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Author has written 3 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender.

I'm a mad Avartard. Not much else to be said really. Although, I thought it about time I fleshed this out a bit.

I'm an Aussie bloke. Married with two evil little girls. Yes, that means I'm an adult who watches cartoons but hey, that's my escape from reality. You try living with two kids with ADD and see how much you like hanging around in reality. I also still read comic books, so there.

I grew up a goth before such a thing existed I used to listen to Black Sabbath to go down and Metallica when I wanted to rage it up (since there was no goths back then, everyone just called me a headbanger). I grew up in a little country minning town, so I was pretty much the wierdest guy around and that's the way I liked it.

I've always been an avid reader. Science fiction, Fantasy, that sort of stuff. Love Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter, Arthur C Clarke, big name authers who really know their stuff. I used to like Piers Anthony too, at least his early works but if you've read his newer books you'll know why I went off him.

And I've always had a hyperactive imagination. I had a few short stories printed in magazines when I was younger but life took over and I haven't written anything in a long while. But then I found this site and the urge just took over. The story I'm working on now, well, the wife says I'm a bit obsessed with it (She doesn't like Avatar) and I will admit it's a big story. But I'm sort of trying to write a new series - my own take on how things worked out for the characters in ATLA and their new adventures. I don't have many reviews yet so I'm not sure how it's doing although I only have one bad review so far, which is cool. When it's finished I hope to tweak it slightly and make it an original story that I can try to publish, I'm just waiting for enough reviews though so I can figure out if it's any good.

The coolest, most awsomest thing in the universe just happened to me. A wonderful person told me in a review that they had created a tribute to my stories on YouTube. Isn't that just freakin wild?!? I am just over the moon with it and still can't believe that someone would go to all that trouble for my stories. I've watched it about 20 times already. If you would like to see, check it out here,

To atasfan16, you will always have my eternal love and gratitude for making me the happiest author in all the multiverses. Now if you'll excuse me, I shall be returning to my happy dance.

10 march 2011. I thought I should add an update for those who wish to understand why my chapters are taking so long these days. It began late last year with the demise of my brand new Acer notebook. I loved that little machine but I will hate the company who made it for eternity for refusing to repair it under warranty THEN insulted me by offering to repair it for more than I paid for the damn thing. They claimed it had water damage inside which was a lie because when they finally returned it I had it checked privately but to fight them on this would also cost me more than I paid for the notebook. That was only the start of my troubles. Xmas came and went, taking my money with it and then came the floods. Then we had a cyclone (a hurricane to you northerners) which brought more flooding. Then we had the highest rainfalls ever recorded and with it came - guess what? More floods. Then we had another cyclone, the largest ever recorded here and then guess what involved getting wet...AGAIN!

Our house is ok but we lost a lot, including our car which managed to die on dry land however. It was my mother who came to my rescue yet again by helping me to get a loan from the bank as well as loaning me a little of her own money. I have a new car, a new computer and even a new washing machine with more buttons than a jet plane's cockpit controls. But I am beginning to feel 2011 doesn't want me to be happy this year. Days after she saved my backside, just a few days ago my Mum had a massive heart attack and died before she could get to the hospital. I feel as though my whole world has simply gone, my reason, my light. She is the center of my universe, the home I always return to. She was not perfect but she was my Mum and there is nothing about that or her I could or would ever change. A part of me has gone forever and I will never stop missing her.

So please be patient with me. I will never give up on these stories, it just might take me some time before my mojo returns to it's former levels.

I hate being depressed. It's no fun at all.


Well, I'm finally back online and let me just say, 2012 was long, LONG year for me. Normally I hate to be a whiner when bad things happen but to be honest, the last couple of years have been BAD. Firstly, as you know my mother passed away but within weeks of that, the company I worked for went bust and I was suddenly unemployed, bad enough having just spent most of my savings on a new car and Mum's funeral but just to add icing to the cake my landlord lost the house I was renting to the bank and next moment my family and I were homeless.

With the rest of my family's permission we moved into my mother's house, promising the family of course that we would not touch nor take anything of our mother's but we had barely begun unloading our things to move in when the fighting started. And it still hasn't stopped. It's a terrible thing when families fall out but I feel I was honorable and lived up to my word. I looked after Mum's house, paid the bills and maintanence costs which were pretty steep as the house overlooked the beach and battling the rust was a constant struggle. I found a job pretty quick to help pay those bills but I barely had that job for a year when I got hurt, actually crushing one of the discs between the vertebre in my lower back, so I was back to being unemployed and laid up in bed for several months in absolute agony. The fighting only grew worse after that when I asked my family to help out with the finances for the upkeep of the house (the place needed painting quite badly) and one of my nieces and her brother actually broke into the place when I had to go away over a weekend to see a spinal specialist. Several of my mother's things went missing that weekend but of course accusing my niece and nephew of stealing only escalated the fighting and in the end I gave up. I went to a lawyer, put the house I had grown up in on the property market and sold it for a pitance of it's true value. At least in monetary terms, what it was worth to me can never be calculated as a simple dollar value.

It still brings tears to my eyes, as though I've lost another member of my family. It was a beautiful house too, on a hill overlooking the ocean with views that could take your breath away. I tried so hard to keep my family together, to hold onto that part of our mother that had always brought us together but I will never, ever forgive them for what they have taken from me and my children.

And so, as you will most certainly know, I have done little writing in the last 2 years, barely managing to publish 3 chapters in all that time but between all the family in-fighting, fighting my own depression and physical injuries, I must admit I have given little thought to my stories. In all that time I never even read a book, let alone thought of writing one but I am settled now, living in a new home (a rather small one and far too far from the ocean for my tastes, but at least its affordable) and once again I feel that urge, the desire to express my dreams in words. What I had written over the last 2 years I threw out and started again (it was rather dark and depressing, reflecting the mood I was in for most of that time) and I have been working feverishly on my next chapter for the last few weeks. It's a difficult one too, with a battle scene with a cast of millions involving, spirits, demons, dragons and the Gaang facing off against each other and the most dangerous beings in their universe. And not forgetting all the plot twists and turns I so love putting into my tales.

And so, once again I beg for your patience. The chapter is coming together (already 26000 words and barely half done) but I hope to have it finiished, edited, polished and updated soon.

It is surprisingly difficult to publish this update to my profile, I really hate being thought of as a whiner but I hope this helps you understand why my writing has suffered so much recently. Anyway, I'll get that chapter out soon and I hope you all enjoy it*

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