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Forever Begins Now AUTHOR NOTES:


Now that Bella has been changed and made her first hunt, I will not be referencing Breaking Dawn as frequently as I did for the last few chapters. I attempted to write those chapters independently but I failed horribly. SM's creative edge describing Bella's pain during the transformation was perfect. She also captured Bella's first hunt beautifully, some sections of chapter 9 is quoted directly from BD, others are rearranged and reworded. I will now be following my own plot from here on out and will make little to no reference to Breaking Dawn.

I love fluff and lemons in the stories I have read. So my story will have some graphic content not meant for children under 17. I feel that as a married couple, Bella and Edward shouldn't have a sensored physical relationship. Passion and sex is nothing to be ashamed of. Therefore, I have embraced their sexuality and made it tasteful. If such content offends you, please don't read my story.

I also want to thank those who have reviewed my story or placed me on story alert. I am not one of those authors who demands a certain number of reviews before I post my next chapter. Reviews are just icing on the cake. This is not a contest to me, simply an outlet. So read, enjoy, and check back from time to time for updates. Sometimes, I update twice in one day. All depends on my creative flow. Again, Thanks for reading and reviewing.

I want to remind my readers that it is tax season. I am now working full time at the office as well as taking care of my home and family. That sadly leaves little time to sit down and update as frequently as I would like. Please bare with me and be patient. I have no intentions of making you wait for extended periods of time. Updates will be about once a week, if I'm lucky twice.

1.28.09-NOTICE!! Slowly but surely, I will get my next chapter posted. I have had some situations delaying my attempts to write. First and foremost, a flooded basement. My youngest has been sick. AND of course work. Okay, I'll stop wasting time here and go back to WORK on CH 12! =)

4.16.09-WOOHOOtax season has come to a close and I will resume my story with full force. I apologize got the lack of updates. Long story short, I received a promotion and with that came more responsibilities. Not to mention the added hours at the office. Those who have hung in there, thank you so much. I am starting on a new chapter as we speak. I also want to mention that I feel like I have derailed my story line by adding Charlie's POV. I was reaching for some sort of distraction that would postpone Bella's encounter with Renee, for that I am sorry. I will conclude that little side story in my next update.

6.29.09 THE END I apologize for the delay in updates and taking so long to get to the end. I was less than 800 words shy from reaching my intended goal of 40,000 words. I did however manage to keep it at 20 chapters. I am pleased with the outcome and direction this story took me in. I hope you feel the same way. It was a wonderful experience and beyond rewarding knowing that I am capable of writing a story on this scale. It is something I never thought I had in me, much less something I actually followed through with and completed. :D

?? I was considering making a sequel to this story. But I want your input. This is your time to speak up and let your voice be heard. Should I continue with a sequel??

I also want to thank everyone for reading and sharing with me your thoughts about my writing skills. As stated on my profile, this story is my first attempt at writing any sort of story/fanfic. Your encouraging words were the driven force that helped me sit down and continue writing. So again Thank You!

Why am I writing a fanfic?

I have read and reread the Twilight series way too many times and was becoming bored. With that fact, I set my books aside and luckily ran across FanFiction.com. TA DA!! The solution to my problem. A way to quench my thirst, satiate my appetite and consume my spare time. I have been hooked ever since.

I've had my own twist and turns running through my mind and, after 3 months, decided I would write my own fanfic. I am not an English major or Language Arts scholar. Honestly, I am more of a math nerd. Numbers and problem solving sparks my brain into action and holds my interest till I get it right. I am a seasonal Tax Preparer, and full time Mom. English, was by far, my least favorite subject when I was in school, oh lets just say more than 10 years ago. That's right, I am one of those 30 something Twilight Moms. Anyways, I took a stab at tweaking Breaking Dawn. This is most likely my one and only fanfic attempt. If you see mistakes, I apologize. I am doing my best to give you something Mrs. Meyer herself would love to read. I am trying very hard to honor her by not murdering her marvelous masterpiece.

Yours Truly,


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