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Hello I am new in here and I am going to try and post my first story . . . well actualy I found the beginning of this story written in one of my noteses while looking through my stuff hehe I totally forgot about that and well I though you guys might enjoy it (hope so) mmm and now well I am going to post it hopefuly I will manage to get this story to proper end . . .

Some things about me:

likes: anime, manga, yaoi, riding on hoses, ocasionaly playing Go (man I am such a low rank XD), listening to anime OSTs, drawing - yeah I draw a lot and use tablet, copics ciao, colored pencils, watercolors, normal pencil thingi, technical pens, multiliners, inks mmm I think its all :D (yep I am capable of spending a lots of money on art suplies XD I am crazy when it comes to them!)

dislikes: people who acts all mighty and superior :P, pineapples, mushrooms, olives, mmm its hard to just come up with things I don't like XD but well its mostly some food and some people

and spiders - eeew I can't help it, I am afraid of them mmm well there are times when I am not . . . like - I was going to the bathroom at my school, I go down the stairs and see that abount 2 meters in front of me is hanging quite a big spider. Yeah he was in middle of the corridor (or how is that word again XD)

I am like 'shees thanks god I noticed' I go really close to wall to be as far away from that hanging spider as posible, thinking how someone else probably will not notice and poor thing will take spider with them without knowing.

Now I was going back from bathroom totally lost in my thoughs I go and go and lol go, then I stop and think . . . 'wait wasn't there something strange I though about before?' And I get my answer as I feel that disgusting spider climb its way on my head XDDD Man, but I dunno why I was that calm.

I actualy just took the guy from my hair and let it slide onto ground smiling like loon that I forgot about him and was the one to have him on my head LOL.

favorite yaoi manga artist: Yamane Ayano love hers Viewfinder and others of course too, but Viewfinder is totally my favorite :D

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