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I would just say "Hello and Welcome to my profile" but that seems just too over-used. So instead, this introduction will have to suffice. Wouldn't want people to think me "unoriginal" or something!! Because FANFICTION is SO original. No, seriously, it is. Or, you know, not. Depends on what you write, how you write it, and all that, I guess. But then again, that's all MY ideas, and I think we've already determined that original is what I'm not. Or, rather, what I am. Argh! Forget it all! Who knows for sure anyways?

Oh, right, this is my place for the random One Shots that I have (like the pun on the name?), and my normal profile is Global Conquest-er, I think. If you want to contact me, PMing me on that would be best, mostly because I'll, like, never look at this email. Thanks.

It's been said that a person cannot judge who they are themselves - a different measure is used by everyone and to get the real picture of yourself, a mirror is not a guide. And, I know this to be true. If I took my own judgement of myself to be truth, then I would eventually get lazy and find myself to be perfection in one container. So, instead, I judge myself on another scale - and I try not to let my own love of my subject (not like I F myself, more like your mum would look at you, but without of all the "I wish they could grow UP already") get in the way and immedeatly try and look at myself from the worst perfective possible to sort of level the field and have come to these conclusions:

1) My ears are HUGE and the size of them serve to real purpose - its not like they make me hear any better.

2) My nose, from my daddy, screws up my face. Thanks Dad. No, really, it looks alright for less than a fourth of the time. If I try to show any emotion, such as smile, it's like it GROWS or something - stretches farther than normal and makes me look like a whole different person.

3) My hair is like the PRETTIEST color ever - and yet I still want to dye it. Odd.

4) I am like one of the PALEST people ever. Not vampire or anything, but definately paler than Bella Swan (not in the movie though, just the book. I always thought that Stewart is not pale enough, and double that for the rest of the "Cullens" especially Pattinson). I actually got a bit of color this summer, and that was good - took away the natural light blue that my skin normally seems - made me not glow in the dark, but it all went away after I started wearing jeans and sweaters so now I'm back to my normal night-light color.

5) I am BORING. Sometimes I can tell a good, story, but usually I just stink at it - I think its the monotone voice. I don't swear (out loud), don't drink, smoke, constantly have or talk about having sex, or do any sort of drugs (mostly because I think it's stupid, a waste of time and brain cells, but tha doesn't mean that I condem people who DO, actually most of my friends do at least one of the above). I may just not be a people person (but I'm getting better, I swear!!).

6) I am either too young, or too old. I FEAR aging, and yet I feel so young all of the time.

7) Other than the horrible things that my face happens to sport that I have already said, I look REALLY young. I swear, I look like TWELVE!! People at resteraunts ask me if I want to see the kids menu ALL THE TIME. And, usually, I say yes. Becuase I don't really like food - I view it more as a necessary evil - but I SWEAR I dont have any eating disorders or anything - my friends always tease me for that and all so you see why I'm a bit jumpy on that one (if my parents ever thought so I would SO be killed - or at least forced to eat more (eew)). But what were we on again? Oh, yeah: I look so young! It doesnt help that I'm so tiny either, but we shouldnt talk about height - its not TOO relevant - I'm not like a dwarf or anything.

8) Ummm . . . did I forget to say that I'm a girl?? Because I am.

9) Dont worry, I'll come up with more. There are a TON, too many and too little time.

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