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Author has written 4 stories for Advance Wars, Resident Evil, and Corpse Party.

Greetings from the great state of Mississippi.

As far as bios go, I'll keep it simple. I made this account a few months after I turned 13, and I've been here for six years since then. At first, I was simply a reader and reviewer. Then I tried writing, failed, and deleted it. Then I tried again, did so for about a year, realized I was still horrible, and deleted that too. And then three years ago I gave writing another go, and I've been writing since then. I really enjoy the site, and intend to read and write here for many years to come, or at least until the site gets shut down.

I am proud to be a member of Critics United, so if that's why you're looking here, let me explain some things to you. I have nothing against certain stories. I use to read/participate is a lot of them a few years ago and some of my reviews are probably still up, and I still read some occasionally today on other sites. It is not personal- it is because of the rules.

This site is already such a logistical and legal headache for the admins, it is wonderful of them to allow us to use it, so I respect them when they ask for us to follow a few simple rules and help enforce them. I understand those rules are in place to protect writers, readers, and the site itself. I'm not doing this to be mean, I'm doing it so the site remains up for everyone to use. If you got a problem with that, the PM button is above, but keep in mind it is impossible to shame someone who is in the right.

At the current time, I'm enrolled in a University, so my work and how often I show up on this site may at times be limited.

Current Works

Advance Wars Days of Ruin (Part I of Advance Wars Trilogy)

Category: Advance Wars.

Summary: In a world where war is common, humanity is dealt a near fatal blow when meteors rain from the sky and plunge the world into chaos. Across the ruined land, people try to survive as order, supplies, and morals become increasingly rare. Through the destruction and aftermath, soldiers still patrol the land, helping the unfortunate and hoping to set the world right one day.

Status: Ongoing.

Author's Notes: A OC centric novelization of my favorite strategy game. Tried writing this before, and it was the one I deleted after a year because I realized it was horrible. It's my largest work by far. I decided after three years to renovate the first arc of the story, since I realized that, while still better, it was faulty like its predecessor. Actually, it's quite cringe worthy in some respects. But I'm hoping when I'm done it'll be better.

Under A Madman's Reign (Part II of Advance Wars Trilogy)

Category: Advance Wars

Summary: In the aftermath of a great disaster, the countries of Rubinelle and Lazuria sit in ruins though their hatred continues to burn for each other. In the power vacuum that follows, one ambitious man takes the reigns of power in Rubinelle with the intention of leading the country away from ruin and into glory. But as more and more people fall under his influence, they begin to wonder: Are his intentions pure?

Status: Ongoing.

Author's Notes: This is story that covers the course of events in Days of Ruin, but through the eyes of my OCs in the NRA. The story shares the same continuity of DoR, so I decided to start it early when it became clear to me I was burning out writing one story. It got off to a much better stop then Days of Ruin did, so I don't plan to ever go back and renovate it.

Resident Evil: Outbreak

Category: Resident Evil.

Summary: The peaceful town of Raccoon City is suddenly torn about by evil forces unknown. As the city descends into anarchy and chaos, the dead begin to roam the street. Amongst the horror eight people come together with a common goal: survive. With death waiting behind every door and around every corner, can these very different people learn to put aside their differences and work together?

Status: Finished.

Author's Notes: The first story I ever completely finished. I actually wrote it originally on deviantart for a fan group there, and ported it over here a few months after completion. Looking back at it today, I know there are still some errors and many things I could've done better. Perhaps one day I'll go back and redo the whole thing. But at any rate, it is my most popular story, nearing 10k views as of October 2014, and still gets a lot of attention even though it is buried under newer stories. People enjoy it, and I consider that means I did good.


Category: Corpse Party

Status: Ongoing.

Summary: After two tragedies, the Kisaragi survivors are in low spirits and wondering if they can ever live happy, normal lives again. But perhaps the year's most festive month can help them?

Author's Notes: A plot idea similar to one below that wouldn't stop distracting me till I wrote about it. I've actually started early, with the intention to upload the entire thing come the appropriate month. Meant to serve as my 'jumping off' point in writing, since I usually write action stuff.

Planned Works

Days of Ruin Trilogy Part III (Title undecided)

Category: Advance Wars.

Summary: The Nation of Lazuria, having enjoyed peace for over a decade, suddenly finds itself under assault from sources both human and not. As the country grows fragile, brave men and women stand at the front, ready to defend their home from outside aggressors. But as war wages, the country finds itself being influenced by a silent hand with unknown goals.

Author's Notes: This is the final leg of my DoR trilogy, meant to wrap the whole thing up and possibly lead to a follow up story that encompasses all three parts. The title is undecided, as are some aspects of the plot. While the characters are already largely thought out and developed, the story overall is still in the planning stages.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Category: Grand Theft Auto

Summary: After running away from his past life five years ago, Carl Johnson returns to his home city of Los Santos to deal with a tragedy in the family. Having been framed for murder by an old foe, he is left no choice but to remain in the city and face his past, which soon leads him on an adventure across the entire state of San Andreas.

Author's Notes: A novelization for one of my favorite games of all time. I actually have typed up the introduction and first ten minutes of the game and have it saved in a 7k word document. I haven't uploaded it though, because I don't have any follow up chapters, and I'd prefer to write them while playing through the game again. But I've got a lot of ideas for this one.

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