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Okay, after being MIA for almost . . . how many months?? Anyway, I've been thinking and a lot has happened awhile back. I have an announcement to make: to all Kissing and Other Catastrophes fans, I am no longer writing this fic. It isn't up for adoption because it's something I came up, it came from MY imagination, call me dramatic, I don't care. It was MINE and it shall continue to be mine. If you're interested in rambling reasons why I quit writing it, read on.

First of all, I'm more of an HP-fanatic than a Twihard. I like Twilight, it's okay. Not brilliant, borderline crappy, but fun escapism. When I started reading the books, I thought Stephenie Meyer's characters were flat Mary Sues and Gary Stus. So, I wanted to do a little something and spice it up. I wanted to take in a gorgeous, mesmerizing guy and a not-so-gorgeous girl surrounded by a bunch of quirky characters. So I wrote Ain't She Sweet, which was basically a re-write of a Sirius/OC fanfic of the same name I've written and deleted sometime last year. Basically, I've found a universe where I can easily re-create everything in Twilight, so that was my current fandom of choice. And then I've realized that Ain't She Sweet kind of sucked, and the characters were neither quirky nor human. They were still effing Mary Sues/Gary Stus. So then I wrote Kissing and Other Catastrophes. Sticky situations, and Bella was kind of a bitch. I was satisfied. So were a bunch of readers. I was happy about how many reviews I got. So I kept writing more. And I realized that I've had enough of the usual romantic comedy I cook up.

I gave up fanfiction. And then I re-read Harry Potter. And I fell in love with those books all over again. And the Marauders continued to amaze me. So, I cooked up a dark, complex plot. Anyway, will write a HP prequel. Marauders centered. Totally Harry Potter. No mushy stuff (okay, maybe there will be some mushy stuff). Will have deaths. And lots of magic. Heh.

Basically, this is the temporary end of my Twilight-fanfic career. Might come back to visit the universe someday. Will not delete Kissing and Other Catastrophes for the main reason that I might re-visit this world someday. Have the plot outline, have imaginary conversations between Bella and Edward in my head. A good sign that I will go back to writing it. Probably not any time soon. But I will write it. Probably summer next year. When I leave for college.


Why is it that some Twitards (I mean the retarded fans, not all the Twilight fans) are such an insane bunch. First off, did you guys hear what happened to Rob Pattinson? Poor guy. Those retarded girls could have KILLED the dude, and all for what? For a chance to touch him? For God's sake, people, get a life! Oh, and what is it with the OMFGZ, TWILIGHT RUX, HP SUX!! NEW MOON IS, LIKE, SOOOOOOOO TOTALLY GOING TO KICK HARRY POTTER'S ASS IN THE BOX OFFICE. WHO CARES!! I like Twilight, but it's like blasphemy that you compare it to Harry Potter. They are so different. Different. DIFFERENT. WHY DON'T THEY GET THAT?

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