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Hey there!

I've decided to change my pen name to match my blog. Most of you knew me as Markolvr, but I'm now LostInSantaCarla3.

I've been in love with the Lost Boys since the movie came out. My friends and I used to write letters, when we were younger of course, to the boys and hang them in our hayloft hoping that every night they would read them. When the letters mysteriously ended up on the ground we knew the boys had been there, haha. I mean who doesn't love a great horror classic plus comedy set on the great Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Not only that, but David, Dwayne, Marko and Paul, in my opinion, are the hottest vampires to ever grace the silver screen and as an added bonus, it's all about rock & roll.

It's a given that I love to write about them. So far most of the stories have been centered around Marko, as he is my favorite, but now the focus is going to turn quite a bit towards Paul. I've said in the past that I refuse to write anything just prior to or set during the movie as it's been done way too many times, but my latest story is a one-shot set right after the deaths of the boys. It also takes place before the time of Destination Unknown and it will eventually change the relationship I have going with Serenity and Marko. Aww. Don't be sad, because Paul will wow you with their new relationship, I promise. There will be several short stories leading up to a sequel to DU. It may or may not take some time, but I've been working on it with a dear friend of mine.

As for reading, I look for original ideas in others stories as well and if I find a good one I'll definately review it, hoping for the same courtesy back. As we all know, stories are a great way to run away from life for awhile and explore whatever type of fantasy your heart desires. I have written an original fiction story that will someday poke it's head from the closet and get sent off to publishers.

Some of my other loves in include reading a good book, when I find the time, my horses, drawing and painting and working out. I'm a full time dog groomer, so be patient if I haven't updated my stories in a bit. Sometimes finding the time to write can be difficult

You can visit my characters and other works I've done on my blog at: And feel free to leave a comment or two. :-)

My new blog-

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After the Boys of Summer Have Gone by sparklemilk reviews
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Lost Boys - Rated: M - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 28 - Words: 187,304 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 54 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 1/4/2015 - Published: 8/18/2014 - David, Dwayne, Marko, Paul
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Sleight of Hand and Twist of Fate reviews
After dodging Max's plan, Serenity fled Santa Carla. However, outrunning the Lost Boys when you've been marked by one, is a literal impossibility, and David wants answers. What he doesn't know is that the girl has started to dream about a past he's tried to keep hidden from her. Truths will be revealed as they learn that true love and fate always win in the end. (Paul/Serenity)
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Strung Out reviews
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The memories are fading, and Marko decides it's time to tell the story of how he was inducted into vampirism, before, during and after. This is written from his POV
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