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Well, I'm Shannon And I Live In The Grand Ole' City Of Winnipeg, Along With My Best Friends Katlyn (I Know You're On Here Somewhere!), Brittany, Nicole, Karey, Oh, And Peter And Parker (Ironic, Eh?). All I Can Say Is That One Really Doesn't Want To Come Here In The Middle Of Winter For A Vacation... It's Freaking COLD! Like, -50 C. Not Fun, Especially Having Four Months Of Weather Like That.

Hmm... What Else Can I Say... I LOVE Horses (I Think It's An Addiction) Along With Horse Racing... That May Show Up In Some Of My Stories (You'll Know Its A Refrence If I Mention Barbaro), Oh, And I Have A Slight Addiction To Lord of the Rings... Actually It's Probably More Then A Little Addiction. Lets See... Twilight Is Cool Too, Oh, And Country Music Is AWESOME!

I Have WAY Too Much Free Time On My Hands, So I Spend Way Too Much Time On Here, And When I'm Not On Here, I'm Being All Philosophical.

Because I Have Nothing Better To Do, Below Is A List Of Random Musings, Most Of Them Are Either Meant To Make You Think Or Are Just Plain Amusing! (Most Of Them Only Make Sense To Me, Oh Well. You'll Find Them In The Stories Eventually)

If you don't lower the spear/gun/sword (Whatever) I will find some way of incapacitating you, so put it down.

Do you have any idea of how much I loathe doing this?

I am not a citizen of , nor am I in , so I don't actually have to follow your rules, now do I? Besides, its not like I did anything wrong.

Sheesh, somebody's feeling assumptive today.

Seriously, you can drop the charade, it's not working very well.

Does it look like I care? Did it ever look like I cared? I thought not.

Well, I'm beginning to wonder, although I'm probably out of my mind to be doing so.

Well, its rather spasmodic, and undeniably creepy.

Must I? Are you sure?

Ok, so you are stalking him? No, I'm not! I am just a bit obsessed, and I kind of follow him a bit. But somebody following someone else without the second someone's knowledge IS stalking! You are stalking him. No, I'm not. (Brittany, You Understand, Right? You'd Better)

Seriously, I would've thought that someone with your past would be crying after admitting that, not laughing so hard that they nearly wet themselves.

So, why are you still here? I thought I got rid of you yesterday, or was it your identical twin?

So, this is your doppleganger. I must admit, you did a good job with it, it looks just like you. That's because we're identical twins. Really? No, it must be a doppleganger.

Once I figure out where you are calling from I am going to throttle you. I hope you have your running shoes on.

You want a head start? I doubt you'll get it.

A life sentence? Who's life, mine or yours, or maybe Grannies.

Well, you were right about false impressions being fake, I seriously doubted you for a minute. You do know that false and fake mean the same thing right? Really? I never knew that!

I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't.

Why do I get the impression that this room is full of melodramatic children, rather then people older then myself?

You have no idea how awkward this is, do you?

Umm, lets see, I think it was six, or twenty three. You see how easily they are confused.

Do you really believe you are smarter then a fifth grader? Nope, not at all. Then why are you here? You missed the sarcasm, didn't you?

Umm, I really have no idea what you're on about, so would you please clarify, unless you want me to keep guessing.

I give up. No, really, I give up. (Picks up person) See, I give up.

I get the impression that the inner portions of your skull are far to vast for your surprising amount of intilect, or severe lack thereof.

Do you honestly believe that? Yes, or I wouldn't have said I honestly believed it.

Umm, I either compare it to a jackhammer or dynamite, or possibly my rabbit when she's angry.

How many random violent things can I think of in ten seconds? Well, lets see: A jackhammer, a battering ram, a wrecking ball, TNT, a train, (insert person's name here), a combine, loose wind turbines, wild dogs and the occasional rabid squirrel. That enough for you?

Umm, well, not exactly. See, my mom's black, but my dads albino. Interesting mix, is it not? I appear to have turned out like anyone else, not more of one than the other. (I'm Seriously Wondering What Would Happen If A Black And An Albino Had Kids... Genetics Project)

Can she cook? Yes. (Person eats a bite of food, then gags) I thought you said she could cook!? I said she could, but I didn't say it was good, now did I.

Of all the possibly dangerous things to want to do, you want to go make out with a bull? Are you insane?

You know, there is help for that. I have a number you could call, they'd be only to willing to take you in, the sooner the better. (Pulls out a business card for the institution)

Do I really have to? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Are you sure your sure? I am absolutely positive, idiot.

Do you reckon I should pretend, or just tell her the inevitable?

Laughing!? I'm not laughing! I'm just, clearing my trachea.

Is there a particular reason you are attempting to pester me to death?

Didn't I tell you I'd be back? This is what you get for not paying attention.

A gift? I suppose you could call it that, although I call it a curse myself, what with the guys and the inability to go ten paces without someone looking at you.

Yes they are all bad! Do you honestly doubt me? I thought not, so listen up. They are all bad, every last one of 'em.

Did you mean that rhetorically, figuratively or literally?

For your sake, I'll give you about ten seconds to get out of my way, that or tell me the truth. After ten seconds, I will poke you. Really, thats all you'll do? NO! I'm not stupid! You have ten seconds or it's the pepper spray, taser and brass knuckles bucco. Oh, and the safety whistle.

I warned you, I warned you, I warned you. I told you it was stupid and pointless to try and change, but did you listen, nope. Now, thanks to your meddling, the futures screwed up. Thanks a lot.

I am not going to listen to you, seeing as the only things that come out of you mouth are self preening and repulsive.

You really don't get it, do you?

If I had half a mind to do it, I would. However, I have less than half a mind to, so I won't do it. See the benefits of having a democratic mind?

I seriously think he's lost his mind, poor kid.

Excuse me, do you have the number for the asylum? You see, I have a crazed, psychopathic stalker following me, and I would really like to get rid of him.

Fine, don't believe me. I know the truth, and I seriously think a larger portion of the student body will believe me then will trust you.

You sir, are a repulsive creature, but you, in and of yourself, are not repulsive. It is your idea of yourself that is repulsive.

I can't believe you actually wanted to hear that.

I believe the word you are looking for is tedious.

Hmm, lets think about that one. No.

I really don't think it's going to happen.

You're wrong. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. Yes... drat.

I swear this gets more boring by the second. Or perhaps the nanosecond.

Shall I smack you, or do you prefer kicking?

Ok, who's hiding what?

Do you have any idea how annoying this is?

If you don't... I will smack you

Is there any reason in particular that you just so happen to be treating me like a pariah, or at least like I'm something disgusting you happened to find on the lavatory floor?


Just... pondering. Yes, that's it. Pondering

Oh my freaking God this is annoying (Sorry If That Offended Anyone)

Oh, dear Lord

Oh, the irony

That is NOT supposed to happen. That is just, not supposed to happen. No, I don't think so. No, no, no, no, no. NoPe

There are no words to describe how random that was. No, still nothing

This is going to violate some law of nature... or physics. One of the two.

This is soooo not funny

Toto, I seriously don't think we're in Kansas anymore

Well, that was incredibly ironic

You know, I really don't like being treated like a pariah, Ise no fun

Nobody tells me anything

Why am I always the last one to know? Oh, right. Because I'm me

Stop tackling me! It's not fun!

I thought I said brief! That was my version of brief. I could have gone into a whole lot more detail, but I kept it short. SHORT! It was only twenty-eight pages long!

Did I offend anybody up there? Because I'm getting the impression that I'm getting payback for something I don't remember doing!

And I, I am about to self destruct

And there goes my self esteem

Care to elaborate?

Everybody must think I'm blind

He looks like a wierdie

I notice more than you think

If you value my sanity, or your life, you won't finish that statement/do that

You are making this more awkward than it should be

Well, There You Have It. Shannon's List Of Random Musings That Only Make Sense To Her.

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