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ok, i'm not good at these.

I like to write, but fanfiction is not my area of expertise. I am doing this solely at the urging of my sisters, whose atler egos are Rae Lynn 333 and SilverChelle and who write mainly about ToS... let me revise that... mainly about "Sheelos." Their reasoning for the necessity of my creating an account and writing fanfiction stories is that no one else seems to think Kratos and Sheena are made for each other - we literally found only one story suggesting that - so someone has to write it. That someone: me.

Other than that, I obviously like Tales of Symphonia and less obviously some other videogames; I enjoy reading, mostly fantasy and, to the horror of Rae, classics; I'm a math freak; my favorite class at school is Spanish; I'm one of very few who actually likes the English teacher; my best friend is the coolest person on the planet (but I'm not saying which planet); I collect bread ties; I have five rats, which is a surprisingly low number for me; aside from the sisters and rats I live in a crazy household with my mom, my brother - who I sometimes think is half-Martian, two dogs, three cats, Hefty, and like twenty fish (Hefty is one of them but he's cool so he gets his own spot on the list. For a while there was a resident toad living in an old shoe, but we haven't seen him in a while); I have cool cousins who I hang out with whenever we're in the same general vicinity; I like my sneakers; my favorite sandwhich is peanut butter and cheese; I have a long list of favorite slash really awesome animals so I'll only say the coolest: rats, wolves, giraffes, octopi, bats, pigs - not the ripoff potbellied ones, but the real ones - um, where was I? Oh, platypuses, and yes that's the proper pluralization, um, monkeys, especially my evil one, German shepherds, and Hefty; I despise the cold; what else?

Call me Ratty. That'd be my account name, but someone already took it.

Go Evils!! Down with the bads!! Cuz we're so much cooler! Geez, where's the evil monkey when you need her?

Dancing pickles rock! And chocolate covered pickles are too good.

Darren Shan's vampires are real. I don't know about Stephanie Meyer's, though. Edward Cullen sucks... Jacob's pretty cool though. Not that werewolves are better than vampires, I just like Jacob and not Edward.

It'd be cool to meet a pirate.


My aspirations: I will own a giraffe. I will be rich. I will publish a novel. I will go ninja on Mrs. Scherer.

My unaspirations: I will never crash a plane. I will never be Mrs. Lamper, so there, Katie and Rae!! And I will never write another bio when I am very tired and acting weirdo. No promises on that last one.

The Yin to my Yin reviews
This is my first attempt at a fanfiction story. It begins with Kratos's memories of Anna and Lloyd, but later you'll find it's about Kratos and Sheena, both broken characters who need someone to understand them. Their similarities will bring them togeter.
Tales of Symphonia - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,642 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 12/6/2008 - Published: 11/9/2008 - Kratos A., Sheena F.