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Hello! I'm Genevieve!

Enemies To Friends

Departed on: Saturday, January 31th, 2010

Time of death: 12:21 pm

This sounds too morbid.

Oh, my. I just deleted Enemies To Friends. The entire thing.

I'm sorry for not giving you guys a notice first, as it was kind of an accidentally-on-purpose thing. I just read through it after a long while and cringed at my lame-ass writing and it was so sucky that it was just bugging the shit out of me. And so, I had to take it down. But not after thinking about it. And yes, I thought about it a lot. Almost too much, and I think I now have a headache.

In some ways, I'm quite relieved. I've wanted to delete the story for quite some time now and today I finally had the nerve to delete all those words...but then, I'm also freaking out that you guys who actually read this story might hate me.

So please, please, please don't get angry or upset at me.

I feel guilty enough already, especially after reading the reviews I got in my inbox. GINORMOUS Thank You to everyone, by the way. It always makes me smile when I receive your reviews. I appreciate it and can't thank all of you enough for taking the time to read what I wrote! I wished I could continue with the story but I just really don't like Enemies to Friends.

Also, I'm really sorry for not updating for so long only to delete the whole thing in the end. I'm such a failure at this. And I'm also sorry for not replying to reviews or PMs. It's cause I don't check my e-mails much...and also cause I'm a lazy bum. I really, really am.

And so, to sum it all up: I'm just really...I'm really sorry. That's all I can say...

So yeah...


Gen :)

Thank you, Love ya,