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Author has written 2 stories for Kingdom Hearts.

(on hiatus)

The Cookie Fiasco: -Coming Soon-(preview below)

Catching the Rain: -Hiatus-(details below bio)
-Chapter One-
-Chapter Two-

Tears in my Heart: -Hiatus-(details below bio)
-Chapter One-

Somehow Different: -Hiatus-Repairing-


Hello there! :3 Here is a brief description of myself:
I am Aud, as in my name, not what I am described as.
I have 18 years on me, and I live in Florida, USA.
I am indeed very odd, and there is only one person who I am aware of that understands me.
And yet I am still a big question mark to them. ~?~


Things I like:

Reading Fanfics;
Anything that involves such. But mostly yaoi, because it's more interesting than hetero, but there is more of it than yuri. :3

Oh yeah, before I forget. Visit my Gaia profile! It has cool music! And I'll leave info about the stories in the journal section.
=3 Leave a comment if you have a Gaia account too. C=

Ok then, enough about me.
There are currently three fanfics started. They are a Zemyx, an Akuroku, and a Soriku fic. The Soriku fanfic already has two chapters (actual chapters, no prologues), but is in need of serious repair. >.> Kairi needs to be less kid-like and hyper and energetic.

But...I may end up turning each story into a oneshot or a twoshot, or a fiveshot...something along those tones.
Untill then though, I've put them on hiatus because I need to reevaluate on how I should write them. I don't care if its "just a fanfic", I will write it properly, with a plot!

Also, I am now working on an Akuroku oneshot as a belated X-Mas present to belovedkoneko. Here is a preview for it:

Roxas reached forward to take it, but Sora pulled back. Roxas looked up and frowned at the look in Sora's eyes. It hadn't been there before. "...What? You don't need it."

Sora grinned smugly and stood up.
"But you do, right? Do you plan on telling me why?"

Roxas had the sudden urge to jump to his feet and snatch the lighter away, but he held himself back. For some reason Roxas had big misgivings about something.
Looking away, Roxas paused to calm his mind and then decided to tell him.

What harm could it do?
"Well...Since you weren't going to use it...I thought I could give it to Axel for his birthday."

Sora nodded and smiled like he was paying attention, but Roxas knew that he had his mind set on something else entirely.
"Right. But you have to do something for me in return."

Roxas groaned inwardly. This was what he was having the misgivings about.

The brunette smiled innocently and his eyes got big...

Age? : I was born in the year XemnasDemyxDemyxXemnas minus Xemnas . I was born in the month of Luxord , on the day of XemnasDemyx . My age is Axel+Zexion+Vexen, or Axel+Demyx+Xemnas . Meh lukkeh number is Xaldin. If you get at least sum of this paste it onto your profile , or ONLY if you know you are older or younger than me!

Lol. I got this from TheCloakedNocturneXV's profile. Yes, I understand it! And I am older than they are!
This one is CloakedNocturneXV's.

Age? : I was born in the year XemnasDemyxDemyxLexaeus . I was born in the month of Luxord , on the day of XemnasAxel . My age is Zexion+Lexeaus+Xemnas , or Demyx+Xigbar+Xemnas . Meh lukkeh number is Zexion+Saix . If you get at least sum of this paste it onto your profile , or ONLY if you know you are older or younger than me !

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