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Yes I'm a Marauder at heart, the rule breaker/pranker. Between you and me, I have several people that tend to avoid me on Apirl fools day. Although I can't really blame them now can I? Despite all the pranks though, I do known when to calm down. But back to the Marauders, although we don't hear a lot about them or their pranks, I still like them, well most of them. Although I do believe at least at one time, Peter was a good guy, it was mostly fear that got to him but still no excuse, he's trash for abandoning his friends. Also I do like the Weasley Twins.

They are pretty much the best characters in the book, it truly sucked when Fred died. I honestly would have been okay with Mr. Weasley died, if Fred and Tonks would have lived. To me it would have been a better ending if Tonks and Fleur paired off with the Twins, Hermione got with Harry and the three reformed the Marauders with Neville and his girl being Luna. As for Ron, he seems like a Peter to me. Ginny was just a fan girl and then suddenly became the love of Harry's life. If there were more to it then that I'd support her, honestly I think he ended up with her because Potters got a thing for redheads.

The Marauders: Here's my thing, I don't think of Peter as a Marauder, so I'm not going to talk about him. I don't like how things ended up for the pranksters because honestly a lot of things could have been done differently. But I'm not going to point the wrongs they did, mostly because if I did, it would take a lot of time. However, i will say how I see them, despite how things ended up. But for some reason they all balance each other out. James, Sirius and Remus - the Leader, the Black Sheep and the Professor. In a way, I suppose its kinda like the Golden Trio - the Savior, the King and the Brightest of Her age.

But enough about that.

I suppose I should talk more about myself or at least my stories.There are three things that might have in common with each of the stories, I said might because its never set in stone. But the three things are: humor, friendship and original character. To explain further, when I say humor, I'm not saying that the reader will be laughing at every chapter or even once in the whole story. Although some might smirk or giggle at a few things.

There are different types of humor and I plan to use all of them, in whatever story I deem necessary. For original characters, I will use them or an already existing character with little to no plot, because really there is only so many ways to turn a main character to get a different reaction out of others before you realize that the character you're using is completely out of character and the only way you know who it is, is because of their name. Example: Ron becoming a Death Eater and trying to kill Harry.

Yes, I could see that but I doubt Ron would since he hates Slytherins, to him Slytherins equal Death Eaters. The idea can work but it will take some planning, the transformation between Ron being an ass and him joining Voldemort. There will have to be more then just petty jealous in my eye to push him completely over the edge. But then the plot would be something like how Peter ended up a Death Eater, so It's been done before.

And finally friendship, now there has been an reoccurring themes for the Harry Potter series, or maybe its just me. But the reoccurring themes is: life, death, and love. Life because it's always about Voldemort being immortal, Death because not only do people keep dying, its pretty much why Harry is known as the Boy-Who-LIVED. And finally love or in this case friendship, not only does the Golden Trio's friendship seem to shine in every book but since third year, the Marauders made an appearance.

Love and friendship go hand-in-hand, you can't have love without friendship in there somewhere. And it was because of Harry's love for his friends - family- why he fought Voldemort in the first place. That is I try to honor that, the friendships I will have might not be the typical ones people search for, again there are different types out there.

Also there is one more things, I'll tell you now. I am an Open-minded Christian. I support gay marriage and equality for all while maintaining the belief in God. He loves everyone equally, regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, background, no matter how different they are like being a hermaphrodite or having an extra finger. He is compassionate and has a sense of humor. I mean think about it, a dude got swallowed by a whale, sit there and think about it.

The point being, if I want gay or lesbian relationships in my stories, you best believe I will place it in there. I don't care if you don't like it or if you think it's sick and wrong, it's my story and I will do as I please. As for reviews I don't mind reviews but any reviews that are meant to hurt or make fun of my story or even be rude and then say how they would have done the story if it was theirs, I will most likely ignore or laugh and call you a ignorant person along with a few words that would never be said on PG rated shows.

So that's what you can expect from me. But wait, about me. Well to tell you the truth there isn't much about me to tell. For my gender, most will think I'm a guy, some will think I'm a girl. Others will think I'm gay or straight, or even a middle aged man with a mom who keeps nagging him to get a girlfriend, get married to her and have some grandkids already or a woman with about a thousand cats lonely as hell that enjoys reading romance novels and loves chocolate. I could save you all the guessing and tell you but what's the fun in that?

So on that note:

Tangess would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this and would like to finish by saying,

"Mischief Managed"

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