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Hi! I'm SapphireYuki-Sama. I'm easy to get along with, and to tell the truth, lying is not my best subject. I start smiling and giggling, and my parents know I'm lying.

Age: 17

Birthday: 04/07

Name: Yuki Bunny or SapphireYuki-sama (Snowy-Chan to Amy and the sailor scouts)

Gender: Female

Species: Cartoon/Bunny/Human

Hair: Long black hair

Eyes: Amethyst

Glasses: Sometimes (Only to read from something far away)

Clothes: A purple sweater on top of a lilac shirt, purple chocker, blue jeans, purple shoes, and a purple bandana.

Voice Actress: Stephanie Sheih (She does Hinata in Naruto)

Singing Actress: Miley Cyrus

Singing Japanese Actress: BoA

Family members:

Bugs Bunny (Father), Lola Bunny (Mother), Mickey Mouse (Unlce), Minnie Mouse (Aunt), Roger Rabbit (Fatherly figure), Jessica Rabbit (Mother figure), Amy Mizuno/Sailor mercury (adoptive sister) Ace Bunny (second fatherly figure), Lexi Bunny (Second motherly figure), Kyoko (Younger Sister (feelings)/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Boyfriend: Sonic (Sonic X)

Crushes: Silver (Sonic Rivals) Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien force) Henry (Thomas and Friends/brother like) Naruto Uzamaki (Naruto/Brother-like) Yamamoto Takeshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Love/Hate: Gokudera Hayato (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) Riku (Kingdom Hearts) Evil Naruto (OC)

My Sugo Chara OC's

Sora: The first Guardian to hatch out of Yuki's egg. She is the part that gives Yuki the ability to fly high in the sky, and also has the ability to fly fast, just as Sonic the Hedgehog. Sora is the care-free girl that get's along with everyone, especially Tsukiko. Yuki turns into "Sky wings" when she Charanari with Sora. "Sky wing's" Special ability is Speed Wings, which allows her to move at top rate speed, which makes her look like she has the power to be invisible. When Yuki does her Charanari, Sora shouts "Soar, Wind, Clouds!" When Yuki character changes with Sora, she is a worryless girl, who gets along with anybody!. Voice Actress: Michelle Ruff (She does Zoe Orimoto in Digimon Frontier)

Hana: The second guardian to hatch out of Yuki's egg. She is the part of Yuki, who wishes to heal people's hearts through dancing. Hana is the most hyper chara out of the four. She loves flowers and talks alot with Sakura, who is the quietest one. Yuki turns into "Sky dancer" when she character changes with Hana. "Sky Ballet" special ability is Heart dance. Heart dance is an ability to dance and reach deep into people's thoughts and disires. When Yuki does her character change, Hana shouts "Love, Dance, Ballet!" She has a habbit of teasing people, until they blush. She even teases Yuki about her crush, making her blush every time. When Yuki character changes with Hana, She is a hyperactive girl, and teases people alot. Hana has a crush on Ken, a lost steamy Chara. Voice Actress: Kether Donahue (Pudding Fong in Tokyo Mew Mew)

Sakura: The third Chara to hatch out of Yuki's egg. She is the part of Yuki, who wishes to control the weather. Sakura is the quiet one of the four. She is also the shyest one out of the five, and usually just sits on Yuki's shoulder. Yuki turns into "Sky weather" when she does Charanari with Sakura. "Sky Weather's" special ability is Weather Maniac. Weather Maniac is an ability that gives Yuki the ability to use the weather's powers all at once. When Yuki does Charanari, Sakura shouts "Weather, Change, Power!" When Yuki character changes with Yuki, She is a shy girl, and barely talks to anyone! Voice Actress: Veronica Taylor (May from Pokemon)

Tsukiko: The fourth Chara to hatch out of Yuki's egg. She is the part of Yuki, who wishes to be tough/ and make mirages. Tsukiko is the strongest one out of the five. She isn't easy to get along with, considering she's often stubborn/rude. She does like her team members, and likes to especially hang out with Yuki, alone. Yuki turns into "Sky Priestess" when she does Charanari with Tsukiko. "Sky Priestess" Special ability is Moon Mirage. Moon Mirage is an ability that allows Yuki to make people think something's happening, when in fact it's a mirage, then she can attack the enemy without beign noticed. When Yuki does Charanari, Tsukiko shouts "Sacred, Priestess, Moon!" When Yuki character changes with Tsukiko, she is cold and rude, which sometimes makes her misunderstood. Voice Actress: Kate Higgins (Sakura in Naruto)

Mayumi: The Fifth Chara to hatch out of Yuki's egg. She is the part of Yuki who wishes to have great skills and aim. Mayumi is the Playfullest one out of the seven. She is easy to get along with, but get on her bad side, and watch out! She likes to play "Hide and Seek" with her friends, but Yuki is the only one that can always find her. She also likes to play pranks alot, which gets her scolded by Hana. Yuki turns into "Sky Archer" when she does Charanari with Mayumi. "Sky Archer" special ability is Locked Target. Locked Target is an ability that allows Yuki to lock in on an enemy, and using her bow and arrow, strike her target every time. It only paralizes them, because Yuki does not want to kill. When Yuki does Character change with Mayumi, Mayumi shouts "Arrow, Bow, Target!" When Yuki character Changes with Mayumi, she is playful and likes to play alot of pranks, and likes to play Hide and Seek! Voice Actress: Janice Kawaye (Ami in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi)

Yumi: The Sixth New Chara to Hatch out of Yuki's egg. She is the part of Yuki who wishes to be anything she wants. She is a social, nice girl, who gets along with everybody. She likes to play, Draw to pass the time, but she especially loves to do some magic to impress her friends. Yuki turns into "Sky Magician" When she does Charanari with Yumi. "Sky Magician" 's Special ability is 'Copy Cat'. Copy Cat is an ability that allows Yuki to Copy any Chara's ability or any of the Enemies Ability. When Yuki does Character change, Yumi shouts "Magic, Copy, Wand!" When Yuki does Character Change with Yumi, She's a sweet, loving girl Who likes to do magic tricks, and she has a crush on Speedy, Sonic's would-be-self. Voice Actress: Ashley Johnson (Jinmay in SRMTHFG!)

Ken: A lost Steamy Chara found by Yuki and her Charas. He was found on the Island of Sodor, carrying around his egg. He is a sweet, and clumsy chara. Not a lot is known about his actual owner, but Yuki sworn to help look for his owner through her adventures, and says they are sure to bump into him/her eventually. He likes to just talk, or even play sports to pass the time. Yuki turns into "Sky Steamy 27" when she does Charanari with with Ken. "Sky Steamy 27" 's special ability is 'Slashing sword'. Slashing sword is an ability that allows Yuki to summon a sword and have a swordman's skills. When She does character Change with Ken, Ken shouts " Skill! Steamy! Train!". He has a crush on Hana, Yuki's third Chara. Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach)

My pokemon:

I own some pokemon, and if you have reread some of my stories, there is a hint of a special pokemon I own.

Pokemon so far: Sparkle (Pikachu), Nick (Rapidash), Ryley (Beautifly), and Ginger (Piplup)

My adopted Seedrians:

Icicle: She is a snow Seedrian. She is the oldest of the three that I adopted. She is protective of Cookie and Color. She is 17 years old, and is one of the many friends of Cosmo (Sonic X). She is kind hearted, and doesn't like it when she (Cookie or Color) get picked on. She's BFFL with Mary-Ann, Yuki's oldest daughter. She also loves playing in the snow, and making snowman. She respects Yuki, and sees Yuki as her mother, and talks to Yuki whenever Icicle is sad, hurt, or has questions. Voice actress: Kari Wahlgren (Nova in SRMTHFG!)

Cookie: She is a Ice-cream Seedrian. She is second oldest out of the three, and sometimes wishes she was the oldest. She is 13 years old and is one of the tons of friends of Cosmo. She is a hyperactive girl, and likes to sneak out and about, to see what people are talking about, and sometimes gets scolded by Icicle for it. She get's along well with Luna, Yuki's youngest daughter. She plays with Color, but likes to hang out by herself. She enjoys reading alot, and is the talkative one out of the three. She sees Yuki as a friend at first, but then starts to feel like she is her mother. Voice actress: Maggie Blue O'Hara (Madison Taylor in Cardcaptor Sakura)

Color: She is a rainbow Seedrian. She is the youngest out of the three, and doesn't mind at all that her older sister is over protective of her. She is 5 years old and only met Cosmo when she was just a cute little Seedrian. She is the playful one, and tends to ask alot of questions. She BFFL with Luna, Yuki's youngest daughter. She doesn't like it when her questions go unanswered, and thinks of Yuki as a motherly figure, who doesn't mind having another daughter. She likes to draw, color, and play all day long! Voice actress: Stephanie Sheih (Hinata in Naruto)

You people can check me out in D.A too! I have the same name account there as I do here!

OC characters:

Monica Janice Hatt: She is a bubbly 15 year old girl who loves to hang around with the trains of Sodor, she loves to have adventures with them too. When the trains of Sodor need advice or help, they go to her, who always tries her best to help. She is the Daughter of Sir Topham Hatt, or as everyone else knows him, the Fat Controller. She is completely oblivious to Percy's love for her, but, later on, she realizes her feelings towards him and his feelings towards her, and they both start to date, once he was able to turn into a human thanks to the help of his Chara. Voice Actress: Alyson Stoner (Xion in Kingdom Hearts: 365/2 Days)

Aracely Maylene Star: A tomboyish girl, that doesn't like to be treated as a little girl, and hates it when TenCents ruffles her hair. She is the daughter of the famous Captain Star in Bigg City Port. She has many adventures with the tugs, who can transform into humans, thanks to their own Charas. She and TenCents have a very close friendship, when Daniel starts to date her, their friendship becomes rocky. After breaking up with him, their friendship returns, only to be rocky again when she dates another boy, known as Harry. In the end, she and TenCents get together, much to the dislike of her father. Voice Actress: Michelle Ruff (Rukia in Bleach)

Star: She is Aracely's 1st and only chara, she resembles Aracely in any way possible, except she isn't a tomboy. She is her first chara that went evil when hatched, and did a forced charanari with Lillie. Later on, she turns into a good chara, and ends up having a HUGE crush on Dime, TenCents' 1st chara. She is very smart and also very shy, she likes being by herself and just read a book, but when danger calls, she gets ready for battle. When she does Charanari with Aracely, she says "Air, Angel, Star!". More bio on her will come later!

Raven "Raye" Jones: A girl who goes to the same High school as Lee, Megan, Marc and Tony, she is a very shy girl, and doesn't have friend for she recently transfered. Raven is the spies' new mission, for her father's invention could place the world in danger if in the wrong hands, and they need to get close to him and keep an eye on him as close as they can, and his only way to communication outside his mansion is Raven. Tony, Megan, and Lee fail badly at befriending her, Marc, being himself, befriends the girl, but has a hard time gaining her trust, for she knows that people are only her friend because her father is super rich or because they want her father. Voice Actress: Brittany Snow (Namine in Kingdom Hearts II) (I have pictures of her, that were drawn by me, on D.A, just to see what she looks like, here are some links:

Samantha "Sam" Stein: She is a Japanese-American girl, who doesn't like to be given orders. The spies were sent to Japan to find Daiki, Sam's partner/and secret crush. Tony develops a crush on the Icy-Queen, who tries to deny his love and her love with her alter-ego (A.K.A her conscience). She is a tomboy, and hates it when her father pats her head. She later moves in with her Uncle, which was revealed to be the father of Tammy in Operation: Love. She loves to skate, play video games, and kick butt. Voice actress: Christy Carlson Romano (Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII)

Jennifer "Jenny" Jenson: Jenny is a Mexican-American who was raised in Mexico by her father. She is the youngest and only female memeber in the family. This makes her somewhat of a tomboy and her father is VERY protectve of her.


Parodies/Stories in the future:

The Hitman Tutor, Oswald: Bullet one: The story revolves around Yukiakari "Yuki" Bunny, who is chosen to become the Mollusco Family's boss due to her being the great-great-great-great granddaughter of the first Mollusco boss, who had moved to Japan from Italy during her time. Yuki is told by Oswald that she will become the tenth (decimo) Mollusco boss. Also, the other candidates for the position of the head of the Mollusco Family have died. For these reasons, Yuki is the only remaining heir. As such, Ansem a.k.a. "Mollusco IX", the current head of the family, sends Oswald, an infant hitman from Italy, to train Yuki. She goes through Oswald's training unwillingly, saying she has no intention of becoming the 10th (X) Generation Mollusco family boss. Along the way, she makes some friends, including her crush, Sonic. Just what awaits Yuki in the future when a mysterious group attacks Hikaru Middle schoolers, and what link does a boy named Ienzo have with them?

The Hitman Tutor, Oswald: Bullet two: After the whole battle with Xion and her gang, Yuki and her friends can finally enjoy their lives in peace. But what happens when a boy named Roxas literally crashes into Yuki's life and changes it when he delivers her the Mollusco family rings? Chaos. Now, Yuki, Naruto, Ventus, Knuckles, Zakuro, Fulmine, and Sora have to engage the Uccidere, The Mollusco family's assassin squad, and their boss Xemnas, who claim to be the true Mollusco boss. Will Yuki succeed in defeating Xemnas? But what about her other friends? Will they all live, or die by the hands of the Uccidere? Bugs Bunny is on a mission to make sure the Mollusco IX, Ansem, is fine, but what happens when he and his fellow group members realize the 9th has gone missing and replaced by an impostor! What does this mean, and what does it have to do with the Ring conflict? Find out!

The Hitman Tutor, Oswald: Bullet three: After the huge battle in the ring conflict, Oswald is accidentally blasted with Fulmine's 10 year bazooka, and sent to the future. When he doesn't return, Yuki gets worried and starts looking for him, only to find herself blasted 10 years into the future, but something doesn't seem right. The future was nothing she imagined it would have been, now it's up to her, Naruto, Ventus, Knuckles, Zakuro, and Sora to get them back to the past. They have to "kill" Riku, a man who has a connection to the Mollusco family. Just what is Riku hiding? Will Yuki be able to get everyone back to the past, or will they all die in the hands of the Oceano family? What do their rings have to do with all of this, and just what is Wing hiding? Could it be something to do with her past with Sly? Find out!

Yuki's Adventure in New York: When Sly Cooper trusts Yuki with a precious ring, Yuki needs to find out more about it. Carly suggest to go to Donatello, one of her friends in New York. When Yuki arrives, she bumps into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Now, Yuki, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo have to protect the ring from The Shredder, who has an evil idea for the ring. Now, with Yuki and Raphael not getting along, it's gonna be one long journey for the turtles! Will the two ever get along, or will their bickering be the end of them? Couples slightly implied: Yuki/Raphael, Yuki/Donatello, Yuki/Michelangelo, and Yuki/Leonardo.

Wing's Dangerous Adventure: When Yuki get's captured by Evil Naruto, it is up to Wing to save her. Along the way, she meets some of Yuki's friends, and Yuki's enemies. Yuki, captured by Evil Naruto, is forced to be enslaved by the anti-toons, and along the way, she befriends an anti-toon, who wants nothing but to be seen as a real person and help Yuki. With Wing, she has some problems with love as boys start proclaiming their love to her, but she only has eyes for one! Who will she pick?! Pairings: Yuki/Sonic and Wing/Sly Cooper Couples implied: Yuki/Evil Naruto, Yuki/?, Yuki/Silver, Wing/Yugi, and Wing/Oswald.

Battle Within: When an evil spirit possesses Sonic, It's up to Yuki, Carly, Erin, and Alyssa to bring him back. Along the way, they meet new friends, old friends, rivalries, and old flames. Yuki decides to begin a friendship with Silver, only to make things worse when she realizes she's developing a more-than-love friendship. To make matters worse? Riku decides to help Yuki because Kairi asked him to. And yet another bickering couple is made, with so much going on, will the team ever be able to save Sonic from the spirit within him? Couples: Yuki/Sonic, Erin/Tails, Alyssa/Shadow, Carly/Naruto, Couples implied: Yuki/Silver, Yuki/Riku, Alyssa/Sonic, Naruto/Hinata, Carly/Knuckles, and Erin/Sora.

The Snow Guardian: After deciding to spend some time with a distant friend named Kyoko, Yuki doesn't know how much trouble she's getting into. When she comes across a infant hitman named Reborn, things start taking a turn for the worse as she feels she is being followed by someone. When Reborn tells her she is a guardian of the Vongola family, she is forced to bear the Snow ring. She has no idea whatsoever that Tsuna and his friends are involved in the Mafia, but joins nonetheless. Just what is in store for the Snow Guardian? Find out! Couples implied: Yuki/Tsuna, Tsuna/Kyoko, Tsuna/Haru, Yuki/Takeshi, and Yuki/Hayato.

Dirty Little Secret: When Yuki is sick, Erin decides to send a private message in her place. What she doesn't expect is is that things aren't considered normal in Namimori, at least, not for her and Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada. Now, Erin has to deal with Tsuna, Hayato, and Takeshi as they drag her into their lives, causing problems, blasting her ten years into the future with the 10-year bazooka, and even having to deal with babysitting Lambo and I-Pin. With so much, will she be able to handle it all? And will she learn about Tsuna's secret, and what does Reborn have to do with all this? Couples implied: Yuki/Takeshi, Tsuna/Kyoko, Tsuna/Haru, Erin/Hayato.

Yuki's Great Adventure: As Yuki is cursed from an enchantment, she travels through her favorite childhood books, and finds it all the interesting when the characters from the books are replaced with people she knows! A great force threatens to ruin everyone's happily ever after ending in order to darken their hearts, but he'll find it hard when Yuki doesn't allow it at all. Join Yuki as she travels through stories as, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and many others! Couples: Erin/Tails, Alyssa/Shadow, Carly/Naruto, Yuki/Sonic, Wing/Sly Cooper, SG/Charlie, and many others! :D

EDIT 08/18/11

"You don't know what you have till it's gone", "Beauty and the Mewtwo", and "Aladdin, Pokemon Style" are all being re-edited and re-made to make it better. Why you ask? Because, now that I look at it, it's all horrible! ; I will re post them and make them better, but for now, I have deleted them. I AM SO SORRY!

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