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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

I'm 26, mother of three, i plan on publishing some stories when I finish them. I don't like abandoned stories, so I don't plan on being an author who hooks ya and leaves you out to dry. As such I'm removing fate's retribution til I finish it since I have no one giving any ideas and I'm stuck in the first week of school for Harry's third year, I know where I want to go but not how to get there.

I am very sorry but i have been unable to find my notebooks, each has a different story in it. I started online courses in February and the only notebook i can find is one I'm uninspired to finished not sure if I'll post it and put it up for adoption or what. it's a good story just can't seem to finish it. Well I posted the story in case you're wondering the story IS Raiding the past and people seem to like it I've gotten at least six favorite story alerts for it. More than that now yet still nobody throwing out any bait to fish with; I might do a 'what happened two them?' back in their time or a "where's James? and the other marauders go looking for him and find him with the kids' not sure. I'll take any ideas see if I can make them work.

I have a question that doesn't make sense to me. Why are there fics where Arthur and Molly are still school when the marauders are? Just by their children's ages that puts them a decade older than them. Come on Percy is five years older that Harry and Charlie has got to be at least three years older still, he's already gone when Harry started. Bill's older than Charlie so right there's at least another 9 months. So if Charlie three years older than Bill has to be 4 so that 9 years older than Harry so I would assume that the closest they could be is Molly leaving Hogwarts a year or two before the marauders started. NO idea how old Arthur is just know he's same age or older than Molly. But we also know that there is about 2 years between each Black daughter and that Narcissa is in her fifth year during MWPP first year and that Andromeda would either be in her last or just graduated. So therefore Arthur and Molly most likely went to school with Bellatrix, Andromeda, and possibly Narcissa.

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Background of Series reviews
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