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Hello. I'm MarciKupo, and I really should start writing fanfiction. Unfortunately, I don't have nearly enough confidence in myself. I'm rather self-deprecating, you see?

hobbies: Drawing, reading (fanfictioncough), listening to music, mango and animu, daydreaming (82.3 percent of life, and I'm not even kidding), and "writing", or should I say, thinking up ideas to write, and not writing. Oh, and procrastinating.

fandoms: Hetalia and D. Gray-man are my favorite, at the moment. I have a fair interest in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy/Dissidia. And while I'm not really active in these anymore, I like to read Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, NANA, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, Kobato., and a whole lot more that are failing my memory at the moment.

(brief) favorite characters, not according to fandom 'cause I'm lazy (but vaguely in order anyway):

Iceland, Romano, Greece, Prussia, Turkey, China, Spain, Riku, Zexyzexyzexion, Cloudywowdywowdykins, Aerith, Zack, Rikku, Rydia, Vincent, Terra, Seph, Lightning, Hope (why do people dislike him- don't answer that, I know whyhahaha), Lavi, Kanda, Tyki, bamf Lenalee (no crying for me th0x), Jasdevi's cool too, Hitsugaya, Ulquiorra, Rukia, Ishida, Yumichika, Lisa, Fay, Yuuko, Nana O., Hibari, Mukuro, Gokudera, Mammon, Squalo, Fon.

So yeah, pretty people, to be blunt. And Sadiq. (HE'S TOO MANLY TO BE PRETTY BUT HE STILL IS HOT EVEN THOUGH HE'S AN OLD MAN HAHAHAHA /slapped)

favorite pairings: hoo boy.

Hetalia: Spamano, Turkey/Greece, Rochu, DenNor, USUK, GerIta, AusHun, and tons of obscure random pairings like France/Prussia and Hong Kong/Iceland (:3). And lots lots lots lotskdfjlkjf more.

D. Gray-man: Lucky, Lenalee/Allen. (Lavi+Lenalee and Kanda+Lenalee friendships are love, too.) -SPOILER- Alma/Kanda is forming too, but if its on the friendship or romance road, I have no idea.

Kingdom Hearts: Zemyx, Akuroku, SoRiku, SoKai -kinda- (wut, the two rivals), Leon/Cloud, etc etc etc.

FF/Dissidia: Zack/Cloud, Seph/Cloud, 589 (friendship), Squall/Cloud, Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Aerith (not really shipper, but finds it cute), Cid/Vin, Yuffentine, Rydia/Edge, Rikku/Gippal, Yuna/Tidus, Terra/Locke, Lightning/Snow, Vanille/Fang. And a bunch others, but lsfkjaasfd.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: D18, 8059, 6918, 10069, 3318, Bel/fem!Mammon, XS, ColoLal, Colo/fem!Viper, and... Kyoko/Tsuna WHATLOL (Tsuna's not my favorite, but when he's with Kyoko, I think: so cute.)

And a bunch others, but blah.

As you can see, I like both BL and het. I think that both are adorable. GL can be cool too, but I'm not an avid fan.

Oh, and there should be more genderbender fics. What. Oh, and gen-fic. I love good gen-fic. Not everybody is in love, you knowww.

I'm so inconsistent with pairing loyalty in some of these, and in others, I'm practically rabid when it comes to others. Well, in my head. I don't really say anything (says my archives hahahaa slkjfsladkjfdlkjflakj /dead).

lol hahahahaha : )

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