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About Me:

Alias: Cloudedge
Age: 22 (I'm old~)
Horoscope: Taurus (Just like Cagalli and Kira)
Major: Computer Science - Minor: Fine Art - Studio Specialization :P
Country: Canada
Deviantart ID: cloudedge - I draw better than I write:

Current Fandoms: Gundam Seed/Destiny
Past Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Whistle, Harry Potter, Gundam Wing
Favorite Female Characters: Cagalli Yula Athha, Nana
Favorite Male Characters: Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Killua (HxH), Tsubasa Shinna (Whitsle!), Shinn Asuka (GSD), Remus Lupin (Harry Potter), Quartre (Gundam Wing)
Het Pairings: Kira/Cagalli Shinn/Cagalli
Yaoi/Shonen Ai Pairings: Yuuske/Hiei, Gon/Killua, (correction:) Shibusawa/Tsubasa, Sirius/Lupin, Heero/Quartre, Ryuichi Sakuma/Tohma Seguchi (Yes, yes, I know I like really weird couples... I find them more fun >.>, ps. I'm old school yaoi fans, so i always write pairing this way semi/uke)

My hobby (Pass and Present): I play MMORPG - Final Fantasy XI. I used to play it all the time (i.e. 5hrs a day @_@).. I played it for more than 2 years now.. and it's getting a bit old, so I rarely log on now ;(
So right now I most just read (tons) of GSD fanfics of FF.Net (I manage a C2 call Goddess of Victory that is dedicated to Cagalli), browse animesuki and seed-forum forums, and draw fanart :) I do occasionally write.. but I am not a very good writer lol so I prefer drawing unless a story refuse to get out of my head >w '
Before GSD, I use to draw and write for the Chinese Whistle! and Yu Yu Hakusho fandom :) Yu Yu Hakusho was the first fandom that I got into :) Hiei still have a special place in my heart XD It seems like I have a soft spot for hot-temper cute little guy XD (No wonder I'm falling for Shinn lately lol!)

About GSD:

Why I don't write AsuCaga: Like I said before, I tend to like odd pairings. I used to like AsuCaga when I watched SEED and when I first started with Destiny. However, after closing looking at what happened in Destiny, I cannot help but feel that Athrun cannot bring happiness to Cagalli. And as a Cagalli fan, I can only try and find alternatives for my goddess of victory.

Why do I write ShinnCaga: In all honesty, I hated Shinn when I first watched Destiny. He was so rude and arrogant, and he even yelled at Cagalli. However, after finishing the series and finally rewatching it, I start to see things in his prespective. Final Plus really changed my opinions on him and he seems like he is finally letting go of his demon. Once I start noticing his positive traits, I began to really adore him, and see the similarities he shared with the princess. They were both simple, straight-forward and hot headed people. Both arevery aware of each other and is affected by each other words. They also differs in interesting ways: One have lost everything and hence had nothing to loose and can act selfishly without worries or regret, while the other is chained down by responsibilities and cannot breathe a word without carefully weighting her words despite it goes against her spontaneous nature. The dynamic between this two is what attracted me to them. And I hope that through my work, you will be able to glimsp into a world that GSD had refused us.

About Improvisions

The Rematch - I never thought I would write for ShinnCaga, I had always see myself as a fanartist rather than a writer... but I have always had some ideas lurking inside my mind. This one had been in my head for a while, and after reading The Lesson by whitelilies22 at I wrote this fic as a response to it, which is how this series begins.

Deja Vu - I think I was very much obsessed about the fact that Athrun just isn't worth it when I wrote this fic. To me, out of the Kira, Athrun and Shinn, Shinn was the only one who can bring happiness to Cagalli. As we saw in Destiny, Athrun was very capable of hurting Cagalli, while despite Kira's unconditional love, the nature of their relationship will no doubt bring Cagalli pain. I was very much under this belief when I wrote this. I wanted to contrast Athrun with Shinn, despite how similar the situationmaybe -a deja vu, their action/reaction will never be the same - never a repeat of history.

Magic of the Uniform - I honestly like the concept of this fic a lot, although I don't think I have done justice to it. In this fic, I wanted to give Shinn a chance to know Cagalli for who she is. Unlike Kira and Athrun, he never had that luxury. But I think I got too carried away with the ball and everyone in it. I particularly like the idea of having Kira in Head Representative Uniform while Lacus dressed as Meer – these two outfits holds such deep meaning. (I might draw a fanart for this someday)

Secret Addiction - link to my doujinshi for this drabble:
Like I mentioned in the fic, this piece is heavily influenced by angrycherokee's work, you can find her work here:
Unlike the previous three drabbles, ShinnCaga here are not lovers. You can say they are more than friends of benefits though. I suppose it's a transitional stage for them now, kind of like stuck in limbo between friends and lovers because neither of them are sure of each other's feeling because they both have someone else in their life (who aren't there for them at the moment).

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