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Author has written 2 stories for Dragon Ball Z.

I was first introduced to in 2007 by my then girlfriend. I was hooked immediately, but strictly as a reader. I've always loved to write, but I'd never published anything or let anyone read my stuff. I have severe social anxiety and this kept me from keeping anything I wrote for fear of it being read. A really odd fear, I know.

Anyway one day in 2008 I decided to try my hand at writing, so I created my account and started using this penname. It probably doesn't make much sense, but it was born from an essay (rant) about individualism that I wrote after high school.

I've been out of school for eight years. Holy shit.

Anyway the first story I tried was one I'd handwritten when I was 12 or 13; I decided to rewrite it and try to improve my writing. I lost interested in the story and stopped writing.

Then in 2010 I was working on another story, a Bardock fic where he survives Frieza's attack on Vegeta and is healed and sponsered by an eccentric billionaire type in a tournament that is held only once a millennium. While I was working on this story, piecing together many notes I'd taken, I found myself stuck on how to write Seripa into the story. How to ensure her survival, namely.
So taking some advice from a Creative Writing book I'd recently read, I wrote out a one-shot to explain how Seripa survived the ordeal on Planet Meat. I liked the one-shot so much that I decided I wanted to publish it here.

My only problem was that I didn't know if it was good enough to be. I mean, I liked it. But would anyone else? (These are the kinds of things I'm sure most, if not all, writers experiences. But my anxiety turns those feelings into unbreachable walls for me. So I decided to seek out a Beta; I decided to approach ShadowMajin for this due to the fact that I'd read several of his stories had enjoyed them immensely. Plus he was a Beta, so yeah. He helped me polish up the one-shot and it was eventually published.

I had no plans to continue that one shot. Once it was published that it was it; I was going to go back to working on my other fic. Well, sometimes plans change. I was having a difficult time creating a plausible reason for Bardock's survival, something I was never really able to succeed at without resorting to magic. Ultimately this led to me completely abandoning my original idea in favor of the one shot. That one shot, if you haven't guessed it considering I have only two stories to my credit, became Witness.

Witness is a constant work in progress because I have only a few overall details mapped out completely. In the beginning I'd planned to end the story on Jynn-jin 13 with Frieza killing off all the characters so that the story would not disrupt the canonverse. I'd never planned to really create an A/U, but that is what eventually happened. I started Witness as a strictly WHAT IF story. Sometimes I wish I'd kept with that original plan, mainly due to how over the top the story has become. Don't get me wrong, I love what I've written thus far. I still enjoy writing it, and I will not abandon it.

I'm writing all of this to because I've felt for a long time that the readers, and especially those of you that consistently review, deserved to know why I tend to vanish from time to time. I do not do it intentially, and it has not always been due to my anxiety. I do, however, tend to let my anxiety control me and it turns a simple chapter into a hellish experience for me. lol Mainly because of the directions I want to try out, especially with my OCs. I love the canon characters, but with saiyans I feel that variety should be freely toyed with. The canon is there and will never change, and you can get mighty creative with the main characters. I've seen excellent examples of the creativity poured into canon characters in a variety of fics. Two notable authors that immediately come to mind are Shadowmajin and DrTrunksBriefs. If you've never read their works, you really should.

I have a strong interest in well done OCs in a fic, because of the work and imagination involved in creating a character from the ground up. One of my favorite examples of a GREAT OCis Eye of the Turtle. I highly recommend it.

Anyway aside from my anxiety I hail from a little place I like to call BFE. Where I'm from internet service is next to nonexistent. You'd have to drive 15 or 20 miles to McDonald's or something for the free Wifi. Fortunately I no longer live there and now have internet in abundance, and no excuses other than my anxiety for why my updates are late.

I encourage readers to post reviews, and I try to follow my own advice when I read a story. The way I see it, the least the readers can do is post a brief review. It doesn't have to be a thousand word essay, but a couple of sentences highlighting your favorite or least favorite parts wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Speaking from experience writers sometimes spend hours a day working on chapters.

Finally there are going to be some things that you as a reader will not like in some fics. That's cool, and I personally am cool with that. Not that you don't like those things, but rather that you have that opinion. I don't mind hearing as much either, if you use constructive criticism rather than jumping in and saying "that idea is stupid n00b" or something equally ridiculous. Being an angry and abusive little brat helps no one is all I'm saying.

Anyway...the basics:

Name: Jeff
Age: Legal

Likes: Anime, music, video games, , concerts, writing, reading, my bass guitar, etc etc etc.
Dislikes: Idiots, politicians, and most religitards. Some are cool.

Music: Rock of all types (favorite band is Disturbed.)

Tattoos: Yes. Six. Two Disturbed tattoos, a kanji that means 'Year of the Dragon,' an original symbol I created that is a combination of my first and last initial, a ram skull over a pentacle, and a lone pentacle on my right calf.
Piercings: Two spiked hoops.
And my hair is annoyingly long.

I'm including a link here to some of the greatest fanfics I've ever read. Super Dragonball Z.

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A Tale of Supremacy by Archaon reviews
-Divergence- To defeat Cell, Gohan took a great risk. Now he must balance his twin nature while surviving trips to the otherworld, the collapsing Ice-jin empire, lots of Saiyan survivors and, of course, his own mother.
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Talent and Potential by ResistanceKnight reviews
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Witness reviews
How far must one go to attain their goals? What trials and tribulations must they face along the way? What awaits them in the end...? Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta and reduced a proud race to a handful of survivors. Now witness their journey as they seek their vengeance against the Cold Regime. (AU) Please R/R! Disclaimer: I do NOT own DBZ (Celipa/Seripa/Fasha)
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 49 - Words: 347,006 - Reviews: 303 - Favs: 164 - Follows: 146 - Updated: 5/18 - Published: 7/14/2010 - Bardock, Fasha
A Slight Variation reviews
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