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Thanks for peeking into my profile here. I now have FOUR fics on this site - Warm Bodies: Awakening, The Little Brown Bear (Awakening II), The Answer (Awakening III) and a shorter story The Big Dream - which take place in the (wait for it) Warm Bodies universe, as imagined by Isaac Marion, and distilled by Jonathan Levine.

I've written other fanfics, most recently for Supernatural (love those brothers, although I'll admit I stopped watching the show after season 5), and Merlin. But they're fairly unfinished, and so probably won't make their way on here. We'll see. I was rather fond of the Merlin story though...

>>Reviews mean the world to me, so let me know what you think, if you have a moment, even if it's through a PM.

Thanks for reading!


Non-fanfic updates

February 10, 2017: Hope everyone's doing okay. Hope everyone has bought a copy of 'The Burning World', the sequel to Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. :) Depending on how popular it is, maaaaaybe we'll get a sequel to the movie! :D Which would make my fanfics moot! Ack! Oh, who cares, I'd love to see more R :)

I did actually write a sequel to my fanfics, at least the beginning of it, but it doesn't feel finished yet. Feeling like diving back in though. As for my original story, it's been a slow slog because of all of the shenanigans of the year so far. YOU know which shenanigan I'm talking about - he's a two year old in a overly spray tanned and spoiled elderly body.

Apologies to my Republican readers who voted for him, but the man is a dick. I'll leave it at that, but wish everybody the best. AND BUY ISAAC'S BOOK!

January 1, 2017 (12:04am mountain time!): HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's make it a much better one, okay? ;)

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas everyone! :) I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, feel lots of love and joy and that it carries through the year to come.

October 5, 2016: Hey! Couple of nights ago I met Isaac Marion and hung out with him for over an hour at a bookstore in Baltimore! :D It was awesome! I did end up mentioning that I'd written fanfic on Warm Bodies, but truthfully it didn't seem very important to do so, as what I've written is based more on the movie than his amazing book. My only regret - that I didn't have more time to chat with him, and that (dammit) I didn't score an advance copy of The Burning World! ;) Very cool guy.

In news that is worse, my dad died at the end of August. We buried him on the 13th of September. It sucked large balls and I am not over it.

(PS: The story is now at 154k. Bad things have happened, and will continue to happen amidst things that are cool.)

August 11, 2016: Feeling another fanfic just tickling my brain. Very apropos for my current experiences. Something I've been wanting to write for a while. I am however still tapping away at my novel. It's now... um... well... that's a bit sad. Feel like I've been writing like a mad thing, but I'm only at 148k. Oh well. :) Two of my characters grew even more interesting, so I've been enjoying that.

July 15, 2016: Bleah. Feeling sick. Had a great couple of days of writing though. 145K.

July 4, 2016: Hey! Happy 4th of July! Still in Australia, Dad's not doing well. Writing feels good, but finding the right time to do it is hard. 140K Also, may have to write a new Warm Bodies fanfic soon. It's growing nearer I think.

May 12, 2016: Well. That was difficult. Currently in Australia with my dad in hospital and it's going oh so well. Been hard to get the time I want to write, been a bit down, and I was really wrestling with a chapter for almost a month. But, I kept at it and broke through. 128K, which means it took me a month to write 1K. However, that doesn't reflect the chunks I just took out for multiple attempts on this chapter, which pushed me over 133K at one point ;) Unless everyone dies from a massive meltdown from one of the main characters over the next day, I'll be over 133K again soon. %) This is a constant threat. She's very volatile.

April 13, 2016: Had a week off a wee bit ago and it made all the difference. Story is going in some wild, unexpected places, as all my stories do. 127K, will probably be 160K all told, and will have to do a fair bit of trimming I think. Bwahaha, just read below where I thought 60K was 60% through... hilarious. Sigh. Probably means it'll be 200K before I'm done. I'm doomed.

February 6, 2016: Hmm... frustrating stretch. Not giving myself time to write. This weekend is for writing only though, so :) 96K

December 7, 2015: Well, that was a tough stretch. It's annoying when I get very little time to write over the stretch of a few weeks. Makes me irritable %) It was a little self-inflicted though... so. I managed to wrap up a chapter that went in some interesting places, and I'm very keen to see what happens next. Also, I adore one of the side characters I've created, and really hope he makes it through this whole story... o.O 78K

October 30, 2015: Ah, had some lovely stretches of writing, with a very frustrating stretch in the middle where my main characters were snapping at each other constantly, when I'd hoped they'd get along. They seem to be doing okay now though... let's see how long *that* lasts. ;) Just under 70K.

October 8, 2015: The story is just under 60K now, and I think maybe... 60% of the way through? Maybe? ;)

September, 2015: 43.6K Wow, just wrapped up a fairly intense scene :D I can say that it has a horse. A very stubborn, very large horse, who has a funny name for a girl. But that's about all I can say. ;)

August 30, 2015: 37.5K Last chapter was a slog, this one I'm in right now is an interesting trip - wonder what will happen next? :D Course, I have an idea, but... reality is very mutable here!

August 15, 2015: 24.5K and just got through a rather rough bit, that goes some way to explaining the protagonist's predicament. Hard to write, but important. It's very strange to post updates to something I can't describe in detail just yet ;)

July 31, 2015: Just over 19K now. Enjoying it immensely :D

July 9, 2015: I'm working on an original story :) 6.3K atm, and I've only just begun. Won't be posted on fanfiction.net of course, but I will track my progress here as it's kind of fun to look back at a timeline :)

There's a new poll! Hope you'll take a sec to vote (link at the top) :D

June 21: I'll be posting my new story today, all in one go I think. Thanks to Chad for reading it for me! UPDATE - It's up! :D Phew!

June 16, the wee hours of the mornin': Well. I just finished it, would you believe. I knew I was close, then I had a shower, and everything came to me in the shower, as it often does. THANKS WATER. ;) (maybe it's the soap?) Anyhoo, I just have to edit the beast. 34.8K Will probably be around 37K after edits. I'm going to sleep now %)

June 15: Oh what a beautiful weeeeeeekeeeeeend, oh what a beautiful tiiiiiime. Man, that was wonderful. 33K I CAN'T DO SHORT.

June 11: Yep. Writing. Still. Working on a big side project, so not getting the time I want - BUT THIS WEEKEND BAYBE! 28K

June 7: Heheh, did I say close? WHY CAN'T I WRITE A SHORT STORY?! R and Julie have both popped up, and Julie has decided to do something which throws all my plans out the window *sarcastic thumbs up* Lovely to be with the two of them again though, so... I'll stop complaining ;) 26.5K

May 29: Slow slow slow. Close to the end now though :) 23.4K

May 9: Still tapping away at this story, frustrated by the lack of time I'm getting on it, but it's still going. 17.5K Brutal and strange. On the last stretch though, and I'm definitely not winning that bet.

April 20: Finished the first chapter, one chapter to go, and possibly a few wrap up paragraphs from another person's perspective before it's done. 13.7K Not too worried about a lot of people reading this. I'm just enjoying writing :D

April 10: Still plinking away, now at 11.5K. My husband laughed at me when I said this was going to be short. I insisted, rather indignantly, that it would be, and we made a bet. I bet that I would keep it under 20K. I am about to lose that bet, because I don't think I'm even half way through. Dammit.
P.S. The guy is still an ass.
P.P.S. Not my husband, the dude in my story. ;)

April 5: Hmm. Writing about zombies on Easter Sunday. Seems appropriate. :D 8.6K Still going slow, but interesting. I don't think this will have wide appeal, it's mostly from an OC's point of view of R's pre and post-apocalypse moments (new OC too, you've not met him before, which is a good thing I think, he's a bit of an ass).

March 31: Well, it's definitely going. Slowly though... 6.5K words so far.

March 17: Hmm. There's another story percolating in my brain :) Something short. We'll see how it goes.

WBIII Update Feb 22: Thanks Marcus! %) So, last piece of the story has been posted. All done. Thanks everyone for reading and sharing your thoughts. You all rock. :)

Feb 21: Well. I just put up the last (?) chapter of The Balance (man that needs to be renamed now), and had a little cry, and now I'm all done. Theoretically. Marcus is whispering sweet nothings in my ear like 'That's it? What about me? You left me a shattered mess, what the f*ck?' %) So... the story may yet have one more piece. There's a bunch of stuff I want to mention about the nature of my writing that I find funny (like, how many endings did my last two stories have? Six each, at least? Is 'sigh' the most overused expression? Sigh...) But I'll leave that for later. Regardless, it's my birthday weekend, and I'm delighted I've been able to finish (?) this story, and that it draws to a close (? shaddap Marcus) over one and a half years of exploring the lives of these characters in my head. Amazing.

Feb 20: I think I've only got 2 more chapters to go, though I feel some writing will be necessary on the last :) Hoping to get it all up today, but this next one is huge. We'll see!

Feb 15: Phew. Finished a rather key chapter :) Now is just the wrapping up. And a decision about what to keep from the old version. Anyhoo :) Much better night than the last ;)

Feb 13: Dear lord. Am so frustrated at the moment. Trying so hard (too hard) to get this thing done, and it's wearing me out. I'm hoping to post something either tonight or just focus on writing/finishing tonight to post the rest of the story this weekend. :( But I keep promising this stuff and it doesn't happen, so who knows.

Feb 8 (in the PM): Wrote a ton this weekend, very close to being done. Now for stitching into the older chapters... SCALPEL!

Feb 8: Hmm.. good day of writing :) Having a blast. Still hopeful I'll get the majority done this weekend.

Feb 2: And again with the writing! :) Still not posting for a while, sorry everyone.

Jan 30: Still writing. Wishing I had more time to write. Which is what the weekend is for! Yippee!

Jan 25: Not sure if folks are watching this space at all. Hopefully you're also not refreshing 'The Balance' thinking I might get something up tonight. I have nothing to put up yet. :) If you want to know when the next update is, definitely follow the story and you'll get an email when I've posted. As it is, the characters and I are taking a nice little break. Thanks to all who've read my stuff, and for the lovely reviews.

Jan 22: Did I just get two reviews within an hour of posting?! Holy crap!! :D Thank you! Glad you liked. :) Something quite lovely coming up next.

Jan 21: What a wearying day. Working away at the chapter, and hopeful I'll get it out tonight. Not giving any indication of when though, because my estimates are inaccurate as hell ;)

Jan 20: Looking good for getting a chapter up tonight, but it'll be a bit late. Must gym! EDIT: *insert all of the expletives here, thanks* not done editing. Tired and going to bed.

Jan 19: No new chapter tonight folks - a little too pooped. Hope to get something up tomorrow, we'll see!

Jan 18: Editing and writing today, listening to ambient weirdness on Pandora, drinking a homemade mocha, and watching the rain fall endlessly outside. Absolutely lovely. Probably going to post another chapter in a couple of hours. Have decided that I would win any competition out there for run-on sentences and excessive use of commas.

Jan 14: Folks, I've been having a hell of a week, and it's left me a little shattered and beyond tired. I can't tell you when the next chapter is going up. Probably not tonight. Hopefully tomorrow. Have a good night.

Jan 13, 12:36am: Well bugger, broke my promise I guess as I posted after midnight... did NOT think it would take that long to edit, but... it's a big chapter. Huge huge things happen. Am now a vegetable. Going to bed!

Jan 11: Howdy :) Any posts I make today will be heading towards evening, if I manage it. Trying my best! EDIT: I'd like to point out again, just how much damn fun it is being in Marcus' head. The guy's a riot. EDIT yet again: Still not ready to post. Sorry folks! Tomorrow, promise! :D

Jan 10: Allo all. Doesn't look like I'll be posting tonight. Feeling a bit run down and don't want to rush things. But, I am hopeful I'll be able to post a few chapters tomorrow to make up for it. :) Have a good night all. And TheSnowPrincess99 - thanks for the review! :D Can't say anything here without spoiling things, but I appreciate your words!

Jan 8: Having some issues with fanfiction.net lately, been making updates hard - anybody else having issues? Regardless, I won't be posting tonight as I have a major deadline at work, sorry folks. But thanks for reading :) EDIT: So, erm. Ignore that. Totally posted tonight as I got done with work early, and worried that everyone thought that ... was totally dead and that ... was screwed and that all ... was about to break loose. Okay, well, the last bit's true. Hell is, indeed, about to break loose. Dammit. Maybe that should have been the chapter title...

Jan 4: Holy heckerdoodles. That is a new word. It's 1:19am, and I'm still writing, and oddly disassociated from my hands. They have been dancing over this keyboard all day. What an awesome, awesome day of writing. I've basically merged the old story with the new tangent, and while there is still some editing to be done, I'm thrilled because some beautiful things happened and I can't wait to share them with you (well, if you're reading my latest story anyway). Anyhoo, must go to sleep now. Have a good night. Will post an update tomorrow. :D (er.. later today)

Jan 1: Hey, Happy New Year! :D I have made a bit of a breakthrough with the editing of a certain bear of a chapter, and I'm thrilled. Been posting chapters pretty regularly, but we're getting close to the point where I broke off, so things will be a little slower now. No less crazy, or dark, but updates will be gradual. Bear with me! And thanks for reading! And hey, I like reviews - have I mentioned that I like reviews? :D Cause I do. G'bye.

Dec 31: Hey, posting my story at the moment. The tangent isn't finished, but I'm not sure I can go back to what it was. We'll see what happens. Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years celebration.

Dec 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D Will post the second chapter tomorrow, little too beat, and a little too full to do so today. :) Hope everyone had a lovely day!

Dec 22: Posted the first chapter of the new story last night, and already have a lovely review, thank you MissShayla! Will hopefully get another chapter up tonight, but postings will most likely be slow, since, y'know.. Christmas and all that. Speaking of - hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing. :)

Dec 20: So... now it's become writing instead of editing. I went back into the story with edits and started off on a tangent I'm finding interesting. :) Be nice if I could finish it by Christmas, but since I haven't finished my shopping, and I have a side book project, that might not happen. Sorry to everyone holding on for it. I think I'll publish up to the tangent. If I can't make it work, or it doesn't go anywhere, I'll just clean up the story I had and post it.

Nov 24: STILL EDITING. Holy cripes. Granted, Elder Scrolls Online finally nabbed me, so it's been a bad weekend for editing ;)

Nov 10: Bit of a breakthrough with the editing. So thrilled :D Still plonking away!

Nov 7: Hmm. Editing is proving arduous. I'll see it through, but a couple of chapters needed some major surgery. Hubby has been reading though, and really enjoyed it, so that's a good sign. ;)

Oct 23: Bleargh. Still editing. Heading back to the states soon, so I should have more time to do it soon! (considering posting first chapter as a tease :)

Update Oct 12: The End. ;) All done, just have to edit, have hubby read it, then post it. Phew.

Update Oct 9: So, major deadline at work got in the way of getting a lot of writing done, but I'll have some time tomorrow and will hopefully finish this epilogue off :) 146K

Update Oct 3: Yay! The story is pretty much done. All that's left is an epilogue, that I don't see being very long famous last words hilarious. 145K

Update Sept 29: Soo close. :) 137K

Update Sept 25: Dad's out of the hospital! Woot! Back in the story :D I'd like to finish it by this weekend. But I also don't want to let it go. Oh dear ;) 135K! Can anyone say 'story creep'? (maybe the story doesn't want to let me go...)

Update Sept 18: I'm in Australia to hang out with my dad in the hospital, so I'm not getting as much writing done as I would love. Will finish this story eventually, but I'm in the dumps from all the crap happening medically, so I can't give an estimate. Sorry.

Update Sept 13: Traveling to Australia so a little bit of a delay. Still writing though :)

Update Sept 8: So... you know how I said... that I only had a couple of chapters to do. Rrrrrright. Lovely beautiful things happened though, so that's good :)

Update Sept 1: Well, it's only a chapter or two from done now, everything's wrapping up. :D Going to be sad when it's done, because this is the last I believe I'll write in this universe. But, it's got a little bit of everything and its been an insane ride. Hopefully someone will read it on here ;) Also, it's over 121K now... so, I have used ALL of the words. Except xylophone. I have not used that word. Or gullible. I did not use that word either. Dammit, I take it back, I didn't use ALL of the words.

Update August 31: Sooooo close :) Hoping to have this finished this weekend. Hope. 115K

Update August 20: 110K, things are freakish, that is all.

Update August 12: Did I seriously think this was going to be 40K? What the heck? Just hit the 100K mark, BUT! things are come to a rather crazy, insane head, so... who knows. I give up estimating. Also, Robin Williams died, and I'm just kinda crushed, so wrestling with that a bit.

Update August 4: Well, I just creeped myself the hell out with my story... have an inkling about what's going to happen next, but holy heck, who knows. :D Almost 94K. Really satisfying stretch of writing this weekend. Always feels good. However, am now facing a possible story length OVER what I did for the last... which is insane. Heaven help me. And bring me mochas. STAT!

Update July 28: Aaaand going. Bit of a busy stretch, so haven't been able to do as much writing as I'd like. 90K, but we might be reaching an end here... maaaaybe. I'VE HEARD THAT BEFORE! If I had to put a final word count on it... um... seeing as my previous estimate went so well... maybe 250K ;) (just kidding)... (oh god, please let me be kidding)

Update July 8: Still going :D 82K

Update June 30: Whoa. So, just shy of 75k, and something has just happened that shakes things up a fair deal. :-D Let's see what happens next! ... Why is it 2:00 am! AUGH!

Update June 13: Was so happy to see the key character pop up, and now am very worried about key character. Key character better keep their shit together and stay safe! *points at key character* Yeah, I mean you!

Update June 6: Bwahaha, did I say 60K? Suuure. It's over 57K now, and I'm so thrilled because a key character popped up that I didn't think would be in it. Am now forecasting it'll be around 80-90K. Maybe 75K... I dunno *throws forecasts out imaginary window*

Update May 1: Hmm... story's gettin' interestin'. Just over 20K at the moment. Will probably end up being between 40 & 60K. We'll see.

Update April 24: So, I'm plinking away at a sequel to the sequel of my sequel to the Warm Bodies movie. :D Because apparently I'm trapped in this world and can't get out. Enjoying the process, so, there's that.

OLD UPDATE: I'm working on a sequel to my Warm Bodies fanfic, and it's over 45,000 words currently and still going strong. Hopefully I'll have it up within the next month.

UPDATE (Feb 4, 2014): Holy Mary Mother of American Werewolf in London quotes! The sequel to my fanfic is now over 95K, and about to wrap up. Hoping to have it up sometime this month. As long as nothing else bizarre happens (yeah, I'm talking to you characters, stop doing wacky things I never planned!).

UPDATE (Feb 20): I have now turned into a fanfic zombie apparently. All I do is write when I'm not working. The sequel is now over 112K. But, now, when I say it's wrapping up, it IS actually wrapping up. Theoretically :D I am still planning on getting it up this month, but maaaan, it's going to be tight (and I mean that in a deadline sense, not a sweeeeeet sense)

UPDATE (Feb 24): I've just finished the sequel to my first fic, just shy of 120K. Insanity. I have to edit it, then I'll post it, and I'm going to move the original fic to a Teen rating. The sequel will absolutely be Mature.

UPDATE (March 1): And then a 5,000 word epilogue smacked me in the face. Done now, editing over this weekend and hopefully posting early next week.

UPDATE (March 15): The sequel is edited, and formatted. Got someone reading it atm, and I'll be posting it soon :)

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