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My name is Liz I started writing fanfictions about seven years ago. Most of my stories will be about That 70's Show, primarily Jackie and Hyde's relationship. I was very disappointed with the way both characters ended up. I mean Jackie and Fez?? no..So I use my stories to create the endings and situations I think would have been interesting to watch. I welcome constructive criticism so please feel free to CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize if you dislike something about any of the stories or any ideas you might have to make the stories better. So with that said..I'll end here.

Enjoy the stories, comment..review..whatever it is you guys do =) Toodles!!

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Tiny Dancer

Creepy and Unnatural? Not at all!

How was I supposed to know?

Letting Go


Your Hero

I'll Always Love Michael

Jackie Burkhart's Diary


Figured Out

Sans Zeppelin

A New Feel

Drunken 21st

Red Light

It's Complicated

It's Complicated: Alternate Ending


Making It Work

Before It Gets Beautiful

Parting Ways

The Ride

Lock Down

10 Stories




Mister Hyde

Road to Redemption

Tangled Web

Bori Anthology

Kiss me


In the Shadows



The Beginning of Summer

All I Ask

Jackie Kelso



12.12.08: Finals week in school is coming up starting Monday so it might take longer than usual for me to update and I'll be going on vacation next weekend for two weeks so I won't be able to update at all until 2009! I'm trying to update as much as possible now, and possibly finish How am I supposed to know? before I leave. So don't think I've abandoned the story if I don't update and don't give up on it =)

01.28.09: I just finished the story How was I supposed to know? which took me longer than I thought it would take me, but I like how it turned out. Also, I chose to discontinue the story I Love You? because I lost inspiration to keep writing it. I'm sorry if you liked where it was going, I just knew that if I kept writing it, it would just be half-assed and I didn't want to put up a horrible story. It might be a few days before I start another story since classes are taking up a lot of my time, but I definitely have more coming so STAY TUNED! =)

02.09.09: New story in the works, first chapter is already up!It's titled Letting Go and I promise it won't be as long as How was I supposed to know? But I'll try to make it just as good =). I want to thank everyone who reviewed How was I supposed to know, you guys made it fun to keep writing and I really hope you liked it! Anyways, I hope you read this one also. A friend suggested that I listen to Britney Spear's song "Out from Under" and I immediately thought about Jackie and Hyde (Perhaps because I had just finished watching an episode of the show) but I thought it was a good song for their relationship. WARNING: I'm not sure if this one will have a happy J/H ending, still debating on it. Stay tuned!

02.24.09: I've been having a little bit of trouble signing on to ff.net for some reason. Miraculously I was able to sign on now, but who knows for how much longer so I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to put up the next chapter of Letting Go. Chapter 4 is up (I put it up today. Just keeping you guys posted and hope you're reading/enjoying the stories. R&R

03.01.09: New story up. It's titled Jackie Burkhart's Diary. Read/Review Enjoy!

03.18.09: Alright, so I just put up the final chapter of Letting Go and I did a one shot titled Someday so definitely check it out. As of right now, the only story I'm working on is Jackie Burkhart's Diary and I'll try to not start another story because this one is pretty ambitious enough. Keep reading and keep reviewing =)

04.29.09: So I'm still working on Jackie Burkhart's Diary and I also started working on a story titled Sans Zeppelin which I won't be putting up until mid-May or early June so definitely keep an eye out for that one. I won't tell you guys what it's about just yet, just to keep it interesting =). Keep R&R.

05.19.09: NEW STORY UP!! It's titled Sans Zeppelin. I've had the idea of it for a while and now that school is finally done I have time to write it. I think you guys will like it. Go check it out and keep R&R!

06.20.09: I've decided to put Sans Zeppelin on hold for a while. I recently took up a second job and between those, everything else I'm doing and Jackie Burkhart's Diary I don't really have enough time to dedicate the time and effort I feel this story deserves. I've decided that I'll pick it up again once I'm done with Jackie Burkhart's Diary which, admittedly might take a long time, but I have been thinking of Sans Zeppelin for a while now and I know it will be pretty good and I don't want to put forth a half-assed story, especially when I have high hopes for it. Hope you guys understand and I'm sorry for those who were following it. I promise once I start working on it again, you will not be disappointed. In the meantime, check out Jackie Burkhart's Diary and R&R!

09.27.09: Alright, so I'm back from a ridiculously long hiatus and I'm dam happy to be back! I'm sorry to keep those of you following my stories waiting. I definitely am not giving up on my stories and I will never leave one unfinished no matter how much effort has to be put in it. I'm still working on finishing up Jackie Burkhart's Diary (I've made it to season 4 already yeah!!) and I'm also working on a one-shot titled Your Hero which actually should be up sometime tomorrow. I deleted Sans Zeppelin but I will put it back up once I'm done with Jackie Burkhart's Diary. I kind of just want to work on it and not just leave it posted and unfinished for months. So thanks for reading, check out my stories, and of course R&R!

10.05.09: New story up. It's titled Your Hero. I liked how it turned out so much. The concept had been developing in my mind for a few weeks now and I finally decided to write it and post it on here. It's inspired by the Hedley song titled "For the nights I can't remember" so definitely check out the song before (or even after) you read the story. Hopefully you enjoy my fic. and remember to R&R!

11.28.09: New story has been published. It's titled I'll Always Love Michael. Also, I've made it halfway through Jackie Burkhart's Diary which I am really excited about. I'm hoping to finish it by the mid-February or early March. I still have Sans Zeppelin on hold, and it won't be up until I finish JBD because I know I won't have time to update it and it would just be published there. I also want to smooth it out a bit. Thank you guys for reading and R&R!

03.04.10: Hey! I'm still working on Jackie Burkhart's Diary. I had planned to have it finished by now but between school and my computer crashing, that wasn't possible. I've decided to update as much as possible whenever I do have time as opposed to only posting 2-4 entries a week. I'm hoping this way it will be done by the end of April/ beginning of May. I posted chapters 121-128 today, and I'll put more up sometime this weekend so look out for more updates. And if season 6 was your favorite, then definitely check out the next 25 chapters! Thanks for reading and don't forget to review, review, review!

04.06.10: Hey darlings! As of now I'm up to season 7 of Jackie Burkhart's Diary which means in about two months I should have it completed granted that nothing goes wrong with my laptop. I might take some time off from writing after it's done since I've written about eight stories back to back since I first signed up to ff.net. I hope you guys are still reading/enjoying the stories and don't forget to review!!

06.01.10: Almost done with JBsD and I can honestly say that I hate season 8. I thought I could finish it in 3-4 days but I can't make myself sit there and actually watch these episodes, but I'll get it done before the 6th which is the last day I gave myself to finish it. I'll definitely be taking a couple of weeks off of writing after I'm done with this, though I might just write stories in a notebook and post them later. I actually have an unfinished one somewhere that I might complete and Sans Zeppelin is still just sitting on my computer totally forgotten and I really want to finish that one. I also got a request to finish another author's abandon story and I'm going to see where I can take it. All in all, a new story should be up either the first or second week of July. I'll definitely be keeping up with the stories I'm reading now though, they're just too good.

06.06.10: Here is the link to the forum I wrote about in one of the entries in JBsD. Hope you guys check it out, it's really great: h t t p : / / s 1 . z e t a b o a r d s . c o m / T h a t 7 0 s F a n F i c B o a r d / f o r u m / 1 5 9 0 7 2 1 /

06.08.10: After a year and three months of working on Jackie Burkhart's Diary I have finally finished it and I'm feeling really good about it. It's kind of bittersweet because I've devoted a lot of time to it and I had a great time writing it, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope you guys have liked it as well and thanks for reading/reviewing it. I won't be posting anything new for a couple of weeks but definitely look out for a new story from me in the near future :)

07.17.10: New story up! It's titled Untitled (creative I know hahaha). It's a little different than my other stories, but I hope you guys still like it. Read/review..you know the deal :)

07.30.10: I have finally decided to start working on Sans Zeppelin again. The first chapter is up now. I'm thinking I'll update it once a week and hopefully finish it by mid-September (right before school starts getting a little hectic). Hopefully you guys enjoy it because I'm pretty excited about this story. Don't forget to review!!

10.17.10: I'm still working on Sans Zeppelin. It's actually taking a lot longer than I thought to finish but that's because for some reason this semester got chaotic really quickly (which I wasn't expecting) and because the free time I have I spend either doing work, working or with my boyfriend. I will finish this story though, hopefully before December. Thanks for staying tune and don't forget to keep reading and reviewing :)

11.13.11: Still working on Sans Zeppelin. I'm hoping to finish it by December 4th so there will be a lot of updates coming in the next few days, especially during the Thanksgiving break :)

08.11.12: I am still working on Sans Zeppelin. There are only two chapters left which is exciting. I've been working on this story for a little over two years and it feels great to have it almost complete. I'll probably take a break after finishing it. I might post a few one-shots and I already have an idea of a story I want to start working on which I'll post once I have it developed enough. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and thanks to those reading and reviewing my stories :)

08.17.12: I just did a one shot titled A New Feel which was my first non-70's story. I randomly watched an episode of Victorious with a few kids I look after and thought it would be fun to try something a little different. It was pretty fun writing it and it helped me get out of a mini writer's block I had for Sans Zeppelin so I can work on the last two chapters now.

08.20.12: I just officially finished Sans Zeppelin! It's literally been two years since I started the story and while it has been the most challenging for me to finish, it has also been the most fun I've had writing one. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and hopefully everyone who reads it is too. I also decided to add another chapter to my Victorious story A New Feel so that's done also. I'll most likely be taking a short break from writing and start reading more stories now and find new inspirations for future stories.

10.14.12: So I have two stories going right now It's Complicated and Red Light and I have to say, I am really excited about them both. I've actually finished It's Complicated I'm just spacing out the chapters. Red Light is pretty different from my other 70's stories which I guess is why I'm so excited about it. It was inspired by The Police's "Roxanne." I outlined the next two chapters and it will probably just be a four chapter story so updates should come fairly often. I'm aiming to have it finished in 2-3 weeks.

1.18.13: I keep saying I'm going to take a break from writing and always end up getting all these ideas for stories and can't help but start them. I'm finishing up Making it Work and already have plans to start a short Victorious story and a That 70s story that might be on the long side (but I am super excited to start it). I'm aiming to have all three of them done by mid-March and then see if this break actually happens lol. I'm close to writing my 20th story and I'm trying to make it a good one!

1.29.13: I'm working on a sequel for Making it Work which will be a bit longer, perhaps 6-9 chapters. I have the first three chapters completed and have a clear vision of where the story is going (which is rare of me). It makes it easier to write so I'm hoping to have all chapters done within the next two weeks and start posting by the end of this week. What I'm really excited to start is my 20th story (!!!) which will be a 70s story and I am obsessed with the idea for it. I already have the first two chapters outlined so I'm hoping to have that one up by mid-late February. It will be a longer story but I can't wait to start working on it. Haven't been this excited for a long story since Sans Zeppelin.

2.25.13: So as of right now I'm only working on one story, Before it Gets Beautiful, and have only three chapters left to write (and five to publish) so this one will be done by the end of February/beginning of March which will then give me time to work on story #20! I'm leaning towards calling it Lock Down: Dark Fantasy (though that might change by the time I post it (Mid-late March). I am excited to write this one. I almost want to give away the plot but I must have some self-control. What I will say is that it revolves around Hyde, and for now he's the only main character of the show that will be in the story...But that's all I'll say :)

4.08.13: I am currently working of story #20, Lockdown. It's my first 70's story in a while and it feels good to get back to that fandom for a bit (Been missing it lol). I'm not sure how long the story will be, already have five chapters finished and haven't gotten to the main plot, though I'll try to move it along quickly. Maybe 15 chapters? Tune in folks!

8.21.13: Just finished Lock Down! It was so much fun writing this story, probably one of my favorite ones to write. I'm going to be working on a shorter story, ten Victorious one-shots based on songs. Haven't done that before so it should be fun. I'll be focusing on finishing that one and won't post any more until December. I'll probably still write but I won't publish anything just so nothing is pending for long periods of time.

10.31.13: Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it! Hope you had a fun and safe time. I am almost finished with 10 Stories which has been really fun to write so far. I might do others like it, perhaps once a year or so. Also, I said before I wouldn't post anything until December but I realized I'm coming up on 5 years here on ff and therefore I have to publish something to celebrate! I'll be writing a That 70s story (going back to my roots lol). It'll be a one-shot and the idea for it comes from a Joan Didion book I just read. I won't give the plot away yet but I'm looking forward to writing and publishing it. That'll be up November 10th so look out for it!

01.05.14: Happy New Year's to all! Hope your year is off to a great start. Mine isn't pretty good so far. I'm taking a winter class for the next three weeks and then Spring semester right after. I thought I would write a lot more on my time off but unfortunately didn't. I have one story on hold. I started it and got through two chapters and now I'm too busy with school to focus on it. Rather than leave it up and not updated, I decided to just put it off until I have time to write it. Hopefully that will happen soon.

02.26.14: Taking a writing hiatus (perhaps until May). I'll still be reading stories whenever I can and Beta-ing those I already am. See you around!

05.23.14: Decided to come back and write for a bit since I'm currently on a two week vacation from school. Working on two stories, a song fic Victorious story titled Bori Anthology and a That 70s story which I've been putting off for a few months titled Temptation. I'm hoping to finish these within the next two weeks before school starts back up. It feels good being back after my short hiatus!

01.31.15: Hi all! Hope you're all doing well and the new year has been good to all. I've been really MIA lately for personal reasons and haven't been able to work on stories as much as I would like to or even read some of the wonderful stories out there. I'm hoping things will calm down a bit soon and I'll get a chance to soon. I started working on a new one-shot for T70sS titled Kiss Me which I'm hoping to publish tomorrow as well as a new chapter for Temptation.

03.12.15: So things have not calmed down at all (have somehow gotten a bit more hectic actually). I finally managed to publish Kiss Me and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to update Temptation at some point during this month, but I won't commit to anything just in case it doesn't happen. Hope all is well with you!

08.17.15: Finally finished Temptation after quite some time of working (and not working) on it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Noticed a pattern in how my stories end as far as my favorite pairing is concerned. Perhaps the next one I work on will be slightly different.

10.22.15: I noticed that my 7th anniversary on FF is coming up in 2 weeks so I'm writing a short story to celebrate it. It is definitely a completely different plot than anything I've written which makes it hard and a little exciting (and slightly cringy). The story will be up on November 10th so make sure to check it out!

11.10.2015: So today's my 7th anniversary on here and I put up the first chapter of a new story to celebrate. It's called Newlyweds and it's completely new territory for me, which is both scary but incredibly exciting. Let's see how this one goes!

01.03.2016: Happy New Years to you all! I hope this year has started with a lot of happiness and positive vibes. I can't wait to see what this years brings and all the great stories that are sure to come. I decided to start my year off with a new story titled Jackie Kelso which is centered around Jackie accepting Kelso's proposal in season 8. I've been drawn to this season lately and trying to dissect it through AUs. I don't have a clear direction for it yet so I'm just writing out what comes to mind so I'll also have to stay tuned to see where this one is headed lol.

06.20.16: I just published a new 70s one-shot story titled Muddy Waters and am still working on Jackie Kelso and my very first Gilmore Girls story Beyond the Trail. I want to try and finish them both by the end of summer. Fingers crossed!

12.30.16: Last update of the year! It's been the toughest year I've experienced so far for sure, and it seems to be the case for many people in general. I haven't been as productive in my writing as I had anticipated when the year began but hopefully that will change in this new upcoming year. I did publish a one-shot piece The Beginning of Summer yesterday which I'm happy about and am still planning on working on Jackie Kelso until it's complete. I'm hoping for five or six more chapters before it's done. Stay tuned!

07.06.17: So I have not been around ff for a long time mostly due to working an insane amount of jobs over the last couple of months. As a result I have not had much time to write or update my ongoing story, Jackie Kelso. I fear that things may get a little more hectic and I'll have less time but I am determined to making sure the story gets completed for my own sake. I also added a new one-shot a few days ago titled All I Ask which I hope readers will enjoy. As usual, don't forget to read & review (I promise I read them even if I don't update!)

10.13.17: Happy Friday the 13th! I have finally finished Jackie Kelso after what seems like an eternity. This story was surprisingly difficult to write. At first, it was too close to home as I was going through a breakup due to infidelity and now it's interesting to see how much different things are for me a year later. It got a little easier to write towards the end but I think I will always associate this story with a tough moment in my life and in it's own way, it was very therapeutic to be able to write some of these things down. I won't be publishing any new multichapter stories for a while but there are some short one/two shots sure to be coming soon.

11.10.17: I decided to commemorate my 9th anniversary here on FF with a short, new story titled Restart. It's hard to believe I have been on this site for that long, still writing stories, getting new ideas (and not being burned out creatively) and having the opportunity to read so many wonderful stories from great authors. It's so good to see the T70S fandom still going strong after being a part of it for 9 years. I hope to see another 9 years of it.

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