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Author has written 10 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Just a little information about myself...

Age- 23

Gender- Female

Interests/hobbies- Drawing, writing songs/poems, muisc, singing, soccer, swimming, tennis, etc.

Random- I love writing fanfics for pairings, but I mainly like to write scary fics. Horror's kinda my thing. :)

I love to write, and I really appreciate when I receive feedback on my stories. I like to know your ideas, and what you might like to see happen in later chapters. Hey, you never know, it might end up in my story, and help cure my writer's block.

I'm trying to update more frequently, but its hard with my work schedule, so I'm doing my best!

And I know it seems like a couple of my stories are dead, but I promise they aren't. I plan to keep writing on all of them until their completed. So keep checking back with all of them. =]

Please be patient with me, guys!!!!!

On a side note, you might notice some of my stories are missing. I kinda got rid of them because I got to the point where I couldn't write on them anymore. Just kinda lost interest. =/

Buuuttt, on a side note, it helps me to actually devote more time to updating on the ones I have, instead of trying to write on fics that were otherwise dead. an update, I'm wanting to write another story after I finish one more that's a Soul Eater crossover. I recently got into that show. Its so GOOD! But, I want you guys to decide what other show/game I put in with it.

Here are the options-

Avatar the Last Airbender (Judge me if you will...=P)


Tales of Symphonia


Not a huge listing there, but, hopefully one sticks out!

Just send me a little message to tell me what one you want, and I'll count the votes, and start on it ASAP.

Thanks, guys!

YAY!!!!! =P

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The Trouble With Wishful Thinking by Megs77 reviews
Alfred had always lived life hoping for the best. Unfortunately when all you hope for is the good, the bad will hit you even harder.
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The Haunting reviews
All his life, Alfred has been terrified of ghosts. So, now that his house is supposedly haunted, can Arthur help him rid his house of the spirit? And, what if the ghost is not a spirit at all?
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When Zuko is struck with lightning by Azula, he somehow manages to avoid death. But, he instead is transported to Karakura town. Can he survive the immense changes? And can Ichigo keep his soul reaper life a secret from the newest member of their household? Rated for language, and violence.
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Madness ensues as some of our beloved characters from Hetalia are mysteriously dumped into the Soul Society. Can they figure out who sent them there, and why? And what will the soul reapers make of these new-found intruders? And what will Aizen do when he finds out who these strangers are? Rated for language, and other epic craziness.
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