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Updated: 12/28/15

For all those still hoping for the Assaulted series to be completed, don't give up hope! See below :)

A response to your review at https://www.fanfiction.net/r/5757608/

Thanks for the kudos :) Believe it or not, I'm trying to get back to my unfinished stories, this one in particular at the moment. I'm not at all certain I'll get to it finished before the end of next year (2016) but... I'll certainly keep you updated about it.

Thanks again for liking the story :)


Just hang in there if you're still checking in. And, if you are, WOW, thanks so much!! :D

Updated: 12/20/11

As you may have guessed, the 'Assaulted series' and any other WIP I have here, is on hold for an indefinite period of time. If this were an actual book coming from an actual publication company and I was getting paid, RL would probably revolve around that. However, as it's *just* fanfic... RL has to come first.

Updated: 08/13/2011 (re: Assaulted series)

... As noted by one of my reviewers, it's sometimes hard to suspend disbelief of what the bad guy, Tim King, has done *and* gotten away with. As I responded to her, I completely and totally agree but this story started out as a one-shot that I just did not have a proper foundation build for for a lengthy fic.

I really, really just feel like going back and scrapping the whole thing and starting over... however, I'd feel incredibly bad for all of you readers who are and have been patiently waiting for the end of this thing! As it is, I'm feeling 'pressured' to give you the ending you want, but I just... I'm having difficulties not just starting with something like 'Almost three years later...' where I just do flashbacks of the highlights of what's happened in the interim.

Another is that I really don't want to do a lot of research for the subject of male rape and recovery or getting into why King is the way he is or how he managed to get by the FBI psychs with all of his issues and all the other stuff that is involved with the story.

So, if any of you are actually reading this... I guess I'm looking for some feedback on direction...

Again, thank you to all you wonderful people, I truly appreciate all of your comments and support!!!

Chapter 36/Epilogue -- This is the last chapter for this book of the series; I *will* be continuing the "Assaulted" series, I just need more time to get the above issues resolved.

Author's Notes re: the "Assaulted! series sequel" and the original one-shot:

First, this story has never really stayed on track but I did all I could to keep the muse interested and from abandoning this very meaty story so… For those who aren’t or weren’t happy with this work, I sincerely apologize. For those who’ve stuck with it, THANK YOU! SO MUCH for doing so as well as all of the positive feedback and comments as well as all the story alerts and for choosing this as a favorite story and me as an author.

Next, I’ve finally come up with a title for the “Assaulted! series sequel” but it will entail ‘chopping’ the current story up into different sections. To that end, I’ll wait until this next section is finished.

This story will continue to be as it is titled until complete, at which time, it will be deleted and then reposted into its new format – complete with title and all that jazz.

I also have a variety of plot bunnies running around and I may end up having to, at the very least, get some outlines for them done in order to get them to just back off /chuckle.

Again, I do have every intention of getting back to "Essence" as soon as I can get the muse back into the storyline

Thank you for all the story alerts, favorite stories, and author alerts everyone!! It really means a lot :)

Take care and be well :)

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