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So, I've decided I'm going to make another attempt at some half-decent, multi-chapter fanfiction. Well, I say another attempt..

Anyway, all ideas are more than welcome. I'm sorry to say that I'm not on here very often, however, I will force myself to start lurking about a bit more when I have spare time on my hands.

I'm not fond of writing in first person, and I only do this if it's what fits best with the story. I am very ill-practiced in the matter, and so will generally stick to writing my usual, crap-happy third person stories.

Current Ideas:

I've considered writing some Ashes to Ashes fanfiction, but I tried it once and I couldn't think of a good plot. I'd like to do one of Gene in the 90's, but I don't know if he'd still be going in that world. It's something I've wanted to do, but again, I was probably going to do it in first person (which is more acceptable for LoM/AtA) and I even, sort of, had a title for it.

More Harry Potter. It's in my blood to write such a thing, though, hopefully my future works will be less slashy. I'll replace the mad sex scenes with innuendo and enough awkward situations to stuff a walnut. As much as I ship Scabmione, it's not something I feel truly passionate about, or care to write too much about at this point it time. Although, if somebody wants a Scabmione written, I'll do my best to please. (See list below for shipping forecast)

I also have a single story about Jack Sparrow, which I plan to write. I don't know quite how I'm going to do that yet, and so, I will be leaving that egg to hatch in my mind. Once written, of course, if there is a great desire for another (which I highly doubt), then I will write a sequel. As I say, I doubt this will ever be anything other than another of my weird ideas.

Who I Ship And What Interests Me:

Harry Potter

I generally approve of cannon pairings, though the odd few annoy me.
I'll happily write more romantic likely non-cannon pairings.
As for Hermione/anyone, I'm not the biggest fan, but if I'm inspired, I'll go for it.
I am possibly interested in giving Scabmione a one-off shot as a smutty style of story.

Doctor Who

I am far more interested in writing tamer fictions, nowadays, and Doctor Who fics will mostly be that type.
However, if the Doctor were to happen upon River Song (a very cannon pairing) in his adventures, then I could not possibly be held responsible for the consequences.
I am a little tempted by doing a 'what if' fic of Amy and the Doctor becoming an item.
I used to be quite fond of the Doctor/Rose, but I don't know how I feel about that, now. I may write some nine/Rose, just for the hell of it. We'll see.

Pirates of The Caribbean

Not as interested in this as I used to be. I would still be keen to write about Jack's life before what was seen in the films.
I might do a little AU stuff just to test the water.
I ship Jack/Elizabeth (though that would probably be a lengthly single page, packed full of innuendos and 'almost's, followed by the inevitable scene/fade to black).
I would like to write in a few original characters, though I usually avoid that sort of thing.

Being Human

I love Being Human. Well, I wont go into specifics of my love/hate relationship with it, but I would definitely like to write either more spin-off material, or write a partially AU 'series', though this would definitely require more planning. My Feigning Human series has a general plan, and I may, one day, get around to writing the rest of the 'series'.

The Young Ones/Bottom

I just have to. It's my destiny to write some Vyvyan/Rick or Eddie/Richie. It wont necessarily be a smutty fic. In fact, I shall purposely try to avoid that sort of thing.
I'm open to potential other TYO pairings. I would like to do mostly normal 'episodes' of said fic, however, I will likely do so with a mild shipping slant. Sorry in advance.


I think it would be hilarious to write. Obviously not slash. This would probably be the story of a new beginning on Minecraft, in which our character builds their home, faces the struggles of night, and gains a whole new depth. I'd like to really break the seams on this one. Again, we shall see.


There are some very random stories I may write from various other films/books/games/television programs/e.t.c. I'm still working on it. Suggestions are welcome.

As I can currently think of no more, I will leave this list as it is.

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