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Author has written 5 stories for Eureka Seven, Kingdom Hearts, and Resident Evil.

I've been on this site for a few years and really enjoy some of the ideas people have come up with for various shows/movies/Videogames etc. I think my reason for joining was, I have some interesting ideas, why not try my hand at it.



Age: 21

From: New York

Main OCs:

Resident Evil:

Dante Stryfe

Age: (RE1-RE:CVX 11/12) RE4: 18

Eureka 7:

Dante Nakamura

Age: 17

Saya Naizumi

Age: 17

Kingdom Hearts:

Dante Kousume

Age: 17

Nobody: Detrax

Proof of existance: Swordsman of Shadows.

Weapon: Twin bladed, Separating Samurai swords. Think of Kadaj's sword except it can split into two separate weapons.

Likes: Anime, Video games, LIVE, awesome Movies, Resident Evil ( Definitely ) and Explosions.

Dislikes: School, annoying people, boring stuff, Flamers, Stalkers, Trollz.

Favorite Movies: Starwars, Hancock, Harold and Kumar, Most Movies by Quentin Tarantino, Many Action Movies and Comedies

Favorite Actors: Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp ( But Why's The Rum, always Gone? XD)

Favorite Video Games: Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet and Clank, Soul Caliber, Dead Rising, Gears of War, L4D, Ninja Gaiden. Too many to describe

Favorite Anime/TV Shows: Eureka 7, Naruto, Bones, House, Supernatural, Bleach, Code Geass, Trigun, Full Metal Alchemist, Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Pokemon (Older/ Some Newer), Devil May Cry Anime, Baccano, Case Closed, and many more.

Favorite Bands: Avenged Sevenfold, SR-71, Sum41, Simple Plan, The Offspring, Kamelot, Metallica, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, Relient K, Rufio, Hinder, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Ozzy Osbourne. In other words, i REALLY like listening to music.

Favorite Comedians: Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham, Blue Collar Comedians, Pablo Francisco, Greg Giraldo (R.I.P.)

Favorite Resident Evil Characters:

Chris Redfield

Leon Scott Kennedy ( "Where's everone going, bingo?" XD)

Albert Wesker ( "oh little fishy, come see my hook." ) Seriously?

Claire Redfield

Carlos Oliveira

Jill Valentine ( Jill sandwich XD )

Favorite KH/FF characters:

Sora (KH)

Riku (KH)

Cloud Strife

Squall Leonhart (Leon)

Tifa Lockhart

Axel (KH)

Roxas (KH)

Demyx (KH)

Noctis (FF XV)

Genesis Rhapsodos (FF VII: Crisis Core)

Zack Fair (FF VII)

Snow Villiers (FF XIII)

Eureka 7

Renton Thurston


Holland Novak

Talho Yuki

GekkoState Crew

Sumner Sturgeon

Dominic Sorrel


Amusing Quotes:

1: "Well...Shit." When something bad and weird happenes to me in a game.

2: "A word to the wise ain't necessary - It's the stupid ones that need the advice." Bill Cosby

3: "I have six locks on my door all in a row. When i go out, i lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three." Elayne Boosler

4: "I've always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives." Billy Connolly

5: "Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time." Terry Pratchett

6: "The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity." Harlan Ellison

Story Consideration:

None at the moment.

In Progress:

Resident Evil: A Different Tale REDUX. Dante, the son of two Umbrella Researchers who were killed by their employer and himself a Test Subject, finds out that Umbrella and Wesker were the conspirators. See Dante's experiences through the main Games of the RE Series. CxJ RxB LxC Details the Events of the Resident Evil REmake, 2, 3 and Code Veronica. Chapter 20 Up, Chapter 21 in editing

Resident Evil: Beginning of the End (On Hold until revisions for above story are complete)

Sequel to A Different Tale. Six years after Dante left Umbrella, Everything seems back to normal, when in reality it's only beginning. Includes Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Degeneration, Resident Evil 5, and everything in between. Note: I am not adding the Lost in Nightmares Scenario from RE5 Gold edition as part of the RE5 arc. I will write about the Desperate Escape scenario though

Update 10/15/12: I will add Damnation, when i finally see it since what i know so far is good, and resident evil 6, perhaps in a third and final story in my continuity.

Eureka 7: The New War (New chapters on hold until revisions are complete.)

Takes Place 1 year after the Events of the show. When they awake, nothing will ever be the same again.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Unfinished business. (New chapters on hold until revisions are complete.)

Maleficent and Organization XIII are back. Sora and Company, along with a few new allies and enemies, and new worlds, can the Keyblade weilders win against such overwhelming odds. SoraxKairi RikuxOC. First 5 chapters updated. 6th Chapter update in the works.

Resident Evil: Major insanity Considered for Discontinuity/Potentially Discontinued.

The Resident Evil heroes are ordered one way or another to get to Japan and stop the strange occurences happening there. Can they discover and defeat the threat? This is a parody fic. I also accept ideas, T rated at the most please, and will incorporate them as possibly can. Also, no MalexMale or FemalexFemale suggestions except for the occasional joke or three.

Community Announcement: It is with much excitement that I announce that I have returned. I'm currently working on chapters for a few of the stories on here to make up for the astonishingly long wait, but some new/revised content should be arriving within the next few weeks. It's great to be back, and stay tuned.

Update: 3/29/15: Chapter 21 of RE:ADT is in editing. As for my Resident Evil Parody fic, I'm considering discontinuing it. If anyone has any input towards that story, PM or review said story if you wish to keep it going. Eureka 7 & Kingdom Hearts fics are currently being reviewed for improvement. Improvements for at least one will hopefully be completed and posted within the next couple weeks. PM if you have any questions.

Update: 5/22/15: Chapter 21 of RE:ADT Complete. Next couple chapters are in editing. Chapters for KH and E7 are in editing/revision.

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Resident Evil: A Different Tale REDUX reviews
Redone. Dante, the son of two Umbrella Researchers who were murdered by Wesker for trying to expose Umbrella's illicit experiments as well as being subjected to T-Virus experimentation, plots to kil the man, as well as destroy the company that ruined his chance for a normal life as the Arklay Research lab suffers a Bio-Hazard. Takes place from RE1 to RE CV:X CxJ RxB LxC CH.22 up
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