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Thanks for poking into my profile here. I now have two fics on this site - Warm Bodies: Awakening, and The Little Brown Bear (Awakening II) - which take place in the (wait for it) Warm Bodies universe, as imagined by Isaac Marion, and distilled by Jonathan Levine.

I've written other fanfics, most recently for Supernatural (love those brothers, although I'll admit I stopped watching the show after season 5), and Merlin. But they're fairly unfinished, and so probably won't make their way on here. We'll see. I was rather fond of the Merlin story though...

Reviews mean the world to me, so let me know what you think, if you have a moment, even if it's through a PM.

And thanks for reading!


Update April 24: So, I'm plinking away at a sequel to the sequel of my sequel to the Warm Bodies movie. :D Because apparently I'm trapped in this world and can't get out. Enjoying the process, so, there's that.

OLD UPDATE: I'm working on a sequel to my Warm Bodies fanfic, and it's over 45,000 words currently and still going strong. Hopefully I'll have it up within the next month.

UPDATE (Feb 4, 2014): Holy Mary Mother of American Werewolf in London quotes! The sequel to my fanfic is now over 95K, and about to wrap up. Hoping to have it up sometime this month. As long as nothing else bizarre happens (yeah, I'm talking to you characters, stop doing wacky things I never planned!).

UPDATE (Feb 20): I have now turned into a fanfic zombie apparently. All I do is write when I'm not working. The sequel is now over 112K. But, now, when I say it's wrapping up, it IS actually wrapping up. Theoretically :D I am still planning on getting it up this month, but maaaan, it's going to be tight (and I mean that in a deadline sense, not a sweeeeeet sense)

UPDATE (Feb 24): I've just finished the sequel to my first fic, just shy of 120K. Insanity. I have to edit it, then I'll post it, and I'm going to move the original fic to a Teen rating. The sequel will absolutely be Mature.

UPDATE (March 1): And then a 5,000 word epilogue smacked me in the face. Done now, editing over this weekend and hopefully posting early next week.

UPDATE (March 15): The sequel is edited, and formatted. Got someone reading it atm, and I'll be posting it soon :)

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