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Author has written 8 stories for Death Note, Terry Brooks, Star Wars, Twilight, Lord of War, Doctor Who, and Magic: The Gathering.

Mass Disclaimer Honestly, if I owned any of the stories I write about, do you think I'd write about them here instead of making money off it? Think people. I do, however, own my plots. Which is why I don't post the whole plot here. Because they're mine. You can't have them. No. >>

Bored of shippings and crack pairings following each other at every turn, one user has set out to find the odd, the quirky, and the (hopefully) unexplored aspects of the realm of story. Her mission: to write the unorthodox side of the "OC," to explore the darker side of the good guys as the brighter of those given an evil cast, and to ultimately just get a bit of a laugh out of whoever reads her writing.

This is her profile.

Here you won't find any silly pictures of cats drawn in type asking to take over the world or banners of text asking you to post them if you believe they're true. No, here you will simply discover a small update or two as to why on this green planet she takes so long to write much of anything.

And a bit of a profile of her muse, simply because he's got a big ego and wants to be written about.

Tall, thin almost to the point that most would describe him as a lanky individual, Muse is reluctant to give a name besides, well, Muse. He has a tendency to be picky about what he inspires at the time (if anything). He also has a habit of running off when he's most needed. Not that that bothers him any. After all, what should he care about deadlines and people and such anyway? Normally Azura has to grab him by the ear and haul him back from whatever la-la land he's wandered off to, which usually makes him rather put out for about a week and throws off whatever does actually get written during that time.
Now, his appearance. Tall, with black tipped orange spikes of hair that almost hide his rounded cat ears and dragon wings to match, Muse is never seen in anything but a black high-collared tank top, blue jeans, and navy converses. He normally has a sky blue trench coat over this almost normal attire. He wears three necklaces as well: a gold rounded rectangle pendant that falls a bit below the middle of his chest, a sun carved from rubies that rests on his breastbone, and a black leather choker.


Wow, I haven't been on here in forever. oo; Honestly, my stupid muse ran away for a good long while and by the time I got him back I'd forgotten that I had projects on here to fuss with. But I'm back... sort of... after that long respite. I'll be working on the Shannara and Star Wars stories right now, so look for updates on those soon.


Yeah, I'm a liar. Sue me. >D> Well, not really a liar. I have worked on a few things, just not consecutively or at the best times in the world is all. Like right now, 10 minutes before dinner's ready, I started on a Lord of War fanfic as well as worked on the Star Wars one a bit. I had to remember where I was going with the chapter I'm working on before I could actually go anywhere. Note to all: never stop writing with speech if you don't put who said it. Geez, took me a while to figure out it was LUKE who was talking there. Thought it was Han for a bit. Aaaaaanyways... I might have it up soon. o3o That and the little Lord of War one. Gawd, I love Yuri's brother. D: He was so awesome... And cute. They always off the cute ones. -sighs-


Soooo... Laptops are a blessing. I can write whenever I have it, not just when the home computer is working right (which it's not ever). I copied the files I needed over to my lappy and hope to be able to update whatever my muse is forced to latch onto. I was only working on the Shannara and Star Wars ones, right? I think that's it. I hope it is...
I've also been kicking around the idea of writing a Resident Evil one, but I have no clue what it would be about. x_x The lack of decent RE fanfics on here makes it hard for me to pick a topic I could stick with when I'm bombarded with Christmas spoofs and odd pairings. -dies a little-


Kay, this is barely on the 5th since it's almost 11 at night. xDx;; I FINALLY got around to updating things that needed updated! -cheers and throws confetti- Yes, yes, I know you must have been waiting so long you forgot all about little ol' me over here, but fear not! My muse is beginning to get back into shape at last. Though it might take me a bit- he's kinda ADD when it comes to stories- I WILL try to update a lot sooner than a year from now. I also posted the beginnings of a Doctor Who story, and a Magic: The Gathering one is glaring at me from the bottom of my task bar. So go, people who bother to read what I have typed on these (digital) pages! Go and read!


Lol. I'm a bad person. >3> Not entirely my fault, though. COLLEGE WILL KICK YOUR ASS, ANYONE NOT IN COLLEGE WHO HAPPENS TO LOOK AT THIS. I don't even have time to participate in the average run-of-the-mill roleplays that used to fill so much of my time. I'm not abandoning my stories, though. I don't think I ever could. I just don't have any time to sit down and write for hours on end like I could when I was home. I don't even know what possessed me to come in here and write this in the first place. I don't know how I got away from lab reports and essays and speeches long enough to type out these few words for myself!

And before someone out there is an asshole and says "You could have just taken the summer, retard! >:P" let me be the first to inform you that THAT WAS NOT A FREAKING OPTION. My major here in the wonderful place I call "school" involves a summer clinical, where you learn to run the wildlife rehabilitation center that is connected to the school and, yanno, the place that eats your life because that's what you're majoring in. So I had to be there almost every single day of the entire summer for the amount of time most people get paid to work. Geezus... You'd think I would be able to find some time for myself during the year after that onslaught of work, but, no, things just keep rolling along as if nothing ever happened, and I still wonder how I'm supposed to handle everything.

Maybe I can get something up during Christmas. Maybe. =D=


O HAI GAIZ. I decided to stop dicking around and actually do something with my time! Yay, me! I figured, hell, if I can't really do much for NaNoWriMo this year, why not make it NaFaFiWriMo for myself instead? (In case you missed that, I changed "novel" to "fan fiction" because I'm that damn clever). So, just for you spectacular people out there (yes, I'm looking at you, one fan who still cares in the slightest), I'm actually writing things! Like, right now! When I should be doing homework! I put up the first two chapters of a Magic: the Gathering thing I was working on, in which Jace gets a chance to be nice and Bolas does nothing but be a dick for the random times he shows up, and I'm finally gonna finish "A Ghost Of Him" since I realized how horribly inadequate that stopping point was. I already added and extra half a page and am trying to come up with a heart-wrenching ending to make all of you cry. 8D I'm going to fail miserably at that last bit, but if anyone would like to let me know that, yes, you did in fact cry (you don't have to tell me that it was because I failed so much and you felt so sorry for me) then by all means do. I've also got another chapter of "Mastery at a Price" sitting in my task bar in the middle of all the M:tG and DN stuff going on down there, so hopefully I can get another piece of that up soon as well. I'm hoping to recruit a friend of mine to pester the hell out of me so I actually continue updating things at a reasonable pace. 8DDD Oh, and "Dunes of Time" has two chapters now, since I managed to find a mostly written chapter 2 hidden away in my computer. Yay for me!

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