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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

Just another crazy Harry Potter fan from India who enjoys reading conspiracy theories and fanfiction that delves further into stories JKR didn't cover!

Writings so far:

Malfoy's Got It Goin' On! (WIP) – A next gen post-Hogwarts story.

Before Malfoy Had It Goin’ On! (WIP) – Prequel to “Malfoy’s Got It Goin’ On”. Mostly Hogwarts based.

Hugo Weasley Is Going to Die! Or Is He? – A fluffy Rose/Scorpius Hogwarts based one-shot. Involves a broom cupboard and an annoying brother.

Forget Hugo! What about Ron Weasley? – Sequel to “Hugo Weasley Is Going to Die! Or Is He?”. Ron gets to hear the big news about Rose dating Scorpius. Mostly a Ron/Hermione fluff, with a little dose of Rose/Scorpius on the side.

Convincing Ron Weasley – Third part of the one-shot series. Scorpius decides to propose to Rose, but he needs Senior Weasley’s nod for the same.

I am an Asian. Therefore English is NOT my native language. You see mistakes in my stories, please DO point them out.

Criticism can only make one better. But make it constructive! It'll only fuel my desire to write more and make you happier :)

28th October 2012

A big shout out to all those who have been following me and my stories! How are you all??

I know it has been a long time since I updated any of my stories. Losing the id, password, starting with new jobs kept me distracted. After managing to log in somehow (have switched the account now), I am overwhelmed by the number of "WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE THE STORIES?" mails in my inbox. So happy to know that people have still reading my stories.

So you all will be glad to know that I have started work on my next update for MGIGO, BMHIGO.

To all who have been waiting-Updates? Coming soon :)

Peace out!

Why hello there Potterheads!

I know most of you will have your wands out waiting for the moment when you can either Crucio me for not updating in three years, or Imperio me into posting an update straightaway.

To cut the long story short, I have been plagued with really bad luck for the past year when it comes to this site. Couldn't access it cause my laptop used to hang most of the times, and I couldn't log into the primary email account, that was linked to my account on this site. I have lost the data thrice over the past one year, so it had been really frustrating for me.

But I somehow managed to switch to a new id. And went through the stories again! Cringed at the beginning because of my writing style nearly five years ago. And then started warming up because of the kind words in the reviews and the PMs I have received so far!

You guys rock!!!!!

As for the status on the WIP stories-Malfoy's Got It Goin' On-Quite possibly 4 chapters left as per the storyline. Max 5. 25th and 26th chapter has been fleshed out upto 75%. Trying to clean the loose dialogues and the plot. What's going to happen in the next chapter? Scorpius is still expertly avoiding Rose, who meanwhile has a plan to start over. While that mess is hanging in balance, a Potter decides to save the day. Or so he/she thinks.

Before Malfoy Had it Goin' On-Partially done! Rose and Timothy are going out. And she is quite besotted. Scorpius doesn't share her sentiments and is jealous of the fact that Rose spends more time with her boyfriend, than her best friends. Albus suffers his first real heartbreak. Through Scorpius' PoV.

Also, there is a one-shot (Rose/Scorpius) that'll be coming out REAL soon (within a week) that is based on a real life incident. I know you want the updates to the other stories before this. But the one-shot is my way of putting forward a bunch of thoughts that has really troubled me. So hope you enjoy it and can help me out as well :)

Other than that. How have you guys been? Do drop in a PM to say Hi, discuss the upcoming chapter or any other suggestions you'd like to make regarding the flow of the story!

Update: 10th March 2019


I can't express just how grateful I am to all those still reading the fics!

It's been 10 years since I started, 5 since the last update *hides under the blanket from angry readers*

I know many of you might have been left disappointed due to the crazy lack of updates on the two major stories (Malfoy's Got It Goin' On & Before Malfoy Had It Goin' On)

I dont want to get your hopes up, but there will be updates coming up - very soon!

And by very soon - I mean by the end of the week (16th March 2019), you should have an update for both the stories! :D

I have a good 3 week break, and I intend to make the most of it, and close the loop on both stories.

There will be revisions made to the parent story, therefore the prequel will be updated first, and then the main story! I just finished reading through, and I realised that the older chapters need major revisions in terms of context. Was really naive when I started, and naturally time has helped me gain more perspectives and knowledge that can help me flesh out the story better.

Thank you so much for all the love and support! For the old who are still sticking around, and for new ones joining in - stay tuned!

~weasleykingrocks 3

Update: 4th February 2020

Sooooooo the updates that were meant to happen last year didn't happen, and now I am back again *looks sheepish*

However, the first update (5th chapter of Before Malfoy Had It Goin' On) has been rolled out, and more (Rest of the chapters of MGIGO) are coming up since, I'm happy to announce, that my writing groove has returned.

Sincere apologies for those who had been waiting. Feel free to DM or read through the stories. Some of the chapters for MGIGO have also been rewritten since I felt certain parts were super problematic and some were cringeworthy.

Thank you for the love and support!



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