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Just so everybody knows, I am here for the reading, not so much for the writing. Will I ever write my own fanfic? Maybe, but not for a while :D

MUSIC! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Three Days Grace (They are one of my all time favs. Possibly THE fav. :D)

-"I Hate Everything About You" (I really do... JK, obviously. Argh. Why am I so bubbly today? Grr...)
-"Animal I Have Become" ("So what if you can see/the darkest part of me?...")
-"Never Too Late"
-"Over and Over"
-"Gone Forever"



Rise Against (Second fav. They have lots of albums. They rule.)

-"Prayer of the Refugee" (Oh yeah!)
-"Re-education (Through Labor)"
-"Everchanging" (Look up the acoustic version as well as the normarl one.)
-"The Good Left Undone"
-"From Heads Unworthy"
"Audience of One"
-"Hero of War" (This is the saddest song... :()
-"Hairline Fracture"
-"Entertainment" (So true...)

-"Behind Closed Doors"

-"Life Less Frightening"

Hollywood Undead

-"Undead" (Love, love, LOVE this song, but there are so many swears. :D Do not blast this out on speakers.)
-"Young" (Oh yeah. Lyrics, so true, sometimes.)
-"Black Dahlia"

Paramore (Haley Williams has an awesome voice! Beats Hannah Montana any day! XD XD XD)

-"Misery Business" (I think this is my favorite by them. They say the lyrics are the truest lyrics they've ever written.)
-"Breathe" (Beautiful.)



The Blackout (A relatively new discovery, so I don't know too many songs by them. I love their song names... One I don't really like by them is called"We're Going To Hell... So Bring The Sunblock")

-"Fashion Concious Suicide"
-"You and Your Friends vs. Me and the Revolution"
-"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"
""I'm A Riot? You're A Fucking Riot!"

I Am Ghost

-"The Dead Girl Epilogue" (Creepy...)
-"Pretty People Never Lie-- Vampires Never Really Die"

-"Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps"

-Or Masques and Martyrs"


-"Bring Me to Life"

-"My Immortal"

-"Going Under"

Atreyu (Don't like the guy who screams. The drummer who sings the verses has a way better voice.)

"The Right Side of Bed" (Awesome guitar solo later.)
-"Falling Down"
-"Lose It" (I really only like this on part. It's a screaming part. :D It starts when they go "ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh)
"No One Cares"

By Linkin Park

-"Figure .09"


"Giving Up"


-"Hands Held High"


-Etc. etc. Too lazy to write them.

Ooo! And how about A Static Lullaby's "The Art of Sharing Lovers"? AWESOMENESS!! As is "There's No Sympathy for the Dead" by Escape the Fate. :D

Other random songs:

"Second Chance" by Shinedown
"Praise" by Sevendust (Soooooooooooo headbangy. On the count of three: headbang in unison! :D)
"I Don't Care" by Apoctalyptica (Adam Gontier of TDG sings it! :D)
"The Diary of Jane" and "Rain" by Breaking Benjamin
"Wait" by Matt Kearny (The first 20 seconds aren't the best, though. It's not my usual stuff.)
"Pretty Buildings" by People in Planes
"In Silence" by Thursday (No lyrics, but I like it.)
"Homecoming" by Hey Monday
"Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback (I can't respect this song or band, really, but this song is catchy and dancable.)
"Map of the Problamatic" by Muse (Not my favorite band, but I can really respet them.)
"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
"Goodbye" by SR-71
"The Sharpest Lives" by My Chemical Romance

That took a while.

Survival by Set.Me.Free.123 reviews
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