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Hi Everyone

Here's a bit a about me:

Age: 15

Hair: brown

Eyes colour: light brown

Star sign: Gemini ( and loving it)

Fave things i like doing!:

Horse riding, reading, shopping ( Only when going shopping with friends!), watching horror movies,sleepovers, hockey (I'm the goalie :)etc...

Fave books: house of night ( all of them so far! Can't wait for the next on.I have now read the next one, Tempted, and it rocks hehe)The princess diaries( all of them again!) The Nancy drew books (again all of them) Harry potter (most of them) Fallen star,gifted and The Wizard's Apprentice ( all of them hehe) that most of them!!

Fave films: Mirrors (scared the hell out of me! But at the end it was a brilliant movie), The hills 1&2 (wasn't that scary but it is so much fun watching with friends, when the almost wetting themselves not saying who though! hehe!!)St Trinian's (so good),Miss congeniality 1&2 (hilariously funny)and Enchanted( so sweet, the songs in it are soooo adorably cute) and Peter pan (Don't get me started because I am such a baby when watching it I cry all the time whilst watching it boo hoo) oh and Young Victoria (Why does her husbands have to die at age 42?!)

Fave animals: Horses (of course!!) Dogs (so sweet and adorable) Cats (purrrrfect!) and for some reason fish (don't ask me why!)


I hate Monday mornings (in fact i hate ever morning)Latin prep (homework) Mackerel ( its a fish which u eat and God is it disgusting) sad endings (it so upsetting i will start to crying at a sad ending) Getting taking through a holly bush and then being bucked off the damn horse into a bloody tree!! (God it hurt like hell the next morning) Not being able to find the right clothes i want to wear for what ever the occasion (its so annoying) and also being ill/sick (it really is horrible). There are too many things to put down so i might later on put some more down!!

Later: Also I hate having to wait for the book I would love to read! (It really is upsetting) and of course it being the last day of the holiday (I wish it was longer!)

Its time reviews
If you love dancing then read this story. It is about a girl who just loves to dance but get into a few troubles some sad, some bad. I won't write any more chapters if I get no Reviews!
A Grief Observed - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,608 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 11/28/2009 - Published: 10/17/2009