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Okay...well my last update was on snow...ahem were in summer now. I have no real excuse to why I haven't updated in donkey's years, well thats not true just months. I don't know how many sorries (is that a word) I can utter, so just understand how guilty I feel. I will, I am determined to update soon!!

...It says I last updated in 2008...thats a bad sign right? (that's a bonnafide lie, I have updated since 2008 ;p)

...Well...I have no clue what to put on here...err?...I like to read loads of peoples stories...and review when I remember! I'm trying right my own story...cept...I don't really update :P

I live in the UK!! Good and bad things about that, I don't really have a "proper" British accent...I'm not saying I sound street? Er, I sound normal.

My friends like to remind me how strange I am, and my love of hand gestures when talking...but I love them anway, no matter how many times I've thought of strangling them. But It is normal to get into a conversation and move about, using your hands to mimick what has happened. ;p

I'm not really comfortable with talking about myself for such a long time...and I can't imagine you'd want to know an awful lot about me only when I'm gonna update ;)

I really don't know how people have really long profile, full of writing (minus the ones with the copy and paste this if you've ever...)

Yay!! My first story is Email Buddies, hope you check it out! and plus it is being beta-ed my iloveedward94, so you have to check out her story it's called A Haunting!! Mkay?! OOh! Yet another brilliant story from her, The Rooftop! Well get reading then! :)


I'd love to hear what other people think about Twilight or anything else, so pm me, or review me if I have a story set up! :)


Email Buddies reviews
Isabella is an Italian student struggling in her English studies and is advised to have an email buddy to help her where she will have to stay over at the person's home for a month and vice versa in the summer. Hers just happens to be a bronzed haired boy
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