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Author has written 21 stories for Spider-Man, Birds Of Prey, Superman, How to Train Your Dragon, Superman, Star Wars, and Frozen.

I have been writing fan fiction for over ten years. My early works, as you can see below, includes Birds of Prey and Spider-Man, etc. Believe me when I say that I am not overly a comic book geek, I don't even collect them. For some reason, I have found their movies easier to write fan fiction about.

I really am not into writing one shots, or writing for challenges. I find them to be very limiting when creating a story. I have made a few attempts to do so, but they really are not my thing. I also am not really into writing cross overs. I like my stories to have a dose of realism in them, and to cross two different movies into one story is just as unreal as they come.

When I write, I tend to try to get into the mind of the director of those movies. I take notice on the type of stories they enjoy telling, and try to implement them in their particular fan fiction. I also tend to try to capture the actor's portrayal of the characters, and study their mannerisms, common used phrases, etc. I try to get into the mind of the characters and think about what they would do or say in certain situations. It's only recently that I feel that I have really started to get the knack of that. My current series of stories of Superman, differs from this attempt slightly. Superman: The Last Son of Krypton is actually my first fan fiction that I try to re-envision, instead of emanating the style of any certain director or actor.

To accomplish this, I usually spend a few months of research before starting to write. My current stories really start showing off the research. For example: in Superman, I had to do deep research on a wide varity of topics, including meteorology, military weapons, Military Rankings, character portrayals in all forms of media that they appear in, etc. That's how hard I try to make my stories realistic, and believable. I find that it's really hard to keep readers interested otherwise.

My current works, and the ones that I am most proud of, include:

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (NOW POSTING)

How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Shadow Lord Dragon (NOW POSTING)

Superman: The Man of Steel (COMING LATE MARCH or EARLY APRIL)


Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (COMING LATE 2011 or EARLY 2012)

I am also re-posting my Star Wars Trilogy that I wrote back in 2001, but adding a few new scenes and doing so heavy editing. Truthfully, this series is okay, but my Superman and my HTTYD stories are my crown jewels. If you read through some of my older stuff (Spider-Man, Birds of Prey, etc) and compare them to my current works, I think you will notice a great improvement. Those stories proved to be my stepping stones to get to where I am, and where I hope to be soon.

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Frozen: The Snow Queen reviews
A new darkness threatens to tear the sisters apart, when Elsa learns that her powers come from a curse. Anna goes on a dangerous journey to find answers for her big sister before Elsa decides to find a way to cure her of this curse that eventually eventually kill everyone in the kingdom. Else will soon be forced to decide whether her powers are a curse, or a blessing.
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