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Hi there.

Somehow you've stumbled onto my profile, so I guess I'd better tell you about myself hmm?

Well, I'm a 23 year old British female...and that's about it. I love writing, got a degree in it and spend some time writing out fanfictions when the fancy takes me.

I doubt I'll stick to one fandom of writing since my tastes are pretty varied. I tend to write for whatever fandom has captured my fancy, though I often 'revisit' fandoms so it's always likely I'll write for something that I haven't written for in a while.

I actually got a Tumblr account recently, which I'm moderatly active on. If you want to ask me about anything relating to my stories (or hey, even if you just want to make a friend) then feel free to ask or follow me at: mars-flame-sniper

Maybe I'll add more to this as inspiration strikes me, but that's all for now

That reminds me, FF dot net seems to have killed most of my dashed line page breaks from my earlier stories. I didn't use them much, but they're gone all the same, so if you hit an A.N. without warning, it's just my end of story notes, not an insert.

(I find typing out disclaimers in stories quite tedious, so here's an all purpose version:
None of the characters or places in the fanfics I publish to this site are my own, they are the properties of thier respective owners)

How I'm using my writing time ATM:
Active=published on FF, In Progress=still writing and not published, Ideas=what it says, I may or may not follow up on them
(Since most of my 'In progress' things are only ever one shots, it's unlikely they show up here. Don't be suprised if I just spit out a story one day)


Firewalk with Me, Chapter 2- A second chapter for the story, focusing on how Minako takes the news.

In The Dark - A Teen Titans story. The prologue is up, and I'm waiting a while before Chapter 1 is too. Chapter 2 is being edited.

In progress-

I have a plan for at least one more PGSM story set after 'Firewalk', that one actually WILL be titled 'Flow'XD
2. There's an idea for a Pokemon game-verse thing trawling around in my brain lately...
3. I want to write more for Dangan Ronpa.

I owe so much to my lovely girlfriend Zu She's always interested to see what I'm writing, and encourages me to do my best.

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