
Chapter 10: Max's Uniform
Chapter 10:
Iggy's Uniform
Chapter 10:
Max, Ella, Nudge, and Angel's Uniforms (in order, left to right)
Chapter 17: Max's Shirt Skirt
Chapter 19:
Ella's Prom Dress
Chapter 19: Angel's Prom Dress
Chapter 19:
Max's Prom Dress
Chapter 21: Max's Gang Outfit (Minus Purse)

Chapter 8: Max's Gown
Chapter 8:
Nudge's Gown
Chapter 20: Max's Outfit
Chapter 22: Max's Ring
Chapter 22: Max's Outfit

Chapter 1: Max's Outfit
Chapter 1: Nudge's Outfit
Chapter 1: Angel's Outfit
Chapter 3: Max's Costume
Chapter 3: Angel's Costume
Chapter 3: Nudge's Costume
Chapter 3: Ella's Costume
Chapter 3: Fang's Costume
Chapter 3: Lissa's Costume
Chapter 3: Iggy's Costume
Chapter 3: Gazzy's Costume

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