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Welcome to my Kingdom!~

If you haven't noticed my icon shows what I am obsessed with.

~Yes, I have heard the 2010 animes aren't that great, but I actually found one that caught my eye and it is Durarara!!! The main reason I gave it a chance is because of Baccano, and I'm glad I did. This anime has a variety so characters and surprisingly I fell in love with all of them for a different reason. I can't find myself hating any of them, for the time being. This anime is still on going so I don't have all the info on everyone. If you can't already tell Shizuo is my favorite of the whole cast. How can you not love this power crazy, bartender want to be, smoker. Izaya made his character even better. I love them both, but if I had to choose, its Shizuo. Mikado is epic with the Dollars thing, Kida is so-so, but I love his voice actor (Same as Light from Death Note and Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club), Anri, is okay, The Yagiri siblings are one of my favorites, yes I know they are crazy but they are pretty cool. Shinra is my third favorite next to Izaya, I love the Dotachine Group, they make the anime enjoyable and funny. Celty is cool with the no head thing going on, Simon is cool with his sushi and strengh, Mika is so so because of her LOVE for that crazy boy even after he almost killed her.(Did I forget any one?) Oh yes, Kasuka is cute, Saki, I have no idea who she is, Slasher chick is creepy, Teacher dude should find women his own age, the cop should get a reality check, Shingen is creepier than his son, and Tom is just cool for being brave enough to work with Shizuo. So all in all Durarara is epic and you should check it out. And I leave you with Izaya and his cell phone stomping...AHAHAHAH!~~

~Hello again! I have liked this anime for a while now. I just never had the chance to truely embrace it, ( I have a life you know) Kuroshitsuji, or some of you know it as black Butler, is a great anime. Most of the characters are really cool in their own why and the art work is excellent. (Sebastian is the hottest =D) I like both Ciel and Sebastian equally as characters because their both cute and their character development in the series is great. Their personality and how they interact with each other and themselves make them my one. Next I like Undertaker, Mr. Laughalot. He is always smiling and he works with dead bodies (Which is kind of creepy) but he is cool. Also, I love his scythe, who doesn't? Everyone else are cool in their own way, some of the bad guys as well. I would talk about them, but I think I bothered you enough. Before I leave all I have to say is Pluto is so cute when he actting like a dog =3...5/8/10

~New obsession is no other than, Kyou Kara Maou!! I discovered this anime along time ago, but I never gave it a chance. Now that I did, I wish I started sooner. I have to say I think both Yuri and Wolfram are sooo cute >_>;; When Yuri slapped Wolfram and he didn't know what he got himself into was such a funny part. I prefer Wolfram because (Sucker for pretty boys XD) and when Yuri turns DemonKing on us (FANGIRL MODE) ahem sorry about that. It is an amusing anime with the (Hot) boys and their different personality. I love all of them (Mostly Wolfram) and I think who haven't watched this anime yet, should. I am still curious about their way of going in between worlds, I never knew the toilet can be used for more than one thing... 3/12/09

~I am currently obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, after listening too the theme song. If you never played I recommend you do, you will not regret it. I am playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days right now, after I left it for so long. I miss all the characters so much and I feel alittle sad it ended. I hope they continue to make more of this wonderful game. I have to say Riku is my favorite character and not because he is hot ( Okay, maybe alittle). I was so excited when I got to play as him in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. His darkest form was unbelievably strong and killed the heartless in a matter of seconds and he looked pretty cute. I don't blame him for getting sucked into the darkness because if he didn't the game would not be as exciting. He also looks cool in the Organization XIII uniform. Speaking about them, I actually like some of the members after playing 358/2 days. Roxas as to be one since he is Sora's Nobody. Axel is a cool character too with his flames and all, got it memorized? I have to say I wish Destiny Island, Twilight Town, and Castle Oblivion exist. I also want to try the sea-salt ice cream they are always talking about in the game. Salty, but sweet. How it brings back so much memories. 3/9/10

So I guess I should say alittle about myself...

Name: All you need you need to know is I am known as PrincessCross here.

Age,Gender: Uhhh I'm obviously a girl and its rude to ask a girl's age. ;P

Appearance: I'm a girl and points to icon thats all you need to see.

Hobbies: I watch animes, read mangas, play ALOT of games (all types: hand-held,game systems,online,Etc.), draw, write, annoy people, watch tv, sleep, and much more I can't think of right now.

Favorite Animes/Mangas: Okay, I have so many if I name you them right now it will take up so much space and when you try to load it, it might freeze your computer. But my Number One favorite and always will be Death Note =D

Favorite Games: I have played so much games, I dont't think I can remember all of them, but I will try to list some of them. Kingdom Hearts (All of them), Xenosaga, Final Fantasy (all of them), Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Survivor, The World Ends With You, All of the (of Manas) example Legend of Mana, Swords of Mana, Childern of Mana, All of the Tales (example: Tales of Destiny), Fire Emblem, Breath of Fire, Super Smash Brothers (all), Pokemon (who doesn't like them?), Zelda, Devil May Cry (All), Silent Hill, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Left for Dead, Anime games, Ace Attorney (All), Luminous Arc 1 and 2, Harvest Moon ( most of them), Maple Story, Rumble Fighters, Ragnarok, Flyff, and much much more I can not remember.

Since I have soooo much time on my hands (sarcasm) I will make my top 30 Ace Attorney characters

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes so dont't rant on how "Why is he 10 when he should be 27? Or I think your number one sucks!" Well this is MY list and if you don't agree with me (MAKE YOUR OWN)!~ >=P

As you all know (maybe) there are ALOT of characters, so there might be some cool characters I cant't include here, so I apologize to them. I will only list people from Ace Attorney, Justice For All, Trials and Tribulations, and Apollo Justice, and Ace Attorney Investigations. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

30. I have a feeling some of you will yell at me for this choices: Wendy Oldbag

Okay, Okay, I know she is an oldhag, and kills everyone she admirers (Thank Heaven not Edgeworth) but I will have to say her love for Miles is one of the few moments I enjoy while playing the game. Her persistance can get annoying when you are trying to solve a case, but amusing at the same time. I found it funny on how all the male stars she is a fangirl of was murdered. (Poor Hammer and Corrida). I also enjoy cross examining her, since she likes to blab on about crap when we offend her. The number one reason I like her is because of Edgy-Poo. When she was flirting with him, and his reaction to it was so funny. What made me officially like her is when we got to enter Miles' office and if you examine the statue in the back, you will see it was from someone named, Wendy. (I wonder who) Her alien suit and gun made her epic. When she appeared again in AAI I was unsurprised, but the way she made her appearance was epic. She came back so many times to haunt Edgy-Poo I could help but like it when she comes, because of Miles' reactions.

29. The one and only Maximillion Galactica (Billy Bob Johns)

When I first played his case, I sadly thought he was a girl. You can't blame me, look at his avatar! Okay, back to business, I like him because of the HAT, CAPE, AND TWO WHITE ROSES, we got to chant during court. His animations are pretty funny, especially when his makeup is running. When we found out his real name I did not see that coming, and let me tell you I had the same reaction as Maya. His FABULOUS reminds me of Prince from The World Ends With You ( F that F for Fabulous). His reaction to Trilo and love for Regina is amusing. I also loved it when he called Phoenix and everyone he likes sweetie. That was pretty funny as well.

28. Uhhh excuse me...LISTEN TO ME!: Ron DeLite

Man you got to love this guy. I thought he was soo cute, when he made his first appearance. ( I'm a sucker for pretty boys XD) His animations are soo adorable and I love how people ignore him, unitl he starts yelling. I was dumbfounded when I found out Desirée was is wife and cute how dedicated he was to her. What makes him even cooler is his alterego: the all time famous phantom thief ( Dark Mousy, Dn Angel ;D ) : MaskDeMasque. When Desirée was telling us the story on how she first met him, I personally thought it was cute and funny at the same time. He saved her with his Chords of Steel. (Sorry, Apollo) I could imagine the look on their faces when they heard his yell.

27. I want one thing and thats perfection: Manfred von Karma

Now what to say about this epic prosecutor. Let's start with his funny animation in court when he winks, puckers up his lips (for a kiss) , and moves his index finger back and forth. You can not tell me you didn't find that funny, because when I first saw it I couldn't help but laugh. Also, when I saw Miles do the same when we play as Mia, I knew exactly where he got it from. He need more perfect he will do anything his epic! He killed Miles' father for such a minor reason. He shocked Maya and Phoenix to get evidence. ( But failed) He kept a bullet in his shoulders for god knows how long. Must I continue on how epic he is. Some of the things he said to Phoenix are hilarious. "My seven year-old granddaughter named her dog Phoenix. Does that mean your her fiancé?" "My Pin numbers are 0001. Does that mean I am number one?" He is also the father of Franziska von Karma ( Whipping Queen), which makes he even more epic.

26. I have to shamely admit: Matt Engarde

Please don't hate me for placing him above some better characters below but (I'm a sucker for pretty boys and villains. He's all in one, well before he pushes up his hair and gets wine out of no where) The main reason I like him is because he is the Nickel Samurai and his façade personality. When I started the case and I didnt know he was an evil bastard yet, he looked cute. His watch phone is hot and I love how he calls people so they can answer for him. At one point in the game he calls his Fan Club, which was funny. Now here is what you are all been waitting for ( I hope) THE NUMBER ONE REASON TO ACTUALLY GIVE THIS GUY A CHANCE: Shoe. Yes, I said shoe, his cat. When he told us to feed his cat for him, all I thought was "Aww, he has a cat, named, Shoe =3"

25. You did it! You'll the ones who stole my camera!: Lotta Hart

Miss Hart, herself ladies and gentlemen. When I first saw her I thought she was annoying, especially when I had to cross- examine her. As she started appearing in random cases, I guess you could say she grew on me. Just like Larry she jumps from job to job. Her pictures make terrible evidence, but they did help in our case. Lotta's afro makes her stand out which is a good thing among the ace attorney cast. The way she spazzes on us every few seconds can be amusing when the timing is right. Her attitude with the equal exchange information gets annoying. since we are doing the dirty work for her. When you ignore her flaws she makes a great comic relief.

24. This might surprise some: Cody Hackins

First of all let me say this "Awww, he is so cute =3" When he appeared in the third case, I immediately thought he was cute. He is a short-tempered brat who has such a cute smile. When he had to be the witness in court I exploded in laughter when he reached only half of the stand. I think its cute he is obsessed with a tv series ( I can relate). Also when you beat the game, at the end when it was his turn to talk he said something along the lines of seeing something disturbing ( Seeing Powers in the Pink Princess costume) I pity the poor boy. I wish they gave him more appearances, like in that case with Matt they could of done something like let him sneak in and Oldbag and him could start their chase again. I can imagine her shootting her laser gun at him. XD

23. cue organs : Damon Gant

Want to go swimming anyone? I'm sure Gant does. His theme song is mostly way I like this guy. How can you not like his organs. It was so funny when Gumshoe said he was punished once, by listening to Gant's playing. His pet names for people is amusing and his personality is cool ( not the selfish part, though) Now you can't tell me his laugh isn't epic. When we finally cracked the case, i thought seeing that laugh animation was a great reward. There is one thing that he did, which caused him to be 23 and not alittle higher and that is: he killed Neil Marshall D: I thought Neil looked cute in his avatar and his is Jakes' brother. I wanted to get to know his character alittle better but nooo Gant had to kill him. All in all if Gant didnt kill Neil I would of place him a little higher. Now, I don't know about you, but don't you want to attend a Damon Gant concert?

22. Gun shots Put your hands up! The sheriff is in the house!: Jake Marshall

Jake Marshall, older brother of the (cute, but dead =( ) Neil. The second Godot of the sister triangle. What got me to love this guy is again I repeat his theme song. When I heard it, I thought I was back in Texas. His animations are funny like the drinking the shots one, or the shaving his beard one. I love his three cacti, Billy, Bogey, and Marylin, especially when I saw the blood on it. His character over all is decent and I agree with him being alittle good looking. (Neil is cuter >_>) he must of really cared for his brother if he was willing to do all of that to reopen the case.It was kind of sad when we finished the case and we see him in the detention center. Over all though I love his cowboy getup and technology newbie knowledge.

21. Please don't kill me: Dahlia Hawthorne/Iris

Please don't yell the only reason I like Dahlia is because of her smart evilest, other than that screw her. She poisoned Diego, which almost killed him (I wonder why I like her, I don't know myself) Maybe it's because of her innocent façade that draws me in like she did everyone else. (Phoenix) I guess I could say she is one of the best villains in the whole game, since she corrupted pretty much everyone she met and even when she was dead, Dahlia came back for revenge. I'm sure no other criminal can do that. Her sister,Iris made her character cooler because of the (I have an evil twin thing going on) I thought Iris was one of the kindest character we met in the game and she saved Phoenix's ass. It was cute how she fell in love with him, but I guess its to late for that, after what happened. Even if it did work out I would have to sadly say I wouldn't support it (Big Fan of MayaxPhoenix here!) Over all the two twins are tied in my list because of their opposite personalities and role they played in Trials and Tribulations. I also have to say they are one of the prettiest females in the game (Look at Oldbag, people!!)

20. I'm on an instant diet, pal: Dick Gumshoe

Who doesn't love this huggable detective. Through out the whole series I thought Gumshoe made me laugh the most next to Phoenix's stupid reactions. He is in almost every single case you play and usually the first witness. I love how dedicated he is to Miles and how he does almost everything for him. I laughed when Franziska placed the tracker on his jacket and it would beep when she's near. He is practically on both sides since he is always slipping up information for us. His crush on Maggey (the creator of the word unlucky) is so cute and the way he tries to get closer to her is hilarious. I feel bad for him and his paycheck, I wonder how long he can last with the instant foods he loves so much. His way of reasoning is amusing and when he starts spazzing I can't help but laugh.

19. You foolish fool and your foolish way of thinking, how dare you foolishly place me in this foolishly foolish number?: Franziska von Karma

(Bow down to her awesomeness ) I have to say she is the only head-strong female (that didn't end up dead) in the series. She became a prosecutor when she was thirteen, how can that not be awesome. She whips people (while in or out of court) and their reactions are so funny. The way she prosecutes is so much better than her (papa) and she actually gets better and learns the true meaning of being a prosecutor. When she got told off by Pearls I was shocked when she was speechless. Phoenix thoughts was funny ( Can't remember the exact phrase he said) The whip alone doesn't make her awesome. Can you guess what it is fool? Of course, you can. She is famous for her overuse in the word fool, which I found amusing. Her whole fool insults are like tongue twisters. "Only a foolish fool from a land of fools could think something so foolishly foolish."

18. cue piano :Shelly de Killer ( Joe Doe)

How can you not love this guy?! He is an ASSASSIN! When I heard his theme song I fell in love. His stitches are hot and it screams ASSASSIN! this might sound sad, but I want his card. ( Not being the one killed, please) Maya was so lucky she got to spend time with him, even though she was kidnapped. >_>;; To me he looks pretty old and is still a kicking ASSASSIN, which is cool. It wasn't his fault Matt betrayed him and I liked how he told us who is next victim was that the end of the case. ( Buh-Bye Matty!~) His loyality to his client is a noble and he doesn't hesitate in taking action. Now I will repeat on why I love this dude so much, he is an ASSASSIN!~

17. When something smells, its usually the Butz: Larry Butz

Butz! Everyones favorite player. Now where to start, Larry is jusy funny, period. His unending list of jobs and girlfriends are what makes him a unique character. When Miles said his existance is a contradiction is thought that was a little harsh. I know Miles has a soft side for him, he did give him back his 35 dollars. His jumping from job to job which gives us the chance to see him in different outfits is amusing, especially when he changed his name to Laurice Deauxnim. He has so many different girlfriends, its sad how he didnt find the one yet, but keep trying Larry! I thought it was funny how he worked with Oldbag in that one case. He always finds a way to pop up somewhere, and nearly saved Miles' butt.

16. Fa-n-Fic-Tion?: Pearl Fey

She is so adorable! She made Maya's character even better. If I ever met her we can make so much plans so push Phoenix and Maya together. Her theme is so cute (Yes, I like cute things >=P) Her animations are, yes you know it, CUTE! I love how abusive she is to Phoenix, always punching him. When she told of Franziska I thought it was the ends of the word! She is pretty smart for her age, when though she doesn't know what modern technology is. Its not her fault she has a witch of a mom and twins with one of them being an evil harpy.

to be continued...

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